A House Upon the Sand ~

A House Upon the Sand ~

Funny, I first typed 'sane' instead of sand. The wisdom of the slightly-quoted parable is that it is a foolish person who builds a house on the sand. An insane thing to do, really. Sand is all shifty and moveable and constantly morphing in place. If you've watched the daily morphings of a nearby beach you know whereof I speak.

So how do we build a life upon the sands of ... anything? The sea? Time? What constitutes a firm foundation?

I've had foundations flowing through my field of late. Foundations fractured. Foundations crumbling. The concept of foundations floating through interdimensional spacetime. The resounding words of Lady Galadriel as she renounces the ring and the power to be "...stronger than the foundations of the earth..." in favor of remaining steadfast in the light. A strong foundation is something we can build upon.

Why foundations? Does the tortoise not carry its home upon its back?


When home feels too heavy...

We need to shift our fields to flow with new seas.

It has been long said that 'home is where the heart is'. We know this to be true. So how might the heart build a home?


The heart begins with wings.

We are being asked to soar. Our hearts yearn to take wing. As ancestral energies build new bedrock in support of our higher frequencies, we are being ground into groundedness, one sand-built foundation after another.

Remember, "...it's only castles burning..." and sand castles at that.

What if we built knowingly, on a field-to-field foundation of interconnecting crystalline particles? What if we knew that light would permeate and outlast every structure ever conceived, constructed, or condemned? What if we built upon the beating thunder of the stretching of our hearts' wings?

What a foundation that would be!

If we do not look to our field foundations, we may end up as crunchy fodder for life's next waves...over and over again, like sea glass, polished into smooth obscurity among the sands of time. There are worse fates than that. And some may yet come to pass...

For others... but not for those whose foundations are firm in the heart. SHE gives us this assurance. And, oh, we can so use a bit of that just now! Else we build the ego's house upon HER sand... and watch the tsunamis of Grace as, once again, our foolishness finds us with every cresting wave.

What are field-based foundations?  How do we carry home with us if not upon our backs? 

INTENT, Listening, Trust, Inspiration, and Follow-Through are the 'force, balance, leverage, and momentum' of the Arts of the Heart.

Our new foundations will be built of these flows. They will both ground and be carried on HER wings and by HER love.

"Let not your heart be troubled..." Let it find its wings!!!

Let's look to our foundations in a w hole new way.