Spiritual Safety ~ Gaia's Secret Sauce?

Spiritual Safety ~ Gaia's Secret Sauce?

How often have you wondered if there was a place for you to fit in? A place for you in this world? Will anywhere allow you to live the simple, beautiful, elegant life you choose to create? They tell us that takes money, along with all the other lies…And what is that all about, at the center of the YOUniverse?

Did you ever realize that it might be about fear? Sure, you did. Egoic dissolution is scary. Terrifying to the personality. On a world whose primary directives seem to be conflict, domination, and control, why would a sensitive being ever feel at home or safe? Ever felt like that? Sure, you have.

Some of us set up our childhoods so we never felt safe. I know I never did… only I never knew that at the time. What did nurtured, nourished, acknowledged, accepted, supported, cherished and SAFE, feel like?

Some of you did know. Some of you were physically threatened or abused. Some of your egos were encouraged to run amuck. Some of us were emotionally and/or psychically tortured, without anyone ever knowing or understanding how it was for us. And that is not a victim statement. It is acknowledgement of torture and agony at the energetic level… for which we signed up, ready or not. And, the martyrdom cycle is OVER.

This is a world of wars, after all. The bipeds compete for power. Has it ever made sense to you? How can you feel safe on such a holodeck?

A heart of gold is a soft heart, full of empathy and compassion. On this world It hones the arts of courage. Courage is a dance with Source; a dance of the heart. It is the art of simultaneously being the opening and protecting its boundaries. This is Oneness, on a war world. A dance of flow, shielding, and protection as we learn to let HER lead.

The banner image, of Heart Island comes from Australia. Notice the rocky coastal borders and protective reef. Definitely an inhabitant of this planet! Here, boundaries are important, as are shields, collaboration, AND TRUST.

Without its protective reef, made up of millions of tiny beings, the island would disappear. Without its muscular walls, the heart muscle could not pump blood through our bodies. Think of a giraffe’s heart, pumping blood all the way up that towering neck. Or a whale, whose heart has not only to pump blood throughout a massive body, but keep that body heated in frigid temperatures, under tremendous pressure.

On a war world, we develop our barriers early. “Survival of the fittest,” {or most armored} and all that. We learn that the safety of our bodies depends on the adrenal response. Fight or flight… or freeze. In a simple world, yes. When our emotional bodies amplify our real feelings, yes. When we can trust, certainly. Does this have to be the hard-learned lesson that the “school of knocks” teaches?

Around us, we build structures like that of the coral reef. Our stony, thorny barriers allege to keep danger at bay while they scratch, scrape and scar us through the act of their existence. I’m not referring to the stories, the self-created dramas, though they certainly play their parts. I’m referring to the energetic defenses we build to protect our bodies, emotions, and minds. How have your spiked shields turned inward? Does this pain keep you safe?

Our emotional bodies can assume this is true. Some of us become so familiar with, so acclimated to, pain, that letting it go seems… pointless, meaningless, impossible, and very very stupid. If we let the pain go, we let down our defenses. What would Heart Island do without its reef?

What if pain is not protection? In a world whose byword has been “no pain, no gain?”

Are you ready to let the old paradigm go? Are you ready to allow HER to annihilate your fortresses of pain and fear? Are you willing to release the shields of pain you have pressed to your heart?

First, the appetite for drama must be replaced by TRUST. Next, the addiction to pain, in whatever magnitude or form, especially “normal,” must be surrendered. Structural pain becomes Peace. Vibrational pain becomes Grace. What if feeling threatened in some way, feeling unsafe, has been twisted into “safety and security” by your programming? Like any tangle, this can take a bit of undoing…patience and persistence are the keys. Perhaps not the usual “Sword meets Knot” adventure we so admire. What if that reinforces the pain? What if that feels unkind to energies that never dreamed of entanglement in the first place?

In a world where “everyone loves the underdog,” must we become that to fit in?

There is a secret the heart knows. Ask Kali. Ask Kuan Yin. Ask LOVE. What is the safest way? The safest road? The swiftest current?

“Little beat Big, when Little smart.
First with the head, then with the heart…” ~ The Power of One

What if the smartest thing is to let HER currents of LOVE wash away the fear with which we create our armoring? This takes courage, a skill we have honed on this world. Time to step into Mastery?

Ask the trees if they need courage to grow. Do the flowers need encouragement to bloom? Are water, light, and alignment, weapons? Shields? SHE will show you what configuration works, if you so choose.

When the pyramids of power, external and internal, collapse, and our hearts are open, we begin to let our bodies release the false protection of fear.

Amor Vincit Omnia

…even this…

Love to you all,