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Unexpected Transitions ~

Unexpected Transitions ~

What to expect from unexpected transitions? About what you'd expect. Yes, I'm joking you. Writing from a wayside café in the Highlands of Scotland, hearing the 'voices of home' in the background, I can only shake my head at the twists and turns that have brought me here.

Where is here? I truly couldn't say. Though yesterday was a bit of a clue.

When Truth Sets Us Free ~

When Truth Sets Us Free ~

Jacques Cousteau is quoted as saying "When we return wild animals to nature, we merely return to them what was already theirs. For men cannot give wild animals freedom. They can merely take it away."

We Don't Know What We Don't Know ~

We Don't Know What We Don't Know ~

This concept is well known in all circles of 'inner work' but what about its impact in our lives when we or those around us do not practice uncovering our blind spots?

I am writing about this because I have heard myself say, over and over of late, "Are you deaf, dumb and blind, Tommy?!" ~ psychically, of course, because rude unless the person is a direct student of mine and mostly because the individuals in question would not hear it anyway.

The Impact Zone ~

The Impact Zone ~

The recent new moon produced a wave of transformation, whose immediate after-effects are an impact zone. More important than any alignment is the way in which we surf the impacts of what is changing in our lives. Surfing advice ‘101’.

Voices in the Wind

Voices in the Wind

One of my favorite lines from the film Thunderheart comes toward the very end. "If you ever need someplace to come to... to listen to the wind...we'll be here." In many indigenous traditions, the voice of the wind is the voice of Spirit. Are you listening?

And what happens when the clamor of the 'noise and haste' or your own unconscious fears drown out the voice in the wind?

Wayfarers All ~

Wayfarers All ~

The dictionary and Wikipedia tell us that a Wayfarer is: "A person who travels by foot. A person who travels from place to place, often on foot." 

The Wayfarer is the archetype of The Fool in the Ryder-Waite Tarot. It is the energy of new beginnings, of taking sacred steps with an artisanal blend of irreverent reverence. The archetype evokes the feelings of pilgrimage. Perhaps the Hero's Journey, which has been 'THE' model for the last cycle has finally begun to lose its juice. It does seem we are being invited to not only walk new paths but to navigate from entirely new premises wherein the 'paths' form under our feet.

The Subtle Persuasion of Dissonance ~

The Subtle Persuasion of Dissonance ~

A friend once said to me, "The harmony you want in relationship doesn't exist." I grinned at her, while everything in me disagreed. I know that harmony. I know it through and through.

Dissonance is not meant to be something we accustom ourselves to or learn to like. Dissonance is a call to set our sights higher. It is the pre-performance signal from the concertmaster to tune up.

Let's Talk Learning ~

Let's Talk Learning ~ We Are All Learning Through Immersion

I recently wrote to my mentored group about how it feels when deeply held core issues come up to be cleared. How it feels is "not good" to put an understated label on the experience.

As we enter the depths of this particular Equinox window, we are immersed in our core issues. On the surface, they appear as blow-ups in the circumstances that we feel we most need to count on. Circumstances we have learned to count on and that truly do support us appear to dissolve or turn on us. Things about those circumstances that do not support us or do not resonate, blow sky-high so that we cannot miss the dissonance. We will finally have to feel what we have not allowed ourselves to feel for a lifetime(s).

It is time for outdated schools of learning to be obliterated. Thus, the current intensity. This immersion in what we have created to learn from that needs to end, can make us feel:

attacked, betrayed, hard done by, owed, misunderstood, panicked, terrified, defensive, angry (furious even), and horribly, horribly, hurt.

What is the actual cause of these feelings? The unresolved core issues beneath them.

The upcoming Equinox on the 20th March at 9:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time (The US has gone to summertime and all timezones have rolled forward by one hour) is a re-set point. We are immersed in our core pathologies because this shift can assist in setting us free. 

