Divine Feminine Enlightenment ~ Embodiment 'by any Other Name' ~

Divine Feminine Enlightenment ~ Embodiment 'by any Other Name' ~

The light ladled through me has shifted hues, tonalities, tracks, trajectories, currents, and, even, seas. Over the decades, SHE has deepened within me as SHE does within us all. I have offered HER teachings in various forms, through various classes, and in transmissions that only a few have truly acknowledged and received.

The receiving thereof doesn’t matter. That sounds odd, perhaps, as what matters manifests. But it is true. My ‘job’ is the embodiment and delivery of HER love. It has gone through many iterations, as there are so very many ‘ears to hear.’ It is not my job to manage how HER gifts are received. Light is intelligence. It knows what to do, the how, the when and the articulations thereof.

Years ago, as my deeper awakenings began, I offered myself to HER. My lineages, all that I had been taught, though always filtered by HER, had been of the masculine ilk. Such is the false light (and, some of the true) on this world. In one lifetime I killed my body when I realized that I had been part of the ruse. In others, in other worlds, even, I refused to disseminate HER love, if it was going to be twisted. My bad. And so, when the deepenings into AWAKE began, many years ago now, I told HER, “If you will still have me, I will serve you…” SHE laughed…tenderly, kindly, and uproariously. The feeling tone of HER laughter being, “Oh, dear, when you get it wrong you really get it wrong!”

You see I have made all the so-called mistakes I see you making. I have wasted the years I see you wasting. And I have learned that there are no mistakes and nothing is ever wasted, as we learn the way we learn and that is that, and HER light always knows what to do. HER light lives in you.

And so, the first steps, the ‘baby steps’ are walking a new way’… often walking A-way, from the traditions, lineages, conditioning, programming, and anything else filtering our awareness from HER love. Those steps are a bit scripted by our egos, a bit by our essence, and much by HER grace. They are necessary training wheels for our forward momentum to succeed. Once completed, when the training wheels come off, it is up to each of us to choose embodiment, continued empowerment, or to stop along the way.

I can report that the edge is a lovely place to run! Lower population density. More nature. More starlight. More love. A Starstreamer’s paradise, truth be told. The tortures of the past can fall behind, as we leave behind (and yes, this we must do) all that is not our freedom as empowered Divine Love.

Whatever I thought Divine Love was, it wasn’t… each thought, each feeling, mirrored the limitations of my programming and conditioning. Are there more layers or whatevers? One assumes so, I still have a body and she was heavily conditioned like anyone’s has been. Consciousness is limitless, so there must always be more… from the perspective of our assemblage points.

And yet…the active surrender into HER grace the letting go and letting go and never giving up… has changed. Don’t stop! Perseverance furthers, as the I Ching states. When that has completed, you will know. When the rushing ceases, peace enfolds you.

She has long been here, this peace… a true friend and ally. A companion along all of the ways. When currents merge, great flows occur. Had you ever noticed? What happens when the Divine Companion moves into your heart? Revelation. Realization. Obvious, perhaps, that HER heart has always been there and been that…as the Infinite embodiment of all possible seas.


This is a Commencement…

The feeling of rest, tempered with the fear of drowning…


And This is a Commencement ~

Grounded on Fluid Light…

Even this… when HER light chooses to make its own passage in order to permeate our structures or that of any world…


Are you the Beacon, the Waves, the Rocks…

Or is there something deeper?

SHE permeates all things, in all ways, shapes, and forms. I used to wonder if there was a ‘thing’ called Divine Feminine Enlightenment. It seems so. SHE laughs, as SHE whispers…

“Yea, verily, I assure you it is so…” for All.My.Children. of any gender, form or function.

You, too, are the particle, the currents and HER waves.


You Are Here ~

Everything offered through the Divine Mother Portal, as we/SHE build(s) it, is of these currents, these seas. This is not a negation of anything that has gone before, but HER welcoming of the kernels of truth held within all things. Welcoming our Essence home.

This happened for me. It can happen for you.

Shake off the non-essentials. Let them float to whatever surface world they most desire.

All will be well. All manner of things will be well.

Living and growing, now firmly planted, in HER newly (and always) available waters,

P.S. You will love it here… and HERs is an open invitation.