Let's Talk Toxic Thinking ~

Let's Talk Toxic Thinking ~

What is a toxic thought, or thought pattern, or habit of behaviour? Anything that damps down your innate luminosity. Why is this important? It is important to distinguish what is toxic energy and what is not... not by how much we can tolerate (martyrdom) but by what feels good to us and therefore flushes out what doesn't.

Does it feel good to feel angry? No. It feels more powerful than feeling the fear underneath it and so we equate that 'better than' with 'good enough' and therefore 'good enough to get by' becomes what feels good to us and we habituate that toxic thinking into our every action and decision-making process. It's a bad equation. 

I was asked, in a 1-1 session today, how we can stop toxic patterns of thought and what to replace them with. Here is one method:

1) Notice the toxicity.  This is the trickiest step. One way to do this is to notice that you feel not-so-great, or 'off' or something doesn't feel good. Now, ask yourself what you were just thinking about.  Track the feeling to the thought that created or triggered it.

Any good healer knows this. They might ask, "When 'x' happened, meaning the symptom or injury, what were you thinking?" This gives us a clue as to what our bodies and lives are really reacting to and why. 

The 'reason' our minds come up with is almost never the root cause of our symptoms.

2) Now that you've found the thought that created the feeling of unease or disease or hurt, call it what it is. "Toxic". This tells your field that the vibration of this thought or concept is unhealthy. 

3) Replace the feeling-state first. Go into the Source of the light that you know yourself to be and flood your feelings with that state of Grace. Hose yourself down with light.

4) Replace the thought pattern. From the feel-good Graced place,  ask that the thought or thought pattern or belief system you labeled as 'toxic' be jettisoned and ask Source to replace it with "What is possible?" Let Source do the work. Your 'work' is to allow that to happen.

We have left the either/or world behind in terms of how we create. It is time to retrain our minds even further, to accept new parameters. Some call this the both/and instead of the either/or.  I prefer to ask Source, at the moment that there is an issue... "What is possible?" This means I am trusting Source to step in, through my words and actions, and create what is optimal. Is it okay to ask "What is Optimal?" Certainly. Use what feels best to you.

For example, today I had two 1-1 sessions and I am in a borrowed space. Today is housecleaning day. The housekeeper showed up and we chatted about when/where I would need quiet space. No problem. Easy, in fact. At the start of my second appointment, the lawn crew showed up. They do that. Whenever they feel like it. I knew they had arrived by the deafening concerto of mower and leaf blowers right outside the window of the room I was about to record in.

Rather than react, I asked Source, "What is possible?" And, of course, I did comment... "Are you kidding me? Really?" But I was laughing, not losing it. There is a huge vibrational difference.

Source said, "Try upstairs." The noise factor was noticeably muffled and the line, which usually drops for this person, held steady. The appointment was possible, as scheduled, and thank goodness for portable digital devices! 

We all hold so much more toxic thinking than we realize! Most of the things we think about our bodies, especially our 'body image' are toxic. Our thoughts do not allow our bodies to be healthy and functional and, yes, look good, in the ways that they might do if we stopped projecting toxic judgments onto them.

Remember the work of Masaru Emoto? Thoughts (words) projected onto water cause the water to react and its molecules to form patterns of harmony or of dissonance, accordingly. Our bodies are over 70% water. And that's just one example.

What thoughts are we practicing?

When we release the toxicity from our inner landscape of thought, we release it from our lives.

Synapses that fire together, wire together ~ What the Bleep Do We Know

When we allow repetitive thoughts to roam freely through our cerebral circuitry, they begin to form superhighways. I'd rather have superhighways of "What is possible?", of "How good can this get?" and of "What feels good here?", wouldn't you?

The martyrdom cycle imprinted us with deeply held patterns of toxic thinking. Most of these patterns we don't even notice. It's time to pay attention and rout them out. This is done one thought, one shift of feeling at a time, at first. That is seeing "through a glass, darkly." Then, as a Great Master once said, full-on and "face to face". That's when real shifts happen. When the whole pattern goes, like a glacier calving. But don't wait for that moment!



We are all made of 'star stuph', of divine energy, of light. What might be possible if we gave those thoughts a whirl?


Consciousness, leading itself home?