What our minds tell us is that we would like to be free of everything that is hitting us from all sides. We want to be free of the pressure. We want to be free of what we perceive is 'in our face' and unjustly so. What our bodies tell us is that they are exhausted and spent from being attacked. We blame our current circumstances when there is another option present. {And yes, our circumstances do need to shift just now}

What hurts is the pain of our held reactivity to the circumstances that have surrounded us from birth that have always hurt, always been difficult, and we have always known to be harmful to our true natures. AND we, as infants or toddlers, were imprinted that these energies were 'just the way things are', were 'normal' or 'for our own good' or we simply ignored them out of innocent ignorance, then we created copious coping mechanisms to navigate our way through and around the unseen 'monsters in the room.'

What is happening now is that our body/mind continuum will want to blame the energies attempting to assist us instead of putting responsibility squarely where it needs to rest, which is on our core misperceptions of how things 'are'.  We are operating from misperceived reality and those misperceptions are now ready to be released... right in our faces because they have been so long ignored.

For example, in the Christian world, children are taught that it is noble, divine, compassionate and right to "turn the other cheek". I remember once telling my mum "No thanks, my bum hurts," but that is another story.

We were taught our core misperceptions as part of the cycle of martyrdom. In the emerging cycle of abundance, we must, as Yoda tells Luke, "unlearn what we have learned".

I had what could be called an epiphany or a 'duh' moment (depending on one's perspective) yesterday that extended into this morning's sessions. A friend pointed out that an email I had been sent by a friend and collaborator was insulting. I knew it held a slam. That part was obvious and, as I am radically sensitive, physically painful. When I read the comment and concern, it made me pause for a moment. I had to check in with my physical body to register the impact of 'insult'.

In my work as an emissary for Source, I tend not to take things 'personally' knowing how egos function and all. But there was something to this. My friend had seen something. So I put a sniffer on the energy line and tracked it back. Not to the alleged perpetrator who, yes, was coming from a bruised ego and will figure that out someday or some lifetime or other, but to my family of origin and early home circumstances. The thread of misperception led me there.

I realized, with that 'duh' kind of moment that my family of origin had, sometimes knowingly, often unknowingly, insulted 'me' and the light I carry on a fairly regular basis.  It was a familiar sensation. The skin burns, the head aches, the heart palpitates... I speak to the body to calm herself... but there it is. So I looked again because these patterns are not unexamined... more like ad nauseum for decades. What was there still to see?

I went through the meditations on forgiving and forgiveness I know are the gateways to clarity.  I asked if there was anything I needed to release via a tool like the Ho'Oponopono prayer. I slept on it... sort of, and in spurts because 'ouch'.

Then, this morning in a session, it came up. That phrase from childhood so burned into the collective unconscious that it lies there in wait like a venomous predator in the dark. "Turn the other cheek." REALLY?  THAT is still there? Another way to translate this phrase (and I am certain the original Greek or Aramaic read differently) is "Don't take offense, the cows might get out." Pardon the rural humour.  My departed mum is about during this process.

I began to laugh... not during the session of course, but at the whole situation. My bodies internalized, in childhood, that it is okay to 'allow' insult and even injury by way of following a core misperception disguised as a religious, divine and noble precept. "Turn the other cheek."

So, what is the alternative to the cheek-turning algorithm? Programs still hooked into dualistic responses would say to 'strike back, strike hard,' or something like that.  I am more interested in Source's answer to any question, so I waited for the ritualistic duality-dance to conclude its performance, and asked again. What is the truth of a balanced, Source-driven response to this or any situation where energies are handled inappropriately?

HER answer? "It depends." And it does, doesn't it? Sometimes one takes the high road, both to stay out of the muck and also to avoid an unnecessary confrontation. Sometimes one holds up Source's bounce-back shield so that the deliverer of the clout receives in kind. Sometimes... you get the point.  Source decides and the response is delivered through Source, when there is no reactivity present to set an agenda. I found myself laughing again.

