Accelerated Ascension ~ Not what you Think

Accelerated Ascension ~ Not what you Think ~

Each turn of this year’s wheel marks an acceleration in the earth’s energies. What does that mean? The frequencies of Gaia are altering, shifting to new levels, and we with them. The coming Bealtaine alignment is yet another initiation into higher octaves of light. What to do? How to use this opening? Meditate. Be Present. Stay Open. By “open” I mean open to Source, the Universe, our Divine Mother, rather than to the people, places and things of ‘the world.’

Open is a strange concept within duality. We think, and therefore vibrate, ‘open’ and we also then vibrate ‘closed.’ And, so, our consciousness vacillates between these two polarized states or concepts. This ocillation continues its dizzying dance, until we stop and listen. This is what an initiation like Bealtaine offers. A chance to hit the pause button on our onrushing lives and make time for new reality to rush in and fill us, instead.

One of the main themes for the past cycle, in spiritual terms, was “sweeping the island of the tonal,” penned by Carlos Castaneda, quoting his teacher, Don Juan. Carlos was taught to clean up his physical act, keeping things literally clean, sorted, and organized. The metaphysical reason for this practice is that, when our physical lives are in order, we can then more easily launch ourselves into the Mystik, into HER etheric realms, able to traverse multiple dimensions without harming ourselves, or our alleged sanity, in the process. In other words, if our physical lives are in order, so will our consciousness be, and so, then, will we be more able to be supported in our inner explorations. A sloppy life makes for sloppy consciousness and sloppy ventures into the light. It is the way of things.

One of the traps inherent in this practice (and each practice has its own), is the obsession with sweeping, or turning oneself into an on-going and constant self-improvement project. This trap typically affects those with the burning desire to wake up, expand consciousness, be one with the light, and so on. We find something that works and turn it into spiritual OCD. I know whereof I speak. I did this for years. What I had missed, was that each stage of enlightenment, each stage of awakening into accelerated awareness, has its own beauty that must be acknowledged and appreciated. SHE loves every nuance of consciousness equally. So must we learn to do and to be.

And yet, there is no such thing as perfection. We cannot and need not become anyone’s definition of ‘perfect’ in order to ascend in consciousness. This is such a common misperception!

Accelerated ascension, enlightenment, embodiment, and their inherent frequencies, can only be realized once we surrender into them. We become the qualities and essence of these energetic states of being. Each of these states holds a different scale of frequencies and, therefore, vibrates a bit differently.

Ascension is the raising of vibration, not a graduation, or any kind of ‘get off this planet free’ card, as is sometimes advertised. Higher vibration, which actually translates into vibrating more quickly, can happen anywhere, for anyone, given appropriate circumstances. It is happening throughout the natural world as we speak. This process happens constantly and is in a constant state of transition. Our bodies understand this and will go with the flow if we let them and support them in their integration needs.

Enlightenment is the traditional term given to what is also called God-Realization. Avatars like Jesus or Sakyamuni-Buddha, are the best-known examples. Many such beings have walked this world. And, there are varying gradations of this enlightened nature. The enlightenment process is a process of opening into All That Is and becoming one with HER.

Embodiment is the new game in town. It is the process of bringing enlightened states of being through and into our physical bodies. As many of you are aware, this is very new. Until recently, on this world, enlightenment was achieved in consciousness, then the body was dropped after a few years of seeding the vibration, and passing on knowledge. The physical bodies of most avatars had not had the care needed to be able to sustain higher octaves of light for any length of time, or on an on-going basis. And yet, our bodies were designed for this purpose! Human physiology is based on bio-photonic structures. There is light within our very cells! Allowing the pure, clear, light of reality, the dharma khaya, to accelerate our cellular structures was once called “full cellular enlightenment.” SHE calls this “embodiment,” HER way of illumination.


In your pursuit of the light, you have undoubtedly found that there are many “Ways,” most proclaiming themselves to be “The Way,” meaning the one and only true path. How could this be? The more absorbed into HER Grace I become, the more I realize that all ways are HER ways… each one an element in HER dance of life and creation. Even ways that might seem dark or twisted to some, are the correct path for others. That never made sense to me, coming into this life. I admit it makes no ‘sense’ to my mind, even now. It doesn’t have to. I feel the truth of it and that is enough for me.

I watch everyone, all.the.people. living their lives, playing their roles, being the beings they believe themselves to be. And, I laugh with HER in constant wonder. What variety! What diversity! What a wonder that there are so many roles to play and so many worlds to play them upon! Is one better than another? How could that be? And yet, some will make no sense to you or to me.

HER way is that of inclusion. It is that of acceptance, and acknowledgement, the sustainability of all of life. SHE is those vibrations that nurture, nourish, accept, acknowledge, appreciate, support and cherish. And, yes, SHE also dissolves all that is obsolete or does not serve. In HER aspect as Pélé, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, SHE brings the lava flows that sometimes decimate human habitations. But, ultimately, they create new land and feed new life. As Kali, SHE laps up the demons of ignorance and ego that plague those who seek to awaken. As Durga, SHE is the Invincible Force of unconditional divine love, that will love something even as SHE obliterates it. SHE is the love, abundance, and beauty of Lakshmi, the wisdom and adamant of Athena, the combined solar and lunar energies of Bast, Sekhmet, Brighid, and each of HER myriad archetypal forms, male and female. In a dual-gendered world, we learn to view things as one or the other, when, in fact, we are all part of HER. We are all part of the ONE. Individuated, yes. Beautifully and amazingly different, yes. Each having our own version of the experience of life, yes. Each a unique facet of the jewel that is HER world. What’s not to love?

I live in the pause, the still place between the worlds. This is by choice. It is not everyone’s choice, nor does it need to be. And yet, I’ll be waiting for you, here, in HER Stillness, whenever you might care to visit, step up, or step in.

Accelerating ascension has nothing to do with anything you might think. It is not a ‘thing’ your mind can hold, a concept to be understood. Accelerating awareness is a constant, morphing process, as is enlightenment and its next version, embodiment. Go within. Find the Stillness. Look to nature. Feel its peace, no matter what the circumstance. Stop broadcasting, and choose, instead, to listen. SHE is in the birdsong, the rustling of the leaves on the trees, the whispering rush of wind in the grass, or the lapping and crashing of the waves on the sea. SHE is present, first and foremost, in your heart. Not only in your physical pump, or the blood that animates your physical body, but the Heart, that is part of HER heart.


Accelerating into awareness, into ascension, is more a relaxing in than a reaching out or upward. Perhaps your path began as a steep climb. However you have embraced your journey, know that your completions will be commencements, one after the other. Each the finding of a new way. Each a surrendering into HER Infinite flow.

May you find the flows and currents, waves and seas, that support you as you dissolve into HER Grace.

Infinite Love,