Double Binds, Deadly Embraces ~

Double Binds, Deadly Embraces ~

A double bind in energy occurs when two equal and seemingly opposite vibrations are simultaneously locked together in a deadly embrace and pulling apart from one another with equal force. Maximum tension with both maximum and zero effort involved. A perfect storm.

These locks in our programmed awareness form our deepest traps, tripwires, glitches and uncomfortable scenarios of every kind. They also form the foundations of what we know as real.

What happens when a rubber band is twisted and stretched? If one side lets go, the sting is felt on the other. If the tension is held long enough, the band becomes brittle and breaks. That last analogy is not what happens in consciousness.

In consciousness, a double bind pulls itself more and more tightly to center, the more work we do to clear it. The midpoint is its strongest link. Think of the impossibility of pushing two batteries together with the same poles touching. The charges will not allow contact. in the same way, a double bind does not allow itself to be dissolved. The more we let go, the tighter and tighter the polarities held within it become, until they are rubbing up against one another, causing friction, but without touching. No way to merge or unify.

The belief systems that hold these binds into our bodies, posit that the merging has already occurred. This is the way these energies dance. This is reality.

Consider how much energy it takes to hold Infinite consciousness into a loop like this. What if these energies were set free? As we learn to let this happen, we unlock our bodies and minds.

Would you rather your field felt like this?


A clear and present field pulses with resonance. It radiates light. The binds we leave within us create kinks and blocks in the divine hose. Light will find its own way around or through, but its path will be somewhat compromised. Think of a kink in a garden hose and what happens…

When we come close to releasing one of these energetic structures, the friction can feel intolerable. The seemingly opposite charges rub up against one another so hard and fast that we feel enervated, irritated, anxious, and perhaps as though we would like to jump out of our skin.

A helpful thing to know at the time of this writing, is that the whole planet is undergoing an amplified acceleration of these energies. In other words, these energies are center stage within and without and Source has pumped up the volume. It can feel like scream and run time or like that hot, charged day just before an earthquake. The updraft that calls down the lightning strike. You get the point.

Much of the deadly embrace energy you are feeling at this time is collective rather than personal. The way to surf this is to feel where the energies resonate in your bodies and disengage. Detach from the collective angst. This doesn’t mean bury it or duck and cover. Those old evasive techniques won’t work.

For example, .most binds can hold the energetic equivalent of the Hiroshima bomb or an erupting volcano. Take your pick. I tend to choose Pele’s venue, but the choice is yours. To go into the jangled, seemingly destructive feelings , create a safe space. Sometimes that space needs to be physical, sometimes energetic, depending on your situation and level of mastery. Create a venting space in the way that feels best to you.

The explosive energy will want to scream, throw things, hit something…to explode in some way. Is it a good idea to act that out? Not likely, unless you have a punching bag or other such setup. Instead, go inward, create an energetic venting space, then let the energies be free to express. You can express verbally or through physical action or learn to allow the energies to flame or flood through you and release. Doing this diffuses the bomb.

Hint: Don’t attempt the inner flame/flood if you are not familiar with running these currents through your bodies. It takes practice.

Once you have diffused the impulse to act out, you can offer up the entire mess. This begins, as does every offering, with “thank you.”

Thank you for diffusing, dissolving and obliterating this double bind, deadly embrace, f&*kfest, or however it is showing up Thank you for showing me how this has been held, and for assisting me in releasing all holdouts completely. Thank you that this is done.

All parts of you do have to mean it for the entire lock to release. Don’t give up.

In the meanwhile, it helps to know what the core polarity is, or polarities are, that hold the particular lock in place. They can be opposites or they can be things that seem the same. So, love and hate, or power and helplessness, or… one type of love and another type of love… one preference and another preference… one dislike and one aversion… It can be tricky. Our minds are brilliant at this.

You will know when you have hit the core issue by the way it feels. Agitation, impatience or nervousness are good indicators. So are lethargy and depression. Same thing, differently charged. Feel the juxtaposition of tensions. Let as much of the feeling states express and diffuse as feels safe to you. Then, offer up again.

Ask for Source’s help first, last, and in the middle. Our egos cannot dissolve these structures without help. If you tend to want to do things on your own, not getting any of your mess on anyone else, that’s grand. it doesn’t work with Source. SHE has no patience for that form of ego. Ask for the help.

And, in this planetary transition, remember that most of the tension is not your own. How you are bought in, body, mind, and spirit, is your responsibility. Let the hooks and tensions diffuse. Let them dissolve. Let it all go. The dangerous bit is holding it in. You will enjoy a much smoother ride if you allow the release.

Denial is flooding its banks on this world. Pun intended. This ain’t no river in Egypt, honey. Although the timing* is celestially impeccable. You have to love HER sense ot humour.

Happy surfing!


  • The heliacal rise of the Nile, in alignment with the rise of Sirius before the Sun, which used to be around the 4th-6th July each year, is an opening to greater cosmic resonance. It also floods the heck out of the Nile valley, bringing much-needed nutrients to the surrounding soil. This year the exact alignment is 15 August… about the time our inner dams will have burst. ;)