Expanding Inward ~

Expanding Inward ~

Supernovae can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime. They're also the primary source of heavy elements in the universe. Their example is that the brightest light creates the heaviest particles of density. Duality-r-us.

What if a supernova turned inward? What then? What if the implosion threw off the heavy elements and the ensuing fusion of bonded light elements created something ~ new ~? What if that is what is happening to us right now?

There is a new moon approaching on the 9th September, {14:01 EDT}, Sunday for some of us, early Monday for others. New Moons can be a celebration of placing intentions and visions (dreams) into the chalice that is our light and letting what needs to be left behind go into the cauldron for dissolution and renewal.

New Moon Exercise

The practice is simple. When you send out your intentions, do so either at the dark moon (the night before the crescent reappears) by placing your written 'chalice' list under your pillow and literally sleeping on it, or, at the time of alignment by sending an email to yourself.

If you are using the pillow method, be sure to write neatly enough that you can re-read your message at the full moon time. Address it to your preferred way of addressing the Divine. Feel free to include your guides as well! Fold it so that the writing cannot be seen. After sleeping on the message, keep it folded as you remove it from under your pillow and put it where you will be sure to read it at the full moon. Set a reminder on a digital device so that you do just that... or write it in your calendar if you still use one!

If you are using the email method, type in your intentions for the chalice, addressing the message to your preferred way of addressing Divinity. {Source, the Infinite, the Great Mother, etc.}. Feel free to include your guides for help as well. At the time of alignment, or just after if you cannot manage exact, send the email to yourself with the intent that this is going to go directly to Source, be cupped in HER Infinite catcher's mitt and returned to you so that you don't forget the conversation.

At the end of the message, whether written and folded or prepared as an email, write or type these words (along with any others you might choose):

Thank you that this is so.
Thank you that I am always taken care of.
Thank you that my heart's desires are known and cherished.

If you used the pillow method, hold the message to your heart in the morning, thanking Source that this is manifesting. Then, tuck it away, as mentioned. Wait for your full moon reminder, then open, read and be grateful for what is showing up.

If you sent an email, when it comes pinging back in, scan it only. Fill that scan with gratitude for what will manifest and immediately file the received email on your device with a reminder to read it at the next full moon. At the full moon, open, read and be grateful for what is showing up.


During this transit, we are expanding inward. When this happens, we tend to want to pull away from our lives, from those around us, and into a bit of solitude. Some of us like more of it than others. So much is churning and bubbling and threshing and sorting inwardly that any kind of outer focus feels like too much. 

Inner expansion requires inner boundaries as well as outer ones. For sensitives, internal boundaries are always important. What do they feel like? {The look will vary as we all design differently.} A being with good internal boundaries:

  • Views feedback as data, not a personal attack.
  • Believes in their ability to grow from setbacks.
  • Doesn’t overreact to minor annoyances or ruminate on mistakes.
  • Allows themselves to experience a full range of emotions, both comfortable and uncomfortable.
  • Doesn’t get “hooked’ by negativity.
  • Maintains personal standards for excellence without caving to pressure from outside parties.
  • Avoids jumping to helping prematurely or “fixing” other people, but instead encourages them to better themselves.
  • Kindly says goodbye to toxic people and situations.

Internal boundaries are highly personal by nature, but examples may include keeping promises you make to yourself, being consistent with your goals, or practicing detachment from worries and fears while letting uncomfortable feelings move on through.

A boundary defines a limit. Limits are part of the design of reality. It is only when limits become limitations that problems follow.

Strong feelings of guilt, shame, or resentment tend to mean that an issue has gone on for too long without being addressed. This month, issues are not only being addressed but signed, sealed and delivered.

As the light expands us, both inward, as in this transit, and outward, as in all the time lately, we can get a bit stretched and frazzled.  Use the new moon to lessen the load.

Sometimes I jump into the cauldron and let all light particles that want to rise do so. Sometimes I rise with the light, letting all sandbags be cut loose at once. Other times a gentler transit is warranted. Whatever form your transit is taking, be kind, firm, and gentle with your vision and your dreams. Take small steps. Take no prisoners! Learn to walk all over again.

Gain your balance by trusting that Source knows what SHE is doing. And, hey, it's a pretty amazing ride! {Through the rolls of barbed wire face-first never really was a viable option for staying pretty.} Feel deeply. Find your still centre. You'll see your way to fly.  Or maybe that you've already arrived... First portal hop. Everyone must exit. No return tickets available.

~Love among the ruins (of our old lives)!!!


Better yet, invite them into Source's Peace... that way you don't have to own the doorway. ;)