A Test of Commitment ~

A Test of Commitment ~

Occasionally the moment arrives when our commitments to Spirit are tested. These moments rarely come in the ways we have been conditioned to believe they will. SHE does not ask us to martyr ourselves, to take on the pain of others, or to take on or carry anything we cannot handle. And SHE does not ask us to handle anything where SHE is not totally present, supporting us all the way.

A test of commitment comes as a validation of structural integrity. Is what we are building able to hold the weight of our convictions? Is our love strong enough? Will it hold up to what we ask of ourselves and our dreams?

We are the architects of the obstacle courses of our lives. SHE throws in an occasional curve or twist or adventure to make things more interesting, but it is we who determine how we flow. Surrender is key.

I have spoken much about surrender over the years. And, as part of awakening, of ascension, or whatever your spiritual commitments, you will need that skill. You will also need to understand how the refinement of focus functions.

As a photographer adjusts the aperture of a camera lens for optimal perspective, so we have our hands on the lens of our lives. What to notice, what to pay attention to, to invest in, in other words, is that HER hand covers our own. SHE guides the adjusting as we choose, commit, and surrender.

If a beginning photography student does not allow the instructor to guide his/her hand in positioning the lens; if the learner is stubborn and grips tightly to what s/he believes is the right focus, optimal will never be achieved. If, however, SHE is allowed to adjust our focus, even as we hold it, optimal occurs naturally.

Embodiment is a participation sport. Surrender is not abdication. It is we who choose, commit and follow through. It is SHE that provides the HOW, the DOING and the FLOW.

The current eclipse window is coming to a close. A few more days now to notice what we have been internally hiding from ourselves, and to re-focus our perspectives and our perceptual fields.

Paying attention means investing our focus in our spiritual growth, alignment, and embodiment. From this investment comes the light all aspirants seek.

Are you ready to leave the seeker behind? Are you ready to roll with HER as SHE facilitates the changes?

Only you can know. Only you can choose. Only you can take the steps you are guided to take and follow through.

This window is an opportunity to take a good look, to make an honest observation, and to allow HER practised and loving hand to guide the re-focusing of what will bring our commitments to fruition.

Look for the budding. Invest in the blossoming. All will be well.

Infinite love to you,


Is your love strong enough? Only you can choose. Only you can commit. Only SHE will know.