What Does Immersion Mean?

What Does Immersion Mean?

What does it have to do with surrender? How does surrender play into immersion? Are you ready to be absorbed? And what dreams may come?

I am about to lead an immersion retreat, my first in the southern hemisphere. I’m that chuffed. The energies ‘down undah’ are so very different to those in the northern part of this world. I have found currents of Lemurian energy here that are stronger than elsewhere on the planet. It is as though the Ents still hold a bit of sway here, and, while they have had to forbear in the face of onslaughts like that of Saruman on Isengard and Fangorn, they have not gone to sleep, nor have they abandoned the trees they shepherd. SHE has not allowed this to happen here.

There is so little magic apparent in this world, and yet we are forever surrounded by it. There are a few areas where the land is revered, honored, and appreciated, beyond how it can be pillaged to support the imagined needs of humankind. An oxymoron if ever there was one. It is in these places that the flow rises up to meet us, carry us, transform us, and lift us into lighter versions of what we are and have always been.

There have been places of power as long as long has existed. Places of flux nexus between worlds. Places where the veils are thin. And yet, it is so often we who create these separations from the wonder of all that is.

“Let’s hang out in the vortex,” the humans say. “Wow, man, it’s a stellar high.” And so it is. Quite literally. Stellar energy beaming through a chink in the illusion we call reality. Not a drug, not recreational, but transformative, if only we let go and let it be.

An immersion retreat is a mini-cave-experience. Since most people have no idea what that means, I’ll explain. In the Himalayas, one type of extended vision journey is known as the cave experience. It is an extreme form of transformative journeying. Most vision journeys involve solitude, isolation, and some type of sensory deprivation. In our modern world, these journeys are typically monitored for safety reasons. And, besides, sacred spaces guard their power. And so, instead of putting our literal lives on the line, we seek vision journeys or vision quests, where our physical safety is guarded and {by the offerer thereof} often legally guaranteed.

One such vision quest, offered in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, involves 28 days of isolation in a tent in the wild. The only (silent) contact being the monitor who checks in, making sure the journeyer has food and water. There are many versions of this type of immersion available for one to whom this calls. The indigenous of this world know these quests well. One ventures out into nature to receive guidance, wisdom, and/or a gift from Source.

A cave experience is a bit different. It exacts the ultimate price, the sacrifice of one’s ego and personal identity, but only when one is ready. An initiate, on the brink of full awakening, agreed to be sealed into a cave. Yes, sealed. Yes, literally. The awakening one was given a cache of food and water… but expected to “find the way out” whilst sealed up in the dark and without attempting to physically remove the barrier. No one was showing up unseal the cave. Ever. A physical form of “dark night” passage for which the initiates were well prepared.

Have there ever been deaths associated with this extreme form of journey? Most likely. Stepping through the veil to the non-physical is so very much easier than the shape-shifting of one’s ego. There are famous stories of the awakened ones who materialized their bodies outside of the cave without displacing the seal. There are even more of those happenings that have gone totally undocumented. There have been women who accomplished this as well as men, though their stories are conveniently left untold.

Why would anyone do this? Not everyone is configured for, or desires to be, fully awake. It is a cellular process as well as an emotional and mental one. The physical body changes form. If you have commitments in this direction, you already know. You may not have had the words for what you seek, but you know.

Then, there is the benefit of immersion. Immersion in the Oneness, facilitated by the land, helps us to slough off our old selves, and become something new, something ‘other.’ It is this, that most journeyers seek. It is this form of transformation that an immersion retreat offers.

This type of immersion is nothing to fear. One of my favorite lines from the Dune books by Frank Herbert, is from the litany of fear practised by the Bene Gesserit. “Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total annihilation…” I long ago lost count of how many times I repeated the litany to myself as I moved through various stages of awakening. It is fear that kills. It is surrender that liberates. This, I can report, is true.

An immersion retreat is another form of unplugging. Some of these retreats are silent, some not. Most provide participants with the opportunity to connect deeply with the Oneness, whilst enjoying what Gaia has to offer, in the form of sacred space. The land holds everything within it that we need. The pristine elementals in Gaia’s magma are the building blocks for our bodies. We need not find a volcano or lava spill to access these primal forces. They exist as what humans call “magic” in the land.


An immersion retreat is an opportunity to drop our oh-so-primitive humanness, and feel what it is to move with primal forces. It is an opportunity to feel these currents, in and as the depths of HER Infinite seas.

It is possible to live from these currents, within what we arrogantly call our “modern” world. Access is through Stillness. Entry is through the heart. HER qualities of nurturing, nourishment, acknowledgement, acceptance, support, and cherishing are the bridge into higher frequency realities.

May the Equinox bridge immerse you in Gaia’s gifts. May you accept and receive HER blessings in whatever form they manifest.

Namaste ~