Stillness in the Heart ~

Stillness in the Heart ~

The way to let Stillness guide you through any storm, to let it be the eye of the hurricane, is to cultivate the sacred space of the heart. The heart, and we’re not talking about the physical muscle here, though there are parallels, is the gateway to the worlds of the awakened. Cultivating the heartspace within is a bridge that opens into the Divine Mother, the pure, clear, light.

The world seems to be having a full-blown panic attack. Life is imitating hell in new and terrifying ways, in the collective and, some days, in our personal arenas. How do we navigate this, at all, and with any kind of ease and grace? As with all things, the “how” is up to HER. Source’s job, not ours. To bridge the gap between the day to day consciousness of wanting to “do” and HER grace, we need to cultivate sacred space.

Traditionally, this is done by setting aside even a small space in the home as meditation, quiet, or altar space. A place where we are still, and pray or meditate, day after day. As we do this, a supportive force begins to build there for us. At certain times of my life, I have set up my whole living space this way. This is the premise behind keeping things clean and orderly. When we take the time to have our lives in order, our minds follow, and vice versa. It is why we leave our shoes, and the world, at the door.

Lots of metaphysical teachers teach manifestation. Some of them really do know and teach the techniques for creating your very own heaven “here on earth.” Is there a “here on earth” that is separate from your version of heaven? Or is it, as someone once said, that “only thinking makes it so?”

It will appear to us that “things in the world” will get worse for some time now. These conditions are not to be fought, but transcended. I was asked, today, for help with resting or staying in Stillness, when “I’m really in it” and “all hell is breaking loose”. There are positive bandwidth choices you can make that help.

Remember that the triggered spin is not reality. Do this while staying out of the way! To quote the film Inception, “A face full of glass hurts like hell even in a dream…”

Breathe. Remember who you are, even as you are ducking or running for it or simply {always the best choice} moving out of the way. As you awaken, you will eventually stop attracting obstacles, trip wires, mine fields and face plants. Some of these patterns will dissolve and some will simply wear themselves out. Or so it has been on this world.

It is time to walk a new way. That means walking away from all internalized versions of reality that have governed your life up to now. Leave the mindsets behind. Let HER purge the emotions and feelings. Then, take a moment and look around. Things are already different. Feel for the openings and let HER move you through them into what is new and appropriate for you. You will not lose what you love. That may be the only impossible thing in any reality. Though one can pretend… play the part… if that’s interesting.

In one of my favorite rafting spots, there is a passage called the Widowmaker. A monolith of stone splits the river in half, just before a set of descending rapids. What cannot be seen from the surface is that the upstream face of the monolith is undercut at its bottom. If a raft plunges into the face of the boulder, it gets sucked into that cavity. An unsuspecting rafter can be trapped underwater between the current and the stone with little hope of timely rescue. The way around this obstacle is simple. Let the current dictate the left or right channel, by its flow density {how strong and fast the current is on that side}. Go with the flow density. Let the river carry you. Use your paddle only to fend off debris and stay in the channel. Then go for the ride!

I have seen river guides take that passage wearing only their PFDs {personal flotatino devices} and board shorts. Wth feet up, extended in front of them to fend off any smaller rocks, pushing off and back into the current only when necessary, they zip with the current right past the Widowmaker and into the next set of rapids. I did try it once, with a trusted friend. Totally and thoroughly and unconditionally awesome!

This is how SHE navigates us through our inner and outer turbulence. When we surrender into HER guidance and trust that SHE will take us through, success is inevitable. Ease and grace and only as much excitement as we choose to experience. And what a ride!

How does that apply to our lives? How can we apply this situation to family arguments or work stress? Remember that Source is your one and always PFD. Pull in your arms, and quit flailing. Put your feet up and into the current. Not to abdicate, but in case of smaller obstacles. Fending off can be fun and blesses us with a sense of accomplishment and a job well done. {You’ll get over that need, but for now…} Let the river of HER love carry you. It makes for some great splashes, most made by you!

I took a student afraid of water on such a ride. She was held through the entire journey without fear. I took a student afraid of heights to the dragon seat, atop a three-story high crystal tower in the Rocky Mountains. She climbed, sat, and looked over the edge without fear. Each student accomplished the task at hand by letting HER flow take over. So can you.

When life pelts lemons, let HER make the lemonade. Or, better yet, remember who you are and, instead of fighting for that, let it take you home. Home is not a set of circumstances. It is the resonance from which you flow.

Remember who you are. Pause. Breathe… and disappear into HER grace. Eventually you will live there. We’ll keep a light on for you.

~ Namaste ~