Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Every direct shift from duality into unity occurs on the playing field of the GAP. (no intentional or unintentional reference to any clothing company implied) When we create contracts to perceive through lenses of separation, we create this alleged gap in consciousness.

How and why do we do this? In order to have incarnate experience, we create parameters or filters within the Infinite. We contract to perceive and experience within these limits. This creates a ‘lifetime’ of potential experience.  When we syndicate these limits, we create lifetimes, plural. Part of setting limits is agreeing to participate within them…until we learn what we wanted to have them teach us. The sticky stuff happens when we agree to believe that this separation, or gap, between what is REAL and what we have agreed to experience, actually exists. WE forget what is true in order to perceive and believe in a certain way.  We do this in order to understand these types or bandwidths of perception. In other words, we create perceptual filters, ways of seeing things, in order to experience them to gain understanding. Why? That answer is unique to each of us.

Why would anyone create the experience of martyrdom in order to understand it? Partly because agreeing to sacrifice one piece of divinity for another is unimaginable to some of us. Why do beings of light create the experience of being ‘born’ into human bodies? To understand what is happening on Earth right now. Why? That answer is unique to you. When you draw your perception into its widest bandwidth you see clearly the choices you make that create every experience.

Right now you may not think you do this or you may wonder what does this have to do with you? Everything. The gap between the illusion, the surface experience that we call our lives, and the truth of all that we are, is being erased on Earth. Her inhabitants, and that includes you, have been moved through a holographic wormhole that looked just like your everyday life. It moved you from one lifetime into another… in your current body and circumstances. No mean engineering feat! SHE has a crack team on this.

You may know that, because you are part of it. You incarnated to hold light, to allow luminosity to choose this moment for the benefit of Gaia’s inhabitants, one and all. Now that that assignment is completed, you may feel re-inspired to create things in a fresh way or you may feel confused as to what to do with this new incarnation that looks like it ought to be the ‘rest’ of the last one… and isn’t.  Maybe you are exhausted. My body certainly is.

The conversion from the last lifetime into this one in an existing body is … hmmm… metaphors… a bit like an energetic or cosmic T-cell conversion. Entire system conversion, during your life. Many of us have become ill, have unexplainable symptoms or feel manifestation is happening both too quickly and too slowly. What assists is to know what is happening and to flow with it.

Lots of people tell me they are looking to the medical establishment to diagnose/treat (because medicine seems only to flow in that sequence) their symptoms. By all means, go to the medical professionals if you are called to! Use the remedies (the more natural the better) that alleviate symptoms! I keep a stash of homeopathic, herbal, food-provided and a few chemical remedies on hand all the time! Remember, however, that human doctors do not know how to treat the energetic disturbances experienced by Starseeds. Some healers do. More and more are able to assist. And… the not so great news… there is no silver bullet for healing the body. Our bodies have to go through this process. It is a total cellular conversion.

If you are feeling “I didn’t sign up for this!” the truth is that you did. You certainly didn’t sign up for the symptoms, but you DID agree to the conversion of a body from one lifetime to another and to the full embodiment of Spirit in a body that was designed for it but not trained for it. You agreed.

I can report that my body is on the ‘upside’ or ‘other side’ of this conversion now. The toughest bits have taken a decade. Your experience will be unique to you. I hope that your conversion is much shorter in duration and filled with ease and grace. I know mine has been, although ‘short’ is a relative concept.

What SHE indicates, as the gap between perception and reality is obliterated, is that what is being created is ~ FINALLY SOMETHING WONDERFUL.

What will that be for you? You will know when you release the gap. How? Let go of everything you believe you are. Let HER show you something else. And if you’ve been there and done that… start creating from a new place. A gentle place, that nurtures, nourishes, supports, acknowledges, accepts and cherishes the embodiment of light/love that is your essence.

Why not?  What do you have to lose but a huge hole in your consciousness?

~unending love


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