Victim/Judge and Self-Sabotage ~

Victim/Judge and Self-Sabotage ~

Not such a fun title, right? What if dissolving this dynamic let the FUN into the way your manifestations function?

The polarity of Victim/Judge comes from the Toltec tradition. It is full of double binds, traps and twists. Here are a few of them:

When I feel victimised, I an then entitled to lash out. It doesn’t make me a tyrant! {That is a judgement}

When I judge someone, it protects me from being victimised by the judgements of others.

Now for the juice: I feel victimised by the things I have said I want that are arriving, en masse, at my doorstep…I feel overwhelmed but will not admit it. So , consciously or unconsciously {usually the latter} I allow the things I don’t want to enter my home, my body, my field, because I know how to deal with those things. {Bad decision, anyone?}

This is called self-sabotage. We don’t want to be judged, so we head off the judgements of others by self-judging, which is a form of self-victimisation. The ego justifies judging others because we are already being so hard on ourselves.

Tony Robbins says that ‘We put up with what we grew up with.” Spot on. Our early family imprinting governs much of our unconscious behavior. The unconscious is the part of the iceberg in the water, navigating life.

Here is a story:

All the things you want are pounding on your door, demanding entry. You invited them into your life, your reality, your creations, your manifesting.

Your Victim/Judge bubble tells you that all of these things that are showing up are too much, are not to be trusted, are not the right things… This program tells you that the arrival of what you wanted feels like victimisation.

So, the program slides open the front door, or, if you are more conscious now, a programmer back door, and lets in things that are toxic to your evolution, telling you that you can handle these things. Hey, you’ve done it for years! You can run… you can avoid… but these things are already on the playing field. Yours.

Our cells have receptors, much like the receiving frequency of a radio station. These receptors tend to be tuned for what is familiar. Ever notice how familiar and familial are… okay, identical?

You may have done years or decades of work on these patterns, but the baseline reality of Judge/Victim remains, biding its time, until you are ready to make a shift A shift that will put it out of business. Then, it moves like lightening. It opens you up ot what you don’t want, in the form of family-type issues, or difficulties, complications, karmic reparations to be made, ANYTHING that will distract and prevent you from seeing that what you wanted is right effing there!!!!! At your doorstep. Or, sometimes, already in the room.

The light you so desperately seek is one of these things that everyone holds and most tend to ignore. What if you were that all along?

When we allow this dynamic to repeat, over and over, it can feel as though it is wearing us down. That is its goal. Distraction and exhaustion. When we are distracted and exhausted we cannot focus.

What we focus on, we become.

So, what do you want? Can you not see those things banging on your front door? Offering love to you with both hands open?

And yet, you keep holding off those things and only letting in what you don’t want. Unconscisly of course, because who would do that if they understood the choice? LOL

This dynamic keeps the victim alive and you get to be safe, and judge from a bleacher seat position in your own life and everyone else’s. 


How to end this dysfunction?

Ask that the cellular receptors within your physical body be tuned to the higher frequencies of wht you truly desire and… wait for it… what is good for you! Oh, sure, you’ve done that a bazillion times. And yet…

Your personal ego and spiritual ego and this polarity keep telling you that it/they/you already know wht is good for you, thanks… and so keep letting in what is not.


Allow HER to help you shift all. that. energy. that you have been burning up through the pain and hardship and heartbreak delivery system. Let it be morphed into the opening to Grace, to HER love, to what you truly yearn for. An opening that is a direct-connect to Source, and not to any of the things of man. They are all tainted. Each and every one.

And, yes, there is much that is changing. You, first! It always has to be ‘us’ first!

Think of it as :

1) a polarity reversal where all. the things. you don’t want are ushered out of your field.

2) Stop telling yourself that isn’t possible and wondering if it will co me back to get you. That is the program’s voice. What you focus on, you become. Why focus on this dysfunction?

3) Let the cellular receptors tune, shift, and settle into their new frequency alignments. Let the mental-emotional content that was part of this old dysfunction release. Let the patterns, and, especially, their content, go.

4) Observe your fresh alignment. Stay there.

5) Don’t lather, rinse, or repeat. Stay the new course. Let HER upgrades and alterations find you.

Practice being this opening to Source… and allowing HER to deliver.

Like HER energy-laundering service, HER delivery service is instantaneous, in the N.O.W. and nurtures the oneness within you, all.the. time.

This dynamic is up in the collective at the moment. It will show you how/here you are still plugged in.

Wake up, Neo. The matrix has you.

You have the opportunity to stop clinging to your prison bars for safety, and play on a new field.

Come on in. The water is lovely!

Love to you all, as we free our bodies from their obsolete conditioning.