Guided by Grace ~ Navigating the Shift

Guided by Grace ~ Navigating the Shift ~

Given: The world is going through a dark night transit and the energies thereof are accelerated for the next three months.
Solution: Let Grace guide you through.

What does that mean and what does it look like? Let’s start at the beginning. What do you want for the rest of this incarnation?

Insider information: This incarnation is unique in that we have the opportunity to shift not only our lessons for this life but those for/from all of our lifetimes.

Why would anyone want to do this? It opens us to more grace, to more realms of enlightenment and the full cellular embodiment thereof… which is where SHE is taking this world… whether anyone is ready or not. And, no, that does not mean anyone can sit tight and go along for the ride. That is a recipe for ending up elsewhere. You don’t want to know. Trust me.

If you are still reading, you might be at least willing, if not ready. SHE assures me this is so.

Step one: What do you desire to accomplish with the rest of your incarnation? Set that as an intention, whether your mind allows you to believe it is possible or not. That is the work… clearing “impossible” or “will never happen” from your mind.

Step two: When you know what your heart truly desires… oh yes, not what your ego wants, what your heart wants, in its secret, innermost, treasured place… When you know that, allow yourself to enter into the space of COMPLETE. SHE has granted this for you and its manifestation has exceeded your every projected expectation. Practice being in this state at all times. Sounds too easy? That’s where the work comes in. Very definition, description, identity, rule, vow oath, allegiance, role, costume, etc. etc. etc. that does NOT align with this magical miraculous manifestation, has to go!

Telling yourself you are complete with each bit as it surfaces, and surrendering each bit, including anything based upon it and anything it is based upon, is the process. Keep at it. “Perseverance furthers,” as the I Ching states. {For the uninitiated, the I Ching is the classic Chinese oracle of divination. It unfailingly presents truth, even when one tries to manipulate it. As do all true Oracles. You want the Evans-Wentz edition, if you are so inclined.}

And all the steps thereafter: Choose to trust. Choose to see, feel, and know that SHE is with you, that you ARE THAT…and begin to practice it. As you practice being an unconditional expression of unconditional love {NOT what your definitions tell you that is} you become it.

The mind will ask, over and over until it learns differently, “How? How do I? How?” SHE is the answer. Practice telling the mind that, each time it asks. The “how” is up to the Divine. Surrender the situation, the circumstance, whatever is being brought up for observation, or triggered, and let HER take care of what needs to move, how and where and when.

The more you surrender, the more Grace is available to you.

Then,take the steps you are guided to take. Follow through. Practice being in that state of Grace you intended with your heart’s desire and it is inevitably yours.

And, of course, someone’s mind is saying “Well, if it were that simple, everyone would be enlightened,” Mmhm. And yet, Source is the simplest thing of all.

It is our minds, our programmed states of control that make things complicated, {not the same as complex, which the multiverse certainly seems to our tiny minds}.

So… sister and brother journeyers… what do you desire?

{Andi f you said “A million bucks,” then you are perhaps one of those for whom there is no hope… only joking… maybe}


You are here. Make the most of it.

Get real with yourself. Make your heart’s desire a priority and begin to practice that state of being.

Doing follows being. Consciousness informs DNA. We have been programmed to believe the opposite of almost everything that is REAL.

So what will you make REAL? This is the key to manifestation… oh and there are a few things you will need to learn along the way… like surrender, kindness, compassion, divine timing and… GRACE.

Thank you for listening.