When the Cookies Crumble ~ Solving for "X"

When the Cookies Crumble ~ Solving for “X”

What a year it has been thus far! It’s a good thing we like change, yes? Part of the good news is that there is no need to worry about living on and among the crumbs anymore, and giant ants are only science fiction! {so far}

The trust muscle is being strengthened for all of us whether we are flowing with and enjoying the process or not. And yet, in times of turbulence, and this is certainly such a passage, we tend to default to what we have been taught by the very world whose foundations are crumbling. Our stories are scripted to solve for “X”.

How to get from HERE { point A, where you seem to be now} to THERE {point B, where you seem to want to be}? Solve for X. “X” represents the chasm between where you believe you are now and where you want to be or what you dream of becoming. Solving for “X” is the process you go through to get from point A (where you think you are) to point B (where you want to be).

Is the multiverse that mathematical? Yes and No, Either, Neither, and All Three. Welcome to the quantum leaps of the day to day. For every “X” there are Infinite solutions. I learned about this many years ago, before the word “quantum” was being bandied about. I read a lovely little book titled “Mr. God, This is Anna”, by Fynn. The escapades of the five-year-old avatar, Anna, included her discoveries about numbers. Numbers in the mirror. Numbers upside-down, where 2 and 5 become somewhat interchangeable, from flexible points of view. Anna learned that what we have been taught to see as fixed, depends entirely on how we perceive it to be.

What if our point of view became flexible? Fluid? What if we could shift lenses of perception instantaneously, looking through the lens most optimal in the moment? The question becomes, not, “What is the right way to see this?” but, “What is the most optimal perspective?”

Why look at the solve for X equation? Because it is built into our learning and manifesting processes. To get from A to B … or Z, for that matter, we have to acquire the knowledge, bridge the gap, cross the chasm, solve the problem that “X” represents. Some spend entire lifetimes {many, in fact} solving one “X” factor after another, on and on into oblivion.

Our stories move from one point to another, with the how representing that “X” our minds continually attempt to figure out. We are taught, from infancy, to solve for X. Not a bad skill, but need it be life defining? Light defining? Does it do justice to the magic within us? Will it serve higher consciousness when applied all the time, every time? Will we continue to work this equation, forgetting that when we spend energy on figuring things out , we are getting in our own and HER way.

I’ve been asked “Well, what about learning?” Of course, when we are after acquiring a new skill, we must practice it. What we have been taught, however, is to set about acquiring crumbs. Crumbs of knowledge, crumbs of learning, crumbs of … the list is endless. We have been taught that if we amass enough crumbs, we will have what it takes to make the whole cookie… or whatever outcome we desire. Ants have been known to demolish entire forests, one bit of flora at a time. Transporting crumbs. This is hive mind. It is not how higher mind functions.

We are conditioned to believe that if we amass enough crumbs our solution will manifest from them. Do crumbled foundations create stpringboards? Do ashes make sturdy foundations? Or, are they fertilizer for what might be and what we might become?

Did crumbs create this?


What is a non-foolhardy leap of faith? We have all made the other kind. “Look before you leap,” but don’t make a meal of it? It’s like that, isn’t it? Somehow, the wisdom within us shouts “Go! Now!” and, if we are courageous, we take the leap, or move through the opening. We choose to trust that HER Light is intelligence and it knows what to do. Always. Lightness of being is what will bring us through this passage.

The puddle-duck, while often beautifully feathered and quite amusing in its own way, lives a life of solving for X. Contentedly so, for the most part, barring snares and foxes. Why disrupt a happy little life? All of life is precious.

And yet, sometimes another type of being lands in the puddle, bringing fresh news and glimpses of another way of being, another way to live. Sometimes the light gets in.

Most puddle-ducks never look up. They continue to squabble for crumbs, as is their way and the way of all the puddle-ducks that came before them.

And yet…


What if the crumbs are present only to fuel your flight?

Were you born to live beak-down, in a puddle? Or had you other dreams? Puddles do not often mirror free flight. Nor does the constancy of a life spent solving for X, when SHE can provide any solution at any moment in any where and when.

We are learning to trust with every fibre of what we are. You will enjoy this game much more than the last, once you get into the flow of it. Mind the debris and begin to trust your new wings.

The world doth crunch a bit much of late, doth it not? Much debris ensues. Crumbs be all around us, some miniscule, some massive. What if you could turn away from the crumbs and experience the wholeness of your essence and your dreams? Envision. See the new and different reality. See it done, complete, cherishing you back as you have cherished its essence, rather than any specific implementation.

You don’t need to hope, {though it can be a place to begin} you need to know and to choose.

The realities you have long inhabited are shredding.
Remember that the cracks are where the light gets in.

Is your choice to exit into new possibilities? Let HER show you “how”.

Love to you as you traverse this passage. May Grace guide your way.