Learning by Immersion ~

Learning by Immersion ~

Do you remember preparing for this lifetime? Deciding what multi-life skills would serve you? What parts of Essence would be infused into the new body? What parameters and filters would be needed in order to have the experience you had planned?

Think of it this way. Say you want to learn to swim. You will need a bathing costume, at the very least. And, of course, immersion in water, the element through which you will learn what you want to learn. The first skill you will need to learn is how to stay afloat. Then, to move, propelling yourself through the water.

Sometimes, it is easier to first learn to navigate still waters, like those in a swimming pool. Water in a confined space, with a shallow end and boundaries you can grab onto if you are afraid. Then, you might learn how to navigate the waves and currents of the sea. You would probably begin where the water is relatively shallow, where you can keep your feet under you as you learn about the waves and currents. As you gain skill, you might decide to swim longer distances, perhaps requiring a different swim suit or more specialized gear, appropriate to your goals and intentions.

A lifetime is like that. We need the appropriate stagesets, roles, costumes, and props. These, we choose and set up before being born. How the part is played is up to us as we navigate through life. Immersed in physical reality, we learn by experiencing, through interacting with our environment.

We are taught to learn by acquiring knowledge, then applying that knowledge in a given situation. We begin to believe that is the only way. But consider learning to swim. You can study everything about it, but if you have not practiced being immersed in water you could know everything there is to know and still drown. There are many ways to learn. Immersion is the most efficient.

Do you desire a deep connection with the flow of wisdom? The deepest currents of life are not those we can dip in and out of. We need to practice immersion. The fastest way is a trust fall into the arms of the Divine. Another is to find the inner currents you brought in with you and allow Infinite stillness to flow through them. These currents will teach you, as they move you through your life.

When this life is over, and you review what you have learned, you will remember. It is possible to remember now, if you so choose.



brings the greatest wisdom

The greatest learning comes when we become the stillness that lies at the heart of every movement, every creative impulse, every form of life. Immersion in nature, especially in an environment that has been held in reverence as sacred, or designed to protect and sustain its natural habitats, allows us to be taught by the nature of life.

A retreat can be helpful in this kind of learning. Direct transmission is one of the most ancient forms of acquiring wisdom. Direct transmission from nature, direct transmission from Source. We open our hearts and minds to the Divine and allow HER to grant us wisdom.

As the new cycle of elevation begins, spending time in nature can assist us. When the overwhelm of new information surrounds you, invite yourself into the Stillness that waits for you, always. Let it be the basis for your every move, your practice of living your light, no matter how you choose to do so.

If you are ready to exit the “event driven” school of learning, immersion is a key. Learning through consciousness is more efficient. Its essence is love and grace. The oxygen of new reality.

Are you ready? Immersion will help you BE your way.

Our next deep immersion retreat will be to the island of Tasmania, off the coast of Australia. If this calls to you, I hope you will consider coming along.

Blessings for the times ahead,