A Balance of Power ~

A Balance of Power ~

What does a balance of power look like? Feel like? What does it mean? How does it function? There are as many theories about this as there are minds to cook them up. What if it is time to move beyond the theoretical and into the practice of power?

In most patriarchal structures, balanced power means that the masculine controls everything, fueled by the feminine (though that is rarely admitted to) and any offspring therefrom (human, product, or otherwise) represents balanced energy. Isis, Osiris, Horus, is one example. Most predate our so-called modern religions, by the way.

In the Goddess traditions, the Goddess is said to hold the balance between good and evil, predator and prey. She stands, adamant, holding a space for balance. Examples of this, are Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess whose scales are said to weigh souls departing the earth plane against a feather. “Blind Justice” is a more modern aspect of this archetype. Her scales are said to tell the truth. But is it a balanced truth? How would blindness ever accurately perceive?

Do any of our historical models represent balanced power? It is said that our world needs to shift from a love of power to the power of love. Clever cliché. And, in my humble observation, a bit lacking.

Divine Love is the creative power. It has been, in limited ways, by limited minds, vastly misunderstood.

Once upon a time there was an enlightened mystik. As she got into bed, one very tired evening, she felt her right arm grow heavy and unresponsive. Her hand began to have trouble turning the pages of the book she was reading. “That’s odd,” the mystik thought, “I must have overworked the arm today.” And, sleepy as she was, she thought no more about it.

Next morning, as she began her hygiene activities, she noticed that the hand was still unresponsive. Two of her fingers felt paralyzed and the arm felt oh, so heavy. It was thoroughly exhausting to attempt even the most basic functions… lifting a cup, brushing her teeth., cutting her food. The voices of the body began to express concern. “Another stroke! Something is very wrong!” Even as the mystik comforted and resassured her body, she felt the resistance. “No, these are not the same symptoms, and you know Roshini assured us that was not going to happen again. If anyone monitored what was going on with this body it was she.” Smiling, the mystik felt the right side of her body begin to react. Where she had expected her body to relax, now comforted, it reacted more severely than before.

“Something is up!” she said to herself and to Spirit. And so, she began to speak with the symptoms and the body. It took days. “Where is this centred?” Her heart meridian lit up like the northern lights. So did acu-points in other areas. “Primary or peripheral?” she asked, until she had a reasonably clear picture of what was occurring. The heart meridian on her right side was compromised. That was the correct term. Or was compromising. Or both. “What is this about?” yielded a variety of answers, whose core vibraton boiled down to “power.”

Identifying the vibrational source of her symptoms had usually helped in surrendering and releasing them. This time it was a slow process, requiring patience and perseverance. And, letting go. Things that felt as though they needed to be done could not be. The mystik realized how very much her online work depended upon her hands being functional. She worked with the energies of “strong right arm” and all that that expression had ever meant to her. She experimented with voice-to-text applications, laughing when what could have been a simple technological switch collapsed on her, every time. “Not that way,” that body insisted. “Not the easy way out.”

She exercised the fingers of her right hand in all the ways she had ever learned. She used chi gung to clear and activate the heart meridian and to balance the meridians all through her body. She released deeply buried nuggets of panic and despair, not caring whence they came.

And, finally, she remembered that she had been editing information on archetypes and archetypal patterning on the day prior to the onset of symptoms. Something had been triggered. Something had not been released to clear. Something held in her body about the hands’ connection to the heart.

What did this have to do with power? An archetype that kept showing up was the angel card of Athena. ‘It is safe for you to be powerful.” Check. The mystik had not been ignoring this, exactly, but rather agreeing and surrendering anything in the way of HER expression. After all, the power is HERS, and only flows through us, as we allow and surrender ourselves to it.

And so, on the evening when her hand was almost expressing a lighter and new normal, when the tingling in the meridian had ceased to be spiky and enervating, she felt the release begin. Was it a denial of this archetype? Or, an attachment to some definition of how it held power? The bells and whistle went off like fire sirens. An attachment? Wow. “No, I will not hold male-type domination and control, yes, I will hold divine feminine… uh, oh…dominance,if not control.” Wow. And the mystik would never have known her body had held onto this unbalanced definition of power, had it not shown her in the only way it could. It paralyzed a dominant function. Brilliant! {and also radically inconvenient!}

In meditation, she heard the phrase “balance of power.” She held no pretensions of knowing what that means, how it functions, or feels.

Let it flow through you and you will become its expression.


Long ago, the mystik learned that the Oneness had nothing to do with unifying male and female, good and evil, predator and prey. A mind birthed in duality would have no way to understand HER Oneness. Only the heart can comprehend.

Our hands are an extension of our hearts. As the mystik connected with her heart and let its energies flow through her seemingly damaged meridians, they had healed. The misperceptions held in her body released. A deeply held, perhaps addicted, attachment/aversion pattern surrendered its hold.

Control must be given to HER. Unconditionally. It is the most direct path to Oneness.

As of this writing, all of the symptoms returned. Body illustrating the point in her own way. Making sure nothing was missed, nothing forgotten. What a blessing to be so supported, so loved. Oh, and the archetype of “Mystik?” That goes too! Along with its definitions of and attachments to power.

It isn’t about the party tricks. Never was. Never will be.

Have you thanked your body today?

Love to you,