What To Do ~ "Take Heart"

What To Do ~ “Take Heart”

I’ve been asked that, over and over through the years, “what do I do?”. There is, literally, only one answer. Take heart. Take HER heart. It is ever freely offered.

The awakening process is, first and foremost, a process. There are no silver bullets, or instant manifestations, though the latter do show up from time to time. And, awakening is not achieved by an arduous climb up an impossible mountain, in search of an elusive promised treasure at the top. For those who buy into that myth, there will ever be mountains. I’ve enjoyed a good climb or three. And yet…

When SHE shows The Way, it is through the heart. Courage. A quality so-named for its resonance with “La Cœur / La Corazón”. “The heart”, in many languages. I used to think courage meant facing down all inner and outer demons no matter what or when. Funnily enough, it does, but not in any way my mind might have imagined. I imagined taking the bullets for the team, being the one to wear the Kevlar, making the ultimate sacrifice (du jour) in honor of the light… and so it does… but not that way.

There is another way.

HER way is that of steadfastness, yes; of forbearance, yes. Of martyrdom? NO!!!! No, no, no, no! Step away from the fires, children! The Divine Mother is a nurturing, guiding, gentling force. An Invincible Force, she is though. Once summoned, nothing stands in HER way.

SHE beckons us to follow our hearts. These paths, and there are oh, so very many, always lead us home. The heart leads us into HER, into HER heart.

There is heart in the natural world, the rocks, the seas, the earth, the trees and the creature beings, our allies, one and all! Last year, I was privileged to enjoy Elephant Dream-time. Sacred space, if ever was. The whales hold the same space, but in a different way. Their songs weave the world as one. This year I am further privileged to enjoy ‘roos, koalas, and cockatoos… imagine, to greet these beings in the wild! Oh frabjous day! A friend from the southern hemisphere, visiting me in California, felt the same way about raccoons, skunks, and foxes. How amazing to experience them as beings rather than photographs!

Today, I am privileged to be able to see the sea from this window, behind whose glass I am protected from cold, wind, and wave. And yet… HER waves are always with me. I feel the wind as its currents lift the air. I feel the waves and the light thereon. So do you, truth be told. You feel the growing movement of the trees, the greening and browning of the standing people, as Gaia’s seasons flow and change.t


I feel the movement of wind and light on water, even from where I sit. This is HER heart. We reside in HER heart, yet, so often, we recognize it not.

What rests in your heart today? Are you willing to let it out to play?

Mother made me. I am SHE. I am grateful.