The Heart Healers

The Heart Healers ~

Once Upon a Time, in a dimension not so far from this one, there existed the Dreamtime of Wholeness. This fully present Wholeness infiltrated and permeated everything it touched. In fact, that's what gave 'the nothing' the idea. It watched and it learned.

The nothing found its way into the minds and hearts of those in adjacent dimensions, simply by pretending it did not exist. Its stealthy tendrils crept into the fields of those not used to a comfortable invasion; those whose discernment had not yet been tested. It fed and fed upon thoughts of separation, competition, and scarcity. Its foggy false comfort masked the fractures created in its wake. Fractures created fractals until the illusion was complete. Distortion and dissonance had taken the place of, had misrepresented themselves as Clarity. The Nothing had become 'real'.

And yet...there were those whose hearts had not yet been fully numbed to Truth and those whose numbness they had chosen to leave behind. The awakening ones stood up in the fog, stood fast in the face of the Nothing, and told it what to go do with itself, recognizing it at long last.

A Truth began to emerge through the mists and vapors of separation. Presence began to be known for what she was.

More and more fractal spirits chose the deep breath and the plunge. Back into Clarity, forward into the Dreamtime, whose Wholeness they could sense and chose to trust, though its presence could not be seen nor smelled nor touched with their fogged and misted senses. And as the Dreamtime held these intrepid ones, these trusting children of its forever-creating emergence, their bodies began to entrain to its embrace.

"How do I? What do I? Show me!" they sang through and around and into the Nothing. And the Nothing had no answers to give them, so they began to understand. The promise of ease, the promise of information, the premise of something to be gained... was Nothing. These did not exist, exactly as the Nothing had planned. They had come to think of it as Presence when none was present.

Yet all the while there were beings, great giants of gentleness that held Sovereignty of Place for Presence. Different bodies for different worlds, different environments. Still, they incarnated, grew, played, foraged, moved in family pods and rested. Still, the great protectors spent time on their own, Absorbed in the Wholeness, they were never alone.


There are beings, around whom one remembers. Seeded within the multiverse, their conscious wholeness speaks for itself. These, the earth walkers, and their cousin Cetaceans, the water dwellers, sound the Presence simply by existing. These and others... there are others. Embodied Presence exists upon all worlds.

As more fractal spirits found their way into remembering,  new stories emerged. Long forgotten, or barely recalled like half-remembered dreams, these bits of Presence found their places within Sovereignty. Snuggling into the comfort of Her arms, they risked everything to open new eyes.

"What supports this awakening?" asked the new arrival, blinking her wet wings dry. The Presence held her, its Silence speaking the volumes no words could tell.

"My heart is healing in places it didn't know existed, "she breathed into the stillness. "I don't know what to do with all this Wonder."

"Let it move as it will," was the whisper on the wind. "Respect the heart healers' walk upon this world."

Once Upon a Wholeness, there was Real Love. The stuff that dreams are made of. The One we all wait for, in the deepest, most secret places of our hearts. This One is Oneness, herself. Up close and Sovereign, she carries home within Her. She embodies Sovereignty of Place, from within the One. And from that One, She has never known the fog of separation. And yet, She knows... She sees, feels and knows. And She, the Great Presence, awaits you and yours.

Let not your heart be troubled. Every step you take lands on Sacred Ground. Every breath opens more into Sacred Space. For you are the embodiment of Grace.


I can't begin to describe the magic, relief, and release of being Among Elephants in the wild. And yet, their transmission of the Dreamtime remains with me. Perhaps it will find and remind you as well. Let not your heart be troubled. For as they walk, so can we all.

A rough and tumble eclipse window it continues to be. Surf well and mightily!