A Portal of N.O.W. ~

A Portal of N.O.W. ~

Lughnasadh / Imbolc, and the Lion’s Gate… A magical opening into Presence. Today is, depending on your hemisphere, either Imbolc or Lughnasadh. A celebration of the Divine Mother’s gifts of life, in the form of first seeding, and first harvest, simultaneously aligned. The Lion’s Gate is both an arbitrary calendar marker, 8:8, and a shifting gateway said to be guarded by two lions, whose energies are amplified as our sun aligns with Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, in Orion’s belt.

These lions are known as Royal Sirian Lions, the “Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow.” They are celebrated as Master Teachers of the pathways to the stars. Rather than guard our yesterdays or our tomorrows, these stellar beings hold a moving portal of pure Presence. They ‘guard’ the moment of N.O.W. The essence they hold is that of Nurturing the Oneness Within.

Nurturing our inner Oneness comes from cultivating Stillness. As we meditate, we tap into the Stillness that is causal to all of creation. The Sirian Lions hold a conduit which leads to a cosmic portal only accessible from the heart. As with all archetypes and archetypal beings, their essence is changing… accelerating… amplifying. Their fields and forms are shifting. As they morph, so do the paths through the heart.

This is their message, the message of the White Lions of the Sisterhood of Three, the trinary star cluster we know as Sirius A, B, and C.


There are morphogenetic fields of Mastery existing within HER Infinite seas. Fields of light, magic, and unfailing courage, overflowing with divine love. Androgynous in their nature, these cohesive flows infuse themselves into the many worlds, breathing creative essence into reality.

The planes of reality they held through ancient Egypt were rooted into the Giza Plateau through the Sphinx. It is known that there is a chamber of records underneath the structure, though modern archaeology has been unable to locate its position. Of course it has not been found in the physical world! These records are not written in the languages of humans, nor are they in physical form.. They exist other-dimensionally, only to be accessed within an appropriate vibrational construct. Our current earth plane is anything but.

Think of the Sphinx as a giant projector. Holding keys to the pathways created by the Sirian Lions, s/he literally projects a series of reality constructs designed to lead the tribes of light who inhabit them, home. These pathways, like all of life, are changing.

Some realities along this trajectory have collapsed, dissolved, or disappeared. The bandwidth that emanates from the Sphinx is fractured, tiling, like a bad streaming image on your computer, and in need of regeneration.

All of Gaia is in need. The period defined by our calendars as 2019 - 2021, is the ‘RE’-generation.

As Gaia moves into new energies, and her transition accelerates, our various bodies will either integrate these new energies or resist them, accelerating their demise. You read that correctly. Resistance to acceleration into higher octaves of light moves our bodies into an accelerated disintegration process.

~ OR ~

We can flow along with new light and regenerating magic, becoming new embodiments.

The ebb and flow of Stillness as Oneness available in our current alignment, is an opportunity to choose Regeneration. Regeneration at the cellular level, assisted by higher light.

If this sounds too esoteric, too good to be true, or way too woo-woo for you, then you may want to look at your B.elief S.ystems around how energy functions. As you believe, so reality will be for you.

We have an opportunity to morph in alignment with Divine Movement. To become this gateway we only need focus on Stillness through the Heart. Find the opening within. Ask HER for assistance in becoming what is available for you.

Light and magic are your birthright. To access what is newly emerging, you need to surrender into this and come home to HER heart.

“Come home, shining ones. The way is shown, and open.” ~ The Lions, emissaries of HER heart

Love to you all,