B.elief S.ystems ~ and how they function ~

B.elief S.ystems ~ and how they function ~

This might be the most important way you can change your mind.

A belief system, abbreviated B.S. in English, and on purpose, is a thought pattern that we argue for. A thought pattern has run long or hard or deep enough that it has become a false fact. There is benefit in our holding onto this false representation of data. Every B.S. is fear-based if we clearly perceive its root. {F,alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal}. We are conditioned to believe that this fact is true and our needs must keep it in place. “What I/we need to make things happen is “___{insert B.S. here}___.”

One of the definitions of Enlightenment is “the direct perception of life without mental modifications.” Belief systems distort our perception of life.

When we have fixed beliefs about the way things are, or what we need to have or do or be to make something happen, things can only be delivered to us through the gates of those systems. It is we who have set this up, though we tend to both curse and worship HER delivery mechanism.

The term ‘scotoma’, loosely translated, means that the mind sees what it expects to see. If we are conditioned to think we will see something a certain way, or something will show up in a certain way, we filter Source’s delivery system. We view every circumstance through predetermined filters. The truth has no chance of finding us directly when such filters are in play.


Change your beliefs, let them go, open to infinite possibility, and your circumstances have to change. Our circumstances reflect our beliefs. They are our truest mirrors.

Eventually, if you keep practicing, you will perceive more directly and believe in nothing… meaning there are no B.S. filters playing in your reality. Or, if there are, you will be fully aware of these and use them to play in the world, like looking through different colored lenses, or seeing light through a kaleidoscope.

I hear people speaking from their belief systems all the time. I check myself for any similar patterns, all the time. Where did my physical body acquire that belief? Oh, that is … genetic… parental imprint… whatever. The origin of the belief system is only valuable if knowing helps us to let go. Letting go is key.

Fact: Some things are true whether or not we believe them.

Fact: Source’s resources are Infinite, and SHE has many more possibilities available to implement our desires and needs than we can imagine.

Fact: When we change our beliefs, we change our environment and our world. Every, Single. Time.

Why do we hold on?
Why, when we want to let go, does our ego or our physical body refuse? Usually out of habit. We often fail to realize that our belief systems are not the truth! And, most of our B.S.’s are a form of survival programming, as is the baseline structure of the ego. We have internalised conditioning that tells us that we depend upon these beliefs because this is how the world runs and we must comply. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How to let go?
that the way you view the world or a certain circumstance is filtered and therefore faulty. Acknowledge that your filter mechanism is not the only way to accomplish anything and that there is probably a better way if you let HER show you.
Recognize your B.S. filters. Give them their due! They got you this far, they deserve your respect or you would not have put them in place. Start by letting HER use your filters any way she chooses. It helps.
Ask for HER support in perceiving, believing, receiving, embodying, expressing and manifesting from HER deeper truth.
Allow HER to cherish you and your dreams by surrendering into this deeper truth, though you may not feel, see, or know it yet.

SHE always nurtures and nourishes our dreams. Why put barriers in the way of their fulfillment?

Fact: B.elief S.ystems are obstacles we put in HER way.

Because HER way is the way of intending, allowing and receiving, the Trinity of manifesting, SHE only says STOP IT! when we are about to hurt ourselves. Have you ever noticed how rarely we listen? You have certainly seen this in others if not in yourself. It is time to listen.

If you desire a clear mind and open heart, STOP THE B.S.!!!


Quotes from Deepak today, because he has written copiously about consciousness. And he tends to get it right, according to HER opinion. To me? The only one that matters.

What matters manifests. You are learning to manifest a happy and fulfilling love-sourced life.

Use the Solstice window! Have at it!

Unconditional, infinite, love,