Stillness and Sanctuary ~ Mastering Movement

Stillness and Sanctuary ~ Mastering Movement

All movement is born of stillness. Within every wave is a Stillpoint of Sacred Strength. The way we discover this place is by dropping in. The way we allow HER to navigate us through life is by becoming that sacred journey of stillness in motion.

This morning I read a new article by Jennifer Posada. Here is a relevant excerpt:

”In the rush of a busy wave when energies are at their height, we rarely feel it's possible to slow down, and sometimes we don't even want to. But there is a special magic in pausing to really feel the wave wash over you, and right now it would be more potent than ever to do so...I know my saying that won't suddenly stop a possibly high-intensity time for you, but if you are experiencing that intensity as we are still letting the fever of recent eclipse energies pass, then this is a golden opportunity. Not to deny or suppress the possible potency and energy of this time, but to work with it...I am not suggesting we need to suddenly shift our whole lives around, I am suggesting that it will create small (or even large) miracles right now to find even moments of sacred slow down even for short windows of time and let the change deepen in you.” ~Jennifer Posada


Sacred Pause…

Where is your Stillness and Sanctuary?

Jennifer’s mention of sacred pause is relevant to our NOW. The most recent wave of intensity has crested, and is making its way to shore. As it rolls around the world, we will experience the leveling of some structures and the regeneration of others. We are being taught the art of mastering movement through HER waves of intensity.

Many have enjoyed the image of being a beach ball, popping along on top of the tsunami, no matter how large, blissfully unaware of the size of the wave, because the wave is what provides the ball’s quantum direction.

Then, there is the cetacean technique, of diving below the wave and riding its depths, surfing the lifted waves of sand, undisturbed by surface turbulence.

These metaphors become tools we can use to surf our NOW. And… as in Star Wars… there is another.

There will always be an alternate tool, method, or solution, where SHE is concerned. What will assist us in our NOW is the art of the sacred pause. Roshini and the Scottie Nation have been much afoot these past few days, and spell this a bit differently. Sacred ‘paws’ provide secure earthing for our bodies as our spirits soar. Think of it as the deep cetacean dive and the beach ball bop as one and the same. Such an instant provides an anything-but-freeze-frame pixelated snapshot of multiversal reality, as it grinds our old perceptions into the sand and lifts our aspirations heavenward.

My Teacher once told me that in this lifetime, for me, the Altantis karmas were ‘up.’ Up for working through, releasing, and moving beyond. We all have our theme songs and variations on a scream for this life. And there are undercurrents. Sometimes rip tides, sometimes gently flowing depths, these are HER ways of navigating us through what we have set up for ourselves, and what Spirit has set up on our behalf. I have known for some time that most ‘setups,’ for me, are finished, Complete. I can now begin to recognize the deeper currents, for our planet, and for my infusion into its realities.

Within these waves of intensity, you can begin to recognize both the setups and the deeper currents that have held you in the configuraton of ‘you,’ supporting your learning and growing process.

Whilst here, in an eucalyptus forest, I have been so grateful for the trees. Survivors of Lemuria, these trees hold a special place in my healing process and my heart. Another favorite writer had this to say…

“We are all refugees. Every single human on this planet is a refugee from somewhere. By communing with eucalyptus trees we are embracing the energy of moving through cycles of time and place. We are empowered to embrace movement in time, space, and consciousness. We must not be fooled by the notion that since eucalyptus trees have roots that they are not masters of movement. When embraced, they can remind us that we are masters of movement as well.” ~ White Feather

Mastery of Movement has been one of the main undercurrents of my adventures here. I’m betting it has been one of yours as well. What have you learned from the wisdom of sand paintings? What have you learned about being the streaming being that you are? Always in motion, with Stillness at your core.

What a gift to be among these majestic beings! What a gift they have brought throughout my journey! Not until NOW did I fully appreciate their assistance. Surrounded by their embrace, I find the Stillness drawing me in. I have found that my writing voice wants only to pass on the preciousness of their silence within motion. Their mastery of the sacred pause within HER waves.

Hit the pause button if you dare. The forms it takes may surprise you. This lightness is beyond imagining. Released from conditioning, imprinting, and old constraints, the iceberg of consciousness is free to navigate new waters.

Wishing you joy in your journey ~ and always ~ sacred pause{paws} ,