On Guidance ~

On Guidance ~

Most people think guidance is only about the big stuff, or, perhaps that is when we ask the loudest.

We badger Source over the big life decisions, and, typically, forget to surrender the every day ins and outs of life.

A couple of days ago I needed to pop to the market. I had had a strong intuition to go out and start the little car the day before, as temperatures were about to drop well below freezing. I got busy with my day and forgot.

Next morning I ventured out to scrape snow and ice from the car. Funny, how one forgets and remembers the way of everyday things. When I smiled at the falling snow, the property caretaker commented, {loosely translated} “This doesn’t happen in the Caribbean does it?” I shook my head in answer, adding that it was pretty, the snow. He shrugged in classic Gallic fashion. I found it lovely, even when it was being pushed from windscreen and windows. The soft whoosh of its cascade to the ground made me smile.

I hopped into the car, squeezing my parka between steering wheel and seat, only to find that my little chariot had no intention of accompanying me. The engine turned over… barely… and coughed in that “Oh, please, it’s too cold” kind of way. I laughed and said “Okay, not today.”

I enlisted the caretaker’s help in charging the engine all night. An unscheduled “home day”. Brilliant!

Next day was the outing. Hmm. If I go one way, to the closest market, they carry everything I need but I will need to go into the other town, the other direction, for a few things at some point anyway. Does the battery need the slightly longer trip to hold its charge? What would be best?

Then, I realized I was thinking. Not the optimal way to make any decision. I relaxed, put my boots on, and asked, inwardly. “Which way today?”

As though SHE had her hands on my shoulders, my body turned to the right. I was given a vision of that market… and potentially the ones in town that I would need to venture into sooner or later. Okay, then. Off we go! I love this little town anyway. Visiting its environs is never a hardship. More like a wander into quaint and charming.

The little car ran smoothly, its winter tires chewing up the ice and snow. As we approached the “out of town” market, SHE said “Keep going”. My mind would have told me that it was a Friday at lunchtime and town would surely be crowded. The queues would be long. I listened. I kept driving. The roads were mostly free of snow and of traffic, as it turned out. The first store, the big one, is always full. I have never seen it otherwise. On this day the parking lot was manageable. The queues slightly less than average, and a woman ahead of me saw my small basket and motioned for me to go ahead of her, with her mountain of infant supplies and food for the family. Less than fifteen minutes at the cashier. That had to be a record!

Then, I moved to the next store. Always less crowded, its parking lot was virtually empty. I was one of three people in the store. As I quietly gathered up the produce and special items found only here, I smiled a little. “Perfect!” Then, rounding the corner of the last aisle, I spotted something I had been looking for, for a couple of weeks. Right there, and the perfect thing. Eco-friendly even. I had actually stopped looking and forgotten all about it. “Thank you!” I whispered, grinning.

As I drove out of town, I noticed the first market. Lunchtime was almost over and the parking lot was full. But I didn’t need anything there. Everything I needed was tucked into the boot and I had even managed to drop off the recycling.

“Thank you that I am always taken care of.”

Miracles are not always trumpet-fanfare kinds of things. Most are born of trusting in the littlest nudges, the intuitive unfolding of the ever-present guidance available to us all.


What if this were REAL for you?

At this juncture on the planet, we are all learning our trust lessons. Trust in a way we have never before been pushed to trust. Leaning on our guidance in the ways SHE asks. Questioning only delays the miraculous. What if Source really does have our backs?

“Which way, today"?”

And if it ends up being a “home day”, so much the cozier for leaning in and listening.

Love to you all!