Of course.  When the pain of reactivity is released, the truth will always prevail. Truth is never 'my way' or 'their way' it simply is.

We are all, each one of us, immersed in the core misperceptions that will push our reactivity to the limits of endurable pain... if we so choose.

OR we can choose to be responsive as only Source can be, through us, and rise to the higher frequencies of a response-able configuration. From that place, Source acts through us, as us and we become the miracle that rises out of the muck.

Too esoteric? Try it this way. We are all properly face-planted in our core muckfests. The stuff we have carried for lifetimes that was instantiated in our toddler years. We have been taught, conditioned, imprinted, and lied to that this 'stuff' is real. We carry the pain of reactivity to this 'stuff' and that is what we are really feeling and dealing with. Held reactivity that has nothing to do with what 'is'.

When I saw that funny little phrase... (not as catchy as the early translators might have imagined) "turn the other cheek" for what it truly is, just another collective consciousness receptacle for stored misery, all of the little and big containers of pain... disappeared. Poof!

This is in the physical body and life now, you understand. The real 'fun' of all this is when we have a certain facility with consciousness and awareness and our physical bodies still carry core imprinting. What comes up makes no sense... until we look below the surface.

Learning by immersion is all about the depths. Letting ourselves sink into each occurrence, letting our perception move below the surface upheavals and release the underbelly of it all.


Shift Happens...

The shifts are worth it. We can shift to a vibration that cannot be breached by those well-worn, familiar, so obvious we look through them, reactivity patterns, because... in that higher vibration they do not and cannot exist.

Interested in joining me there? It is a R.elease I.n P.rogress for all of us.

If this is our only contact before time, HAPPY EQUINOX!!!!!! May it transport and transform all that you dream is possible!



Let's Talk Self-Reliance ~

Let's Talk Self-Reliance ~

Self-Reliance was always one of my favorite Emerson essays (Ralph Waldo, of course). I learned of these essays in the books of Louisa May Alcott, wherein one of her female protagonists was reading them. I was eight years old. 

Self-reliance spoke to me, as I am the eldest of a smattering of siblings and my parents were always busy. Not neglected, but left on my own as much as I desired to be (which was often), I learned to rely on my intuition and inner sense of what was true, fair and just. I observed the world as does every sensitive being, looking to find what my place might be in it.

Things Are Not As They Appear ~

Things Are Not As They Appear ~

The world looks as though many things are ending. "London bridge is falling down", in every dimension. New age speak tells us that what is happening is that things are falling together in a new way. Nice way to put the metaphysical fact that endings and beginnings share vibrational space and are rarely what they seem to be.

Pretty much ever. It depends, does it not, on one's perspective? On the available perceptual array?

Is Your Love Strong Enough?

Is Your Love Strong Enough?

What would you do if someone you love was in danger? We all think we know the answer to that, right? Something along the scale of 'whatever it takes' to 'it depends.' 

What if that someone or something was clinging to the very thing that was the cause of every trouble, every nightmarish occurrence, every hurt, and would ultimately cause the demise of your someone or something? What if the very thing they cling to is that which will pull them under?

As Awareness Opens ~

As Awareness Opens ~

As a camera aperture closes and opens to freeze-frame a moment in space-time,  so do our incarnations flow.

When the aperture opens, we perceive more than our remaining limitations. We see past the defaults, knowing them for the friends that allowed us to lead a certain kind of life. We become freedom itself.

The Path to the Stars ~

The Path to the Stars ~

As beings of light, we are ever at the ready to shed the trappings of any experience of reality, no matter how attached we might be to that experience, to journey further on our homeward path.

Exiting the more confining realities of this world has always required fortitude, courage and just plain 'huevos.' If you know what I mean. When a planetary being like our Gaia goes through such a transit, calving all the way, every being within her sphere is catapulted forward in an amplified way. We face our perceived illusions of mortality over and over again in accelerated succession.