On Dreaming

On Dreaming ~

SHE has asked me to write about the awake state. I don’t write about anything else, truly, but there is a way of putting things directly that I have often avoided. No more, it seems.

Sometimes, when I sit to write for you, there are obvious things “up.” Things that have come up in sessions over the past week, or all.the.things. that are wonky in a world gone weird. Over the past three days, SHE has moved so quietly through me. A delicious Silence that permeates cell and sinew.

Some begin their awakening with spontaneous, or longtime-practice-induced, kundalini surges. Some move into it like a tea bag, seeping within HER grace, over and over, until, finally, something dissolves for good and ever.

Some fight their way toward awakening, {hand raised here}, until it becomes all too obvious that what has been the method, any method, is now part of the issue and not the solution. When you get there, for real, give me a shout. We’ll have a chat. A real one. Or perhaps we’ll have that now.

This quiet movement through me is something I have become. Not for the first or second or third or… perhaps, bazillionth time at this point. This latest Stillness has precipitated what SHE is calling a final obliteration. I tend not to use the “final” word, because there is always more in the awakening game… always more evolution and expansion in consciousness. Always further dissolution into the Infinite. And yet, SHE did say “final.” And then, came the information. It is always thus. We are not meant to know ahead of the game. The living of awake takes faith. More on that in a minute.

A friend asked, as I was describing how tethering energies function, if I “do things like that.” I had just described one of my mentors moving old energies from his students’ fields. Well, yes, of course. SHE moves what can be moved, always. It is not always conscious on my part in the moment, what SHE does through my field. I do feel it. You do, too, if you’re honest.

Did you ever hear the story about Jesus walking through a crowd? A woman touched his hem, her faith so strong that she knew if she only did so, his essence would flow into her. Sananda stopped, asking who had touched him. His followers were gobsmacked, as they had been pushing through a dense crowd. He answered that he knew, because “…virtue has gone out of me.” He felt HER essence move through him and into another. HER flow is unmistakable.

I do feel that, the moving of HER waves and currents through me. It is not my business, really, what they do. That is between Source and you.

And still, so often, they do not believe.

“You can pull rabbits out of a hat forever you know, and you still can’t make them care…” ~ Richard Bach, Illusions {loosely quoted}

I was twenty-two when I first read that line. I wept, sitting in the waiting room of a military clinic, dreading the inoculations that would “qualify me” to travel… and, of course, poisoned my system until I found the right healer, many years later.

My heart ached for the avatar whose mastery went unnoticed for what it truly was. One of my lessons, this time, goodness knows. We are each here on our own journey. No two the same. And yet…

There are many things said about illusions. That life is one, is true. That our identities are illusory, is another. Mark Twain wrote that it was a bad idea to give up illusion because one then had to give up living. While there is a thread of truth in that last, and awakening does dissolve the ego’s dream…one does not stop living. This is where faith and dreaming come in.

What do you do with the awake state? You dream a new dream within which to live and breathe and have your being. Nothing could be more beautiful. Nothing is more precious. What it takes is the certainty of faith in HER and the ability to wield it.


“Faith is utter positivity” ~ Dr. Baskaran Pillai

I don’t need you to believe in “me.” There is no “me” to believe in, any longer. I’d like to help you believe in you…in the unconditional field of love that you truly are… in what is real and possible and available right in front of you, if only you would choose to peer through the illusion and begin to dream.

This is the year when dreaming becomes the most important tool in your arsenal. It is time to wield the dream. It begins with a feeling… the uplift of HER swells… and the choice to become them.

Are you ready to both ride and to be? “Flow along with me…” says SHE.