The Secret Life of Angels: Chatting with my Guardian Angel ~

Chatting with my  Guardian Angel ~

The angels around me asked that I start to play with writing down our conversations... so here we go.

I just finished a series in my Kindle library and was scrolling through what to read next, waiting for guidance.  What usually happens is that one or two of the books sort of 'pop' with a special glow that grabs my attention.

Richard Bach's book, Life with My Guardian Angel, had been popping up the last two times I opened the library app, so this morning I clicked on it.  I do know my GA's voice and manner, so it wasn't that. As I cruised through Richard's adventure, I found that I did/do have a question. 

I felt that inner receptivity that translates to "I'm all ears". My GA has a great sense of humour so showed me a clump of feathery-winged ears floating in space.  Cute.

"Why do I think I'm an angel?"

"Because you are one." 

"Right. You've said that before. "

"If you know something as Truth, why do you ask me?"

"Fair enough. But prevailing belief systems..."

"Prevailing what?"

{Laughing now.} "Okay. Got me. " {We abbreviate 'belief system' as B.S.}

"When I tell people that the archangels are my family, they think I'm a loon."

"Do you care?"

"Not really."

"And not everyone thinks that, right?"

"True...though sometimes I think I might end this life as some batty old cat-lady with no one around... I don't have to say these things out loud... do I do it to be off-putting or prove something to myself?"

"Is that what you want?"

"Which?" {I could feel my angel rolling those angel eyes.}

"The no one around thing. Is that what you want?"

"Maybe I did, once, like the kid in Home Alone... but, no."

"Well, then."

"I would rather share my love of the light and continue to embody expanding consciousness with those who share that love and love that learning. I would rather be the vibrational state of knowing how to receive that love, not just spend all my time giving it..."

"To those who don't want it or don't care?"

"Hey, I didn't even think that! ...Well, it feels that way sometimes but I know better..."

She interrupted me abruptly, silencing my train of thought with angel fire. "Pearls before pigs?!"

"Are you calling my friends and students pigs?"


When she shuts up, it is because I'm being deliberately obtuse. Trying another tack, I asked, "What about the common belief that angels have never been human and vice versa?"

"Are you human?"

"Oh, Right.  It doesn't make sense to anyone."

"When has that stopped us?"

"May I change the subject?"  {Silent grins on her side.}

"Why are some things flowing right along, even instantly manifesting, and other things feel like they must be falling into the 'asking the wrong question the wrong way' category because the circumstance or situation just... doesn't... I understand resistance and programming and everything we know about how realities work... I get it that maybe I'm asking for something not good for me, not healthy, not the right resonance... or maybe I'm asking in the wrong way... This isn't that, is it?"

She put her etheric finger on the tip of her lovely etheric nose. {Her gender changes at her whim, mind you.}

"Are you making it real for your body?"

"Huh.  I'll have to sit with that."



Thanks for reading!