A Gift of Fire ~ Burning Down the 'House'~

A Gift of Fire ~ Burning Down the ‘House’~

We have entered the realm of cosmic hilarity when we notice current context for things like, “Who recorded ‘Burning Down the House?’” and the answer is, ‘the Talking Heads.’ Oh frabjous day! Giggles in many dimensions.

In the East Indian traditions, it is said that an event of loss makes way for more and new to enter. For example, if there is a fire in the house and possessions are destroyed, those present do not grieve, but choose to celebrate the inevitable arrival of newness.

When the cosmic blaze illuminates us, we may have been taught to cower, to flood the blaze with water or whatever antidote. Is this the best course?

Ascension requires ignition. As we watch systems disintegrate, as they must do, it helps to also observe our reactivity. Are there parts of us bemoaning the fate of old illusions of freedom or security? If so, be kind to those programmed states of mind. Take the opportunity to re-mind.

All things are transitory. Everything changes. HER Grace is not a static place. What you have found might now need to be let go to be found by another.

“For whatsoever from one place doth fall, Is with the tide unto another brought.
For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.”~ Edmund Spenser


Lave burns away all it touches, and yet, from the magma, all new lands are formed.

We often mistake outdated structures for security and stability. We unconsciously cling to some kind of status quo, even as we consciously choose to dissolve it. What happens to the iceberg of programmed unconscious when it meets a sea of fire? Something to ponder, yes? Listen to and observe the voices of your reactivity. Do you feel fear? Fluidity? Flow?

What feelings would SHE gift you with if you were to let go?

What most people consider normal is actually a heavily drugged and stupefied state. Life in a box. Where is the flow? Do we fear its waves as they bring down the walls? Where is wisdom? Have we so subjugated its voice within us that we have become as walking dead?

Where are kindness, tolerance, and compassion? Where are miracle and wonder and the Grace of simply being alive?

It is time to burn down the opium den of old realities. The gift of fire is that it leaves only ash behind. Ash that can fertilize. Ash that can be the beginning of renewal. Ash that sometimes forms the grist for regeneration.

It is not sustainable to live outside of love and magic. What has passed for magic, over the past few generations, is a state of distorted fog that blinds us to our inner knowing. We wander about in a state of distraction and disorientation. We are the ‘RE’ generation. It is time we owned that power.

It is time to get ‘oriented!!

So many of you have mentioned you feel dizzy and floaty, as though you are not grounded. I could say this happens as part of awakening or ascending. That would be one facet of truth. Another perspective is that the collective tethers upon which you have unconsciously grounded have dissolved, withered, or are burning away. This is a good thing! Less ballast equals more lift as consciousness ascends

Higher frequencies require dropping, moving on from, or burning away, lower vibratory energies. The one cannot exist within the reality of the other.

Bless the fire that keeps you warm on colder days and nights. Bless the fire that purifies and refines as it heals. Bless the fire that obliterates what you no longer need to hold onto. Bless the ‘RE’ generation of which you are part. Gratitude will guide you safely through the dissolution. There is always a new shore.

What do you have to lose?