Living A Directed vs. A Dictated Life ~

Living A Directed vs. A Dictated Life ~

Expanding on last week’s topic of Exploring Identity, let’s look at the differences between a dictated life and a directed one.

A dictated life is the result of conscious or unconscious compliance with our conditioning and the ego’s demands.

A directed life, one that is directed by Essence, true consciousness, authenticity, or, in the case of those who want to be awake, Source, is different. Authentic immersion in the Infinite directs a life. Source will never, and I use that word consciously, never dictate.

Our worst fears in surrendering into truth are always of being manipulated like a puppet. “No one tells me what to do!” Well, your egoic template just did… “I’ll be possessed and out of control!” Yep. The ego certainly will be out of the control seat. That’s the good news. Possessed? Not likely. The funniest thing about these fears is that the ego, the personality, society, and our conditioning, are what possess and control us! Source never will.

The term Source means lots of different things to lots of different people. What SHE truly is, is the Creatrix of us all. SHE softens our falls, unless we have asked HER not to. SHE soothes, comforts, and heals us as we hone our chosen craft. SHE is also the literal mother of tough love! When we need it, SHE deals it out!

My Mum used to sigh and say “I think God and I need to go out behind a blade of grass and have a chat.” She always came back sheepishly smiling… sometimes through tears.

We have been taught that Source will punish us if we do ‘bad’. It is our self-condemnation that does that dirty. Source flows through us constantly, and, if we were listening, we would hear HER say something like “Really? You want to walk that toxic path? You want to do harm to yourself or have hurt slingshot back to you through harming others? This is your choice? Go, my child, and learn… I wish it was not going to be the hard way. I will smooth things as much as you will let me.” SHE is there, through it all, not to save us from ourselves, but to allow us to learn to be what we are.

A dictated life looks pretty much like anyone and everyone’s. Follow the rules, or rebel against them, or a bit of both. Leave the archetypal, filtered, conditioned and/or imprinted parts of what we call identity, unexamined. Why? There are two reasons that anyone does this.

1) The individual knows, at all levels, that this role, this identity is the game they came into this lifetime to play and s/he wants the starring role. That is what matters so that is what manifests. This is the answer to the question “Why does {insert infamous person here} have fame, money, etc. and I, who am honest and kind and have integrity do not?” Everyone signs up for the role(s) they receive. How the role is played? That depends on the performance. Even the most consummate actor has bad days, performances s/he would rather forget, right? Practice hones the art.

2) The way out takes work and most falter somewhere along the way. There are infinite plateaus as there are infinite awakenings. What most often occurs is that we find a plaateau that is comfortable enough, that has enough of what we want, or seems to have most of it if not all, and we rest. We believe we are resting, enjoying, and we will get to that freedom we long for ‘some day’.


Some day does not exist. In an infinite present, there is only Presence.

A directed life is one lived in step-by-step surrender to the Source that flows through us. SHE is in the driver’s seat of our lives, because we have chosen this. I can report that it is the best and most wonderful and, for me, only, game worth playing. But that’s me.

Most people are so busy being people that they have no clue there is something more. That’s okay. May they continue to play great roles!

Another choice is to dissolve dictated into directed.

Love is the first step in the Divine direction. Surrender is the ‘last’, or final series of step-hops into Truth. All great avatars have said the same.

A Source-directed life is a life of wonder, of innocence and wisdom all woven into a tapestry of beauty and the experience of Divine Love moving through each day. This way of life is our birthright, each and every one.

Moving from ego-dictated to Source-directed is the process of awakening. Awakenings have many flavors. There are many updrafts, many plateaus, many experiences along the way.

The secret? Appreciate the party tricks but move along. Make no assumptions about the consciousness popcorn bursting into fullness through and around you. There is no there to achieve or to reach, no destination at which to arrive. Consciousness expands infinitely into infinity.

There is a thing called AWAKE. It has nothing to do with knowing how the Universe functions. That is an infinitely useful skill and part of the path, but it is not AWAKE.

AWAKE occurs as the result of a Source-directed life, not as part of an ego-and-circumstance-dictated one.

Few are truly interested. That is okay. Whether dictated or directed, life is a miracle.


I could not live a dictated life. Yet it took years to allow Source to fully, completely, and unconditionally direct my course. For me, it has been the only role worth playing! And, yes, there have been some superlatively bad performances thereof! This is how we learn.

May we learn to choose consciously and from presence in every moment.