A 'Star Wars' Reset~

A 'Star Wars' Reset ~

It took awhile for the “Star Wars Day” thing to make sense to me. My first thought was, “silly,” then it became hilarious and, therefore, made more sense. Brilliant marketing strategy and something the SW generations could laugh about together. Another blessing .

I spent yesterday walking my blessings. A thing I love to do. The walk involves favorite places, doings, and beings. In the physical, if possible, and in essence, when not. It is a walk of gratitude.

Some gratitude walks involve an inner repetition of “Love and Thank You” with every step. Invoking HER Grace and Wisdom. With each foot fall, I make the time to pay attention. Blessing HER, blessing Gaia, for how richly supported we all are. It was a good day. A wonderful day, in fact. And that made me wonder why every day has not seemed to quite measure up, if you know what I mean.

Why has each day not been experienced as “wonder-full”? More and more, as my shift in consciousness has deepened, I have experienced wonder. Wonder as a state of being, rather than as gobsmack or the act of wondering. I do experience the magic, the light, HER music, in each and every day. And yet, I notice that the collective habit of negative framing, down-playing, and focusing on what needs fixing tends to color the periphery of my awareness… if I do not gently, and thoroughly, sweep it away.

Life is truly about the little things. The love I exchange with the tree outside my window and the landscape beyond. The time I make, even if minutes only, to practice some chi gong and yoga to bring light and life force into my body. My muscles giggle like children as the light is given center stage. Favorite foods consumed with consciousness. Favorite experiences, same.

Are there things I still do unconsciously? Most likely. We are conditioned to be creatures of habit. We are taught, by action and inference, that habits are an efficient form of life management. Learn how to tie your shoes and you will do it automatically and never have to think about it again. Is this practical? Only when thinking is your guide. Actions performed automatically, without having to think about them, have been held up as better and more efficient. Why? Because we can then perform an action automatically while thinking about something else. Or so we have been conditioned. What if we performed an action with no thought at all?

There is a difference between thinking about something, mistaking that for focus, and being with that same something, keeping our awareness present in the moment.

When we learn something new, our minds need to flow through the process, step by step. Do you remember how you learned to tie your shoes? Probably not. That process is now so internalized that your mind no longer needs the step by step data. Or, you wear non-lacing shoes. Me too, most of the time. Easier on and off, and mine come off frequently!

Internalizing action steps is one of the ways consciousness builds upon itself. An internalized skill is something we become. Do we become the shoe-tying process? In that moment, yes, when we infuse essence into action without thought. Optimal action happens when we act from the impulses of essence, without thinking. This flies in the face of so much of what we are taught, does it not? “Think before you act!” is something we are taught as children. What interested me, as the child hearing those words, was that I was being directed to think first but not necessarily during, my actions. Somehow, I knew to break down the instruction into its essence. SHE guided that, certainly.

Conventional wisdom dictates that we consider the consequences before taking an action. This mental conditioning is called wisdom for a reason. What we forget is that this form of “reason” is a learning tool for the process of being in this world. We are conditioned to believe, “if this, then that.” We learn about consequences and how our teachers learned to avoid those that are unwanted. But, how might SHE teach us to navigate another way? Is fear of unwanted consequences the best way to live? Is it any way to be?


This is our current learning cycle. An initiation point, a reset, if we let it be so. The new moon / Bealtaine alignment is an opportunity to pay more attention. It brings clarity. Clarity of focus on what matters. What is the fastest way to find out? Relax into the little things, and observe where goes the flow. Where does your focus naturally take you? This will either be an ingrained pattern, or your natural, authentic, instinctual preference. The latter guides your way. How to tell the difference? How does it feel?

Few seek out the resistance issues that pain shows us. And yet, paradoxically, the last cycle was mentally ruled by “No pain, no gain.” SHE has patiently waited, guided, and comforted us through that transit. A transition that now needs to complete. {Celebrations in many dimensions!}

Say, the pain of a certain issue causes you to feel anger. The anger is there to show you something. Re-setting your inherent spiritual authority and power happens when you explore the root of any issue rather than taking it at face value or ignoring it. This observational deep dive brings you closer to whatever the issue is trying to show you. This sounds mental until it isn’t. Double entendre intended.

We can choose to let this Bealtaine alignment assist us in re-setting our lives! It is HER blessing ceremony, a purification by inner fire. As resistance burns, we are left with our purity of intent.


And so, we circle back to consequences. Consequences are circumstances. Circumstances need not be feared, only dealt with. Each moment holds an optimal action, solution, resolution, and reward {blessing}. Rewards are reaped by resting in Presence {the ultimate blessing}.

Here is one of HER breadcrumbs, baked for the occasion. “Thank you that SHE is present and has this moment well in hand. “ Let the gratitude fit the occasion… aspiring to let HER uplift every occasion.

And there we have it. A new practice. One of many. We can relax into gratitude, into HER safe space, and let HER light our way.

A blessed Bealtaine to one and all

May the Fourth, be with you!