Exploring Identity ~

Exploring Identity ~

Skills, talents, abilities, wisdom gained… These are the things we fear to lose when we dissolve Identity. This fear keeps us stuck in ego.

I was discussing this with two of my private mentoring students last weekend as we dissolved a perceptual filter from one and an archetypal alignment from another.

Filters limit our perceptions. A filter is not inherently good nor bad. It functions exactly like a prescription lens on a pair of eyeglasses, allowing us to (allegedly) see our reality more clearly. That is, clearly according to a very specific and ‘corrected’ point of view.

Identity is an archetypal blueprint that sets limits within which we live our lives. It is composed of a collection of stage sets, costumes, roles and responsibilities played out through archetypes and limited by filters of perception.

Here is how these patterns function:

Filters ~
A filter sets general or specific parameters for what we allow ourselves to perceive. It colors our perceptions accordingly. For example, the filter we dissolved was set into the person’s third eye, making sure that she could only see herself and certain things in her family situation and life from a specific point of view.

In this case, that of the wrongdoer. Regardless of the situation, this filter placed her in the ‘wrong’ seat. The filter was so transparent and perfectly aligned that she literally could not see it. And, though she knew this way of seeing herself was incorrect, and felt very differently with her awareness, she could not shake it. What the filter was designed to protect her from was her own radiance. The reasons why don’t matter. They land in any lifetime like the results of a game of telephone. By the time the ‘story’ translates into this life it is pretty messed up.

Are all filters like this? Most of them, yes. Filters are all originally created to differentiate our chosen experience of reality. We choose what filters to bring into our lives so that we will have the experiences we have designed the lifetime to have.

Issues come when we have learned the lessons.

Game over. No need for the filters any longer. Then what? They need to be dissolved so that we may clearly perceive and make new choices.

One of the fears our egos use to keep filters in place and in play is that we will lose the skills, talents and abilities, even the hard-earned wisdom, that we have gained through experience. Source doesn’t work that way. Our skills, talents and abilities belong to us, and, when not dictated to by limitations, can rest in our repertoire for use at any time.

The tools we have learned over our lifetimes rest in the closet of our awareness like the freshly readied garments on a dry cleaners’ rack. Available at the press of a button, for the right occasion. Knowing this can help our minds to relax and let go of the limitations our filters have put in place.

Archetypes ~
For the purposes of exploring Identity, an archetype can be defined as a templated or blueprinted set of circumstances. Think of it as a role in a theatrical production. The character has a personality, mannerisms, costumes, props, even stage sets, specific to his/her nature. The most famous archetypes in spirituality are those of the Gods/Goddesses or, when doing dissolution work, the Jungian archetypes of Tyrant/Rebel/Victim/Saviour… or the Toltec version of Victim/Judge, which is certainly playing out in the human collective just now!

An archetype doesn’t have to be one of the ‘biggies’ though, to affect Identity. The archetype that dissolved for one of my mentees, (is that really a word?) was the archetype of her named character.

The strongest archetype any of us carry is the role of ‘this person’ played by us, from infancy through to adulthood. The archetype of ‘me’ {insert your name here}.

When we are about to break through our first awakenings into enlightenment, we have typically already done much of the work of recognizing and clearing the chameleon bits of other archetypes that make up “who we wish we were” and have done much of the deep clearing work of “who is really lurking in there”. All exposed to the light, acknowledged, appreciated, and allowed to move on.

At this stage, the archetypal form of ‘me’ shows up, usually on steroids and fueled by spiritualised ego on every easily obtainable stimulant available. In other words, the ‘me’ archetype fights for its life. It has been programmed to believe that it is part and parcel of the ego and all egos are survival programs.

How does this dissolve? As with any craft, with practice, patience, and determination.

Why would anyone want to dissolve ‘who they are’? Because what the archetypal forms of the ego tell us we are are lies. These personas are convenient and sometimes fun roles to play. If not fun, then why play the part? Something to consider.

What dissolves, in doing the deep work, is the attachment to being a certain way, in particular. The role can still be played, and with much more finesse and talent, when we know what we are doing. Source enters into the role, and SHE is the literal Mother of all Divas.

What is called ‘the zone’, is when Awareness Herself plays the part through us, as us. The performance to top all performances.


Who looks through these eyes?

Identities ~
An Identity establishes itself when we pull in the archetypes and chameleon bits of various roles to fashion the ‘me’ archetype.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with having a ‘me’ archetype! Most humans, or morphing bipeds, need to have this role in place as a user interface for functioning in the world.

So, why dissolve the identity? This is where we begin to talk about what is known as egoic dissolution or enlightenment. Not attractive at all for those who want to live their current lifetime from a particular position, with particular goals and dreams! And that is absolutely okay. These beings, in their Source Essence, know what they signed up for. We are all part of the ONE Awareness and all playing our designated parts.

What if the roles have become less interesting? What if there is another way to function?

Without a fixed position, we are fluid, morphing, beings of light and magic. In other words, we are Divine. Are the fixed roles Divine as well? Sure. Though their filters do not often let them see themselves as such.

When our filters have been cleared so that they are transparent, we have new abilities. We become more. We configure as our Divinity directs, not as our fixed egoic positions dictate.

An Identity is not good or bad. It is a user interface for the world. What if Identity became fluid? All Masters go through this process. It is an ever-expanding initiation into the light.

I am grateful to my students who requested that I scribe this information. I hope it benefits you, the reader, who is held in Her heart and in mine.