What We Refuse to See ~ is an Inconvenient Truth

What We Refuse to See ~ is an Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore chose his title well. What we refuse to see reflects our worst fears. It is the thing that will most inconvenience our ego in any given moment or circumstance. When we are after an answer, especially in a difficult circumstance, and the answer seems to elude us, there is a single inconvenient truth. What about the real answer to the question is too uncomfortable to contemplate?

A student asked me, “Do you think I’m refusing to see something about this situation?” It had to do with two of her business associates and the three of them working together going forward. She went on to say, “Do you think it’s because I know things have changed with the company liason, so that this won’t work anymore? And that the other person and I are no longer on the same page?” I told her that it sounded to me as though she could see the situation quite clearly. We laughed together at the fear that vibrated through her. What this meant was that she might need to say no to continuing to work with a big, corporate client. It could affect her business in an inconvenient way…from a certain point of view.

When we ask “Why won’t this shift?” the answer is always “us.” When we ask “Do you think I’m refusing to see this?” we most definitely are, no matter how our ego tries to tell us otherwise. Your feelings will not lie, though your mind and emotions may still be egoically aligned and try to do so.

The inconvenient truth is that when we feel victimized by something, it vibrates somewhere within us. Feel victimized or assaulted by someone else’s energy? How have you not let that go within yourself? How do you {probably unconsciously} judge or hate yourself for this? This is not to say that when bad things happen, the injured party is at fault. Not at all. The setup, however, is internal.

Say, for example, that the energies of domination and control are painful. When are they not, right? What if we didn’t notice? What if those energies existed, even when operating in the same room, on a different frequency, a different broadcast channel? What if we could simply tune them out and become unavailable?

The argument that every ego holds, is that we cannot wish away symptoms or situations. That is fantasy. That is magical thinking. Try to wish away a weapon pointed at your heart or a poisonous something-or-other in the kitchen and see how far it gets you. More likely that behavior will get you dead. So says conventional thinking. So argues the ego. So argue the facts. “If I lose this client, my finances will be in ruin and my life will spiral into destitution.” Wow. Drama, much? The facts and the truth are not the same frequency…until we live in total integrity. THAT is a work in progress. On this planet? It may take awhile.

Here are a few tips for dealing with the inconvenient elephant in any room.

Breathe. Put yourself into the calm, centered state within.

If there is too much fear running in your body for you to be able to manage that, ask for help. Maybe ask first. SHE is always listening. Breathe. Let divine love fill you up.

Ask HER to run through you, as you, and show you the truth of the situation. Not what your ego wants you to believe, but the truth.

Choose that reality. Choose the truth, no matter what. Humans are conditioned to believe that ‘no matter what,’ means more pain and having to do things the hard way. Not at all. Truth sets us free to operate beyond the bounds of fear. Truth is a form of divine love. Fear and love cannot exist in the same vibrational space.

Choose the truth. Choose the love. Let these higher frequencies wash away the constraints of fear. It really is a choice…followed up with practice. Invite the truth into your body and your life. Choose to live in integrity and to learn its ways by immersion. I can report it is a much better ride.

So, to use the example of my student, we asked that Source move through her and show her the truth of her situation and the gift within it. There is always a gift. Some of them are a bit tough to take, but only when we have expectations of how things should be. The gift within potentially letting go of a big client, is that she gets to move into a cocoon-like state, a ‘cave experience',’ for awhile, to shift and re-set and emerge freshly empowered for her new endeavors.

In order do let this happen, she will have no choice but to surrender her fears around financial support, burdening her family, etc. etc. etc. How odd is it that we fear these things, but do not fear sacrificing our light? Letting our vibration drop? Letting lower vibrations run our lives? What is the default? Fear. Why do we let it run things? Oh, because that’s what the whole planet does… so this is a good reason not to live an amazing, magical, wonderful life? Because no one else seems to?

Have you ever loved something so much you would do anything to be part of it? I feel that way about the light. It’s why I woke up. What would you sacrifice the light that runs through you for? THAT is your inconvenient truth. Your ego has you so afraid of sacrificing some piece of your life that it tells you is critical for survival, that you are willing to sacrifice divine light for it.

Mostly, these things are about being in control. The ego never wants to relinquish the illusory control it never had in the first place. You’ll laugh when you’ve worked that one out.

What if things are the way they are because you believe they have to be? What if your body believes s/he has to be ill? What if that belief could be unwound? What if the roots and seed forms beneath the belief could be eradicated? “Oh, that’s too much work,” says the ego. And the issue stays the same.

There are many tools for self-inquiry that can be helpful in seeing these kinds of truth. Two of the best are:

~ Offering to Source, our willingness to be shown
~ Asking for help… from Source, and from those who see what we hide from ourselves.


We have all been sold the illusion of suffering. The myth of its nobility. What if the inconvenient truth is that feeling the need to suffer is a conditioned response to the illusion of what is called safety in this world?

Your mind doesn’t need to wrestle with that koan. Your heart knows the truth. If you are more than eight years old, you were born during the martyrdom cycle. Its most effective hook is suffering. And yet, the cycle has changed. No merit badges for that, this round. Our suffering has not ended, because we do not believe it can. In what areas of life is this playing out for you? How might your physical body or unconscious programming hold this to be the only possible reality?

Are you ready to see through the illusion? The veils are open. Will you not open your heart and be free?

Happy New Moon!