Let's Talk Confusion and Trust ~

Let's Talk Confusion and Trust ~

Amidst all the chaos of these times, there is confusion. "Let's be clear about confusion," she says, grinning. Confusion is a state of mind, and sometimes feelings, that does not touch your essence. It has no effect whatsoever on your essential nature.

Confusion is what happens when the mind encounters something it does not know how to tell us how to do. First, the mind becomes confused. Then, if we were computers, and we are NOT, we might bluescreen. That is the computerized state of 'running home to Momma'. We feel helpless.

Here is how to handle reality-shifters' confusion. Pause. Take a few deep breaths. Rest in your knowing that everything is all right, that your essence, your divine nature, always knows what to do and that Source will guide your actions, always. NOW (Nurturing Oneness Within), surrender the situation, the circumstances, the task at hand to Source.

Surrendering to Source does not mean washing your hands of a situation, or shape-shifting into a couch potato or embracing the ostrich position (a bit vulnerable, that one). It means saying to Source, "My mind is clueless how to handle this optimally so let's run a bypass."

For example, in my travels of late, there has been much of the packing algorithm involved. As I recently prepared to pack one container for 'storage', one for the attic in one of the places I visit, and one for planes to two different countries and approximately three climate changes... I sort of lost it in a fit of giggles and whatevers. What needs to be packed where exactly?

As I have been engaging the George Carlin dance of "A Place for My Stuff" lately, and it has been more and more 'amusing' as there is less and less stuff and are seemingly more and more suitcases... it occurred to me that I might employ the one and only Source Algorithm that I use for almost everything anyway. So, I went for a walk, revelling in a pre-storm wind shift, the month-early blackberry brambles heavy with berries, and the gifts of a land I was about to leave...again. THEN... I went straight for Source. Some call this calling in the angels. Some days I am one of the "some-ers".

On this day, I asked for Source's help. I removed everything from all three major receptacles, placing all items, not very well sorted, which is not my usual, onto the bed. This meant that a nap was NOT possible until I at least carved out a body-shaped corridor among same... and I am sensitive enough that I would not be able to sleep in one anyway, so I was looking at a task completion horizon. 

I was shown to take each item, in guided order, and to place it in the container indicated, without questioning the process. Fun! After lifetimes of this practice, I know better than to question... though sometimes the "really?" confusion pops its head up, or the "REALLY??!!!" incredulity puppet tries to go berserker on me. Not having it. Packing completion ETA is upon us. Flight is early tomorrow. Let's get this done.

An hour later, which was really helpful because it was naptime, all three containers were doing their jobs and there were only the toiletries to deal with.

Have you ever wanted to just leave it all behind and buy the necessary wherever you are at the moment, leaving that there in some stache-cache somewhere just in case of your return? These times are like that. AND, we've run out of RAM and room for stache-cacheing.

That task completed, and not knowing exactly what had gone into any of the containers, except that I know that I know... I turned my intention to my travel day. "Thank you that the day is already easy and full of blessings." It was. A friend drove me to the airport, allowing me to spend my last hour and a half driving through the country in the company of someone I love. Even though there was some sort of weird delay at the airport and it had begun to pelt rain (lowering the temperatures in a lovely way) the flight was only delayed by twenty minutes or so, giving me time to down a café-au-lait and one last delicious flaky croissant pre-flight. It was a short flight. Passport control in my entry country was reasonably short and I received a valuable hint from the customs agent on how to manage my entry and exit stamps going forward (as I will be in and out of this country for various family and business reasons). My bag was one of the first off. {It DOES help to book 'priority plus' with a 'fast track' option with this airline.} Another friend collected me at the airport and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast before setting out. Wow.  A "travel day" was actually wonderful. How did that happen?

Faith. Understanding how INTENT functions, leaving confusion behind, allowing events to unfold and receiving the blessings that are always present.

Confusion is what happens when the mind is learning. When we hold confusion in this way, it becomes helpful rather than daunting. Oh. Confusion. Learning process. Paradox? That means two fixed positions in the mind or circumstances so something is incorrect here. Check the fixed positions and let them move into flow.

As we practice standing in the feeling state of what we truly do want in our lives... for me, this silly little example of what/how to pack and a decent travel day...and let our hearts open to "I would love this", then LET GO and allow the universe, or Source, the Infinite, whatever language suits, to provide it, what is optimal is what shows up. Every time.

As I have practised this over the decades, starting with little things... "Oh I love that jade necklace, it would be nice to have one... (meaning one at a reasonable price, perfect for 'me' etc) then forgetting all about it and having one show up a month later somewhere I was visiting...my mind has become used to the passenger seat. My will does not leap into action at the thought of some imagined unmet desire. My trust muscle is shapely and well-defined.

It takes practice. Start with little things that may not matter all that much. OR, start with something BIG that matters A LOT. Know that you will need to embody a HUGE level of love for the resolution of that BIG thing. Let go in a BIG WAY and ALLOW like you've never done before and as though your life depends on it. {It does.}

Your essence knows exactly what to do and how to be. Source has this and you, well in hand. Let HER do HER BEST for you!

Relax a bit. It's crunchy 'out there' and having that be easier starts 'in here'. Six retrograde planets are present to help! Happy new moon / eclipse!

Set some great intentions. Harness and focus your INTENT, and eagerly await the action steps you will be guided to make. FUN!

Don't let your mind provide limitation instsead of information.

Have wonderful new beginnings!!


"Faith is utter positivity" ~ Dr. Baskaran Pillai