How to Receive HER Unconditional Love ~

How to Receive HER Unconditional Love ~

Yes, I used the ‘how’ word! My students are practicing not using that in their questioning. An interesting exercise. The mind wants to know HOW. How will this happen? How do I do this? How will transformation occur? What SHE offers is this: “The HOW is up to me. I AM the Doer. I AM the flow. Your configuration directs it, in part, through your preferences and liabilities. Why not give its direction to me?”

So, back to the subject of this post. What is HER unconditional love and what has to happen for you to receive it at all, let alone unconditionally. You guessed it! Surrender. Here is HER how.

HER unconditional love is the Infinite sea of all that is, was, or ever shall be. The pure, clear light is a manifestation of information and intelligence held within the vastness. HER vastness includes the ALL, the VOID, and everything imaginable or unimaginable in between or in the surround. In a word? Everything.

Before your mind goes off on its defensive tangents about things you don’t like, approve of, or about evil, bear with me for a few minutes more. Divine perspective is a tough one for our limited ‘human’ minds. Our minds were conceived, birthed, trained, educated, and conditioned, by duality. Duality dictates that things are either/or. A quantum perspective includes the ‘and’, the ‘both’ and the ‘all of the above’ which can be an exponentiated field of possibilities. These concepts, alone, short circuit duality’s grasp on reality. Useful to know if you’re about the task of egoic dissolution. ;)

Why can’t we surrender into the unconditional essence unconditionally? Why does this seem to difficult? Here are my observations: (in no particular order)

1) Fear of being possessed, taken over, turned into a zombie puppet monster

2) Love terrifies the bejaysus out of us because our human minds have no understanding of what HER love is

3) HER love terrifies our bodies, because what our coalition of cellular structures have learned is that the concept of love means being smothered or abandoned, devoured or cast aside. Rejected or owned.

Feel into whether any of that resonates in any part of you. Don’t deny. Don’t lie. Feel where these vibrations might be hiding. No one is watching but the light that you already are. And it knows. Light is information and intelligence, remember?

So, why wouldn’t we ask the light to inform us? Why wouldn’t we point the ‘how’ question at the light? We do, yes? In whatever form is most comfortable for our minds and bodies to accept. For some it is divine light. For some, magic. For some, it is “God” or “Goddess” or one avatar or another… and on and on. What works for your mind and body to begin to accept and open? Use the images that work. Start where you are. Find these bits and you have found the keys to your awakening.

Now that you have found your keys, the trick is to let them go. Here is where we meet the part of us called “Eeek!” Her/his job is to freak out when we intend to release and dissolve these key concepts, which are actually holdouts and withholding from Source. Observe the keys. Acknowledge. Accept. Then, stop insisting upon them.

Stop insisting that unconditional essence shows up in the way you want it to. That is a dogmatic position. It has a template and scaffolding, and, if it is really well constructed, walls and a moat… you get the idea. Fortified. Failsafes and encryptions abound. Asking the light to show us how to dissolve these things is like asking fire not to burn…to our minds. Disconnect. Confusion. Full stop. A mind born of duality has difficulty with infinite potential. It will pretend to be broken in whatever way will make the question stop.

So we ask our physical and emotional bodies to show us where our holdouts, our withholding of self from Divine Essence, vibrates within us. Because needs must. Our physical and emotional bodies have been dictated to by our minds for too long. They welcome a chance to do things differently.

THEN… or perhaps FIRST… we ask HER for help. All real shifts begin with gratitude. “Thank you that I can now observe this/these holdout/s. Thank you that I no longer need this/these pattern/s and that I never did. Please forgive my misunderstanding and help me to forgive myself for taking it on. Thank you for what I have learned from this. I am ready to move on and release this once and for all.”

Ultimately, as mentioned, the ‘how’ belongs to HER. The choice is yours. The implementation is HERS.

So, how do we unconditionally receive HER unconditional love? Our essence is part of this unconditional creative flow. We have never been and cannot be separate from it. First, we must allow HER to dissolve our sense of separation from Source. Then, we must allow ourselves to be absorbed into the Infinite flow. Try this and see how it feels. “Thank you that I now unconditionally receive your love and support.” Watch the various parts of yourself to see where there might be anything still holding out. Do not judge this part of yourself! Don’t condemn. SHE does not judge, but only supports us. Allow HER to lift your constraints so that you are free. Free in HER flow. Freely and unconditionally supported in your essence and your on-going endeavors.

Practice being in this flow in every moment. It is optimal. It is efficient. It is amazing. You can live this, every day. Let HER show you the way.


Oh and PS - in a dissolving world, going with HER flow is what the light will tell you anyway… ;)