What it Takes to Be Awake ~

What it Takes to be Awake ~

When I sat down to write this week’s blog SHE said to write about living awake. SHE pretty much hammers on about that these days. It isn’t about the party tricks, the phenomena, the miraculous occurrences, the healings or anything we think it will be about… Living awake is a one step at a time flow of HER frequencies.

SHE asked that I write about dabbling, playing, spiritual tourism, and other things that can be side trips. SHE mentioned, for the thousand and fiftieth time this week, how important this year is for making critical choices. Not self-criticizing choices, mind you, not judgemental choices. The opportunity this year is in discernment. Time to learn what works for you in every area of life. Better yet, time to learn what it takes to know what is going to work in pretty much any moment. Not as impossible or tedious as it might sound. This is what it takes to live awake.

So you say you want to live awake…and we know the “how” is up to Source… What next? What are the steps to take? The trickiest part of answering that question is that it depends on you.

We are all still learning. Consciousness does not stop expanding unless we put it on hold. And that typically happens when we become comfortable with a particular level of awareness or uncomfortable with losing a particular level of awareness, or afraid of an unknown level of awareness… or a bit of all three.


What are you hiding from?

What to do when something scares you? Do the thing that scares you. Confront it, in some way. My Teacher used to say “Do something every day that scares you,” or makes you nervous or feel timid or resistant in some way. Like that. The vibration of fear steals energetic bandwidth from divine love. It leeches HER light. Most who want to live awakened are not bottom-dwellers. Mutually exclusive priorities, those! And yet, we hang with the leeches when our comfort is threatened. This is what egos do. It is your programming. It is not ‘you.’

So, a bit about what SHE calls “dabbling”. Dabbling is when spiritual pursuits light someone up and they pursue those pursuits as though attending a grand buffet in honor of what sounds exciting, and is convenient, in the moment. A little of this, a little of that, a cool experience here, a thrilling experience there… Nothing wrong with this pursuit of the eternal. It can be really fun! It will. not. awaken. you. or. support. you. in. awakening. Some of these experiences, however, may begin to show you what works for you and what doesn’t. The equation? Do less of what doesn’t until you don’t do what doesn’t at all. It doesn’t take as much time as you think you still have. {yep, there’s a point there…}

Playing. Wow. This one took me by surprise as I was learning about it. We all think we know how to play, and as children, we do. Some of us lose this as a priority, some of us do not. That depends on how we set up our lifetime of experience. Are you here to play? YES. We all are. With what and/or whom? On what playing fields? This is where the games truly begin. The REAL games. HER games. They are all HER fields… You belong on some of them. Gear and teammates ready and waiting. You do not belong on others… “That which does not kill you makes you stronger” is a load of patriarchal B.S. Some fields are killing fields… for you and not for others, and vice versa. We are here to play… on the fields that harmonize with our vibrations… or, rather, the vibrations that are truly ours.

How do you tell? How does it FEEL? This is tricky territory again, because what can feel good, let’s say comfortable, to your ego can be totally toxic and deadly to your essence. The truth is that you know. You know when you are compromising, self-sabotaging or whatever… in order to play on someone else’s court or field just because that is the price you think you have to pay to have what you want, or that seems to be the only choice available. It’s usually one of the two, or a bit of both. When we do this we fail Cosmic Play 101. Back to K year. This is not a do-over, it is a start… over…from a beginning we have all experienced ad nauseum. I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling that spending the rest of any incarnation in a vomitorium would be a game I’d be interested in… ever… again.

Spiritual tourism. See dabbling…just kidding… sort of. A spiritual tourist is one who wants to go to the power spots, have the peak experiences, then go on back to daily life and forget all about “that stuff” until the next cool thing. Because what matters is the day to day life. Perhaps that is so for some. If you want to live awakened, it cannot be true for you.

While having spiritual adventures is great fun, the awakenings created are transitory unless supported by daily life. I recently saw a YouTube video wherein a woman who is a known channel and teacher talked about being a “power spot junkie.” That pretty much says it all about why I’m not interested in her work. Her channeling of Source is clear, her information usually spot on… so what feels off? I love spending time at power spots. I love finding new ones, in undisclosed locations. I love seeing into other dimensions. These experiences are part of the joy of living awakened… and yet, they are not what will get you there… except when they are woven into the flow of awake as a seamless part of being that. Get it? You will. If you want to.

Living awakened is not about having a series of conveniently-timed peak experiences. It is about being that flow, always, no matter what.

What it takes to Live Awake is a total, 100% commitment to Source… whilst living your life as that flow of Source, in the best way you can, every moment. How does one do that? Remember about the ‘how’ word? One surrendered, absorbed moment at a time. Like anything worth learning, this takes practice.

You can practice living awakened while working at your job. You can practice living awakened while sleeping. You can practice living awakened… while living awakened. You will find that this is so… once you get over yourself enough to let HER all.the.way.in. And go for it, in what lights you up! Light is intelligence. It does not see risks. It sees only opportunities. Awakened is also a shift in perspective, caused by HER shifts in perception.

The start of this year has been a gusher of HER new threads and currents! Sometimes the surfing can feel like the whole game. It is only the surface of HER seas.

Let’s keep talking about living awake. If you’re interested, the Living A New Destiny program might fit those interests. Our next tele-gathering is tomorrow! {or today for some of you} 9th February, 2019. You never know, this might be your year! It has that potential.

Love to you all,