Navigating By Feelings

Navigating By  Feelings ~

How does it feel? We don't know what the 'future' is going to look like. It isn't going to happen that way. The unknown is something that our minds literally cannot cope with. Unless we have worked with some kind of mindfulness or warrior training we don't have the tools to deal with the reality of a constant state of uncertainty. Funny, that, because all of life is uncertain.

We have been told, over and over, to use our hearts, rather than our heads. When the mind has no idea how to implement this, it will disregard, dismiss, and ignore the instruction. This is the root cause of why people think they can't feel. You'll never hear a heart make that assessment.

Our control aspects teach us not to trust our feelings. They tell us that our hearts always get us into trouble. This is bad information, pure and simple. And yet, our minds latch onto these instructions and damp down, cauterize, and/or conceal what our feelings are telling us.

Remember Obi-Wan Kenobi?  "Trust your feelings, Luke!" Luke's initial response was much like any beginner's. "Huh?" We're not beginners anymore. Really and truly.

We no longer need to pretend we can't see. We no longer need the blast shields that pretend to keep us safe. We no longer need the trappings of immaturity to justify adolescent behaviour. We are children no longer. 

Our hearts can rest in HER arms, content in the security of HER Infinite Embrace. Our lives need mature leverage. The right leverage applied to the right place, at the right time. This is an adult skill, not an adolescent ability.

What is that leverage? INTENT. How is INTENT fostered? Through feeling. The stronger the feelings, followed by a swift letting go, the stronger and faster the manifestation. In other words, the clearer and stronger the feeling state, the better the results.

As we surf new tsunamis of creative adaptability, we need to apply spiritually mature skills.


How does the sunrise make you feel?

Apply those feelings to something you want to manifest.
Bathe the picture of 'fait accompli' in these feelings.
{Wouldn't it be wonderful if...}
Now, let the creation fly!!

When we look at everything through the lens of what is wrong or could go wrong, or what it might cost us, we fuel the momentum of creation through fear. This is adolescently applied energy. Adolescent energy whines about what it cannot control (which it perceives as everything).  Mature INTENT holds the reality of what might be possible with trust, clarity and the discipline of practice.

When we perceive through awe and wonder, we fuel the creation of what the Infinite knows is possible. Feel the wonder. Let yourself feel what might be possible. Choose that! And let Source deliver.