What I Know for Sure ~

What I Know for Sure ~

It’s all coming together. It’s all coming together. It’s all coming together!

I know it looks grim out there. Some days, internally as well. There will be shakeups and shakeouts and sorting and purging. The burning of Notre Dame cathedral, for example, is interesting in many dimensions. The overlays are {for the most part} burned away. ‘Our Mother of Paris’ is being returned, as a power spot, to the simplicity of Isis. HER ascended configuration. This has not been seen or felt on this world… for some time? Perhaps ever.

Do you recognise the starlight within you? You will. You will, indeed.

This secret I will share with you. There is a doorway through the heart. A clear and present Presence. Illuminated by purity and clarity, it is the way of the Rose. When its golden heart is open to the sun, and all outer magnificence seems to hang by a thread, SHE enters. Truly, SHE has been there all along. And yet, this opening comes softly, as it must. Petal by petal, we open as resurrection beckons.

“…Hearts, like flowers, cannot be rudely handled, but must open naturally…” Louisa May Alcott

The way to Oneness is through the heart. The Divine Feminine is the bridge to higher consciousness. The way of embodiment is accessed through HER. What does that mean? As we re-embody the qualities of nurturing, nourishing, support, acknowledgement, acceptance and cherishing, we balance the skewed dynamics of our lives and our world. Using the tutelary forms of the Great Mother, we learn to become an embodiment of HER flow. Ever changing, ever nourishing, ever creating, SHE moves us all.

This universe, at its essence, is ‘feminine,’ an expression of divine creativity itself. If the language of the quantum field appeals to you, consider that this field is HER essence. The vastness of zero point energy is HER Infinite Sea. Every part of us, including the 50 trillion cells of our bodies, is part of that. It is our mental concepts and contracts to perceive ourselves as separate that make us believe we are not that.

As we open to the Oneness, rather than to circumstances, we become that Sea. Our becoming is like a rose in bloom. We learn to bless the stem that supports our budding, allowing divine light to encourage us as we blossom. We embrace our changing structures as they open into bloom. We learn to bless our protective thorns. SHE is this truth. SHE will share it if you listen.

What I know for sure is that there is a doorway through the heart. I know that SHE is the bridge that leads from the hell worlds of enslaved reality into creative visions of all that we desire and choose to become. HER love is the ultimate creative, invincible force.

Bless the fires, the winds, the waters, the wild, weird, weather. As the shift accelerates, let go and let the currents of the heart carry you through.

Don’t concern yourself with fixing or carrying or holding space. Focus on your heart. The heart muscle generates the most powerful field in your physical body. There is light within each of your 50 trillion cells. As the physical heart muscle circulates the blood that brings life through your cells, so it circulates light through your life. And so HER heart circulates Presence through the All.

We are mirrors and particles of eternal reality. As our hearts go, so we flow.

The Divine Feminine forms the bridge from circumstances of dominance and control to those of love and freedom. This happens through a balancing in the heart.

Wishing you radiance as the old fields burn. May we all return to the simplicity of our ascended natures.