Full Moon, Manifestation ~ What We Leave Behind

Full Moon, Manifestation ~ What We Leave Behind ~

As mentioned in numerous astrology reports and articles from other sources, this full moon in Aquarius is a breakthrough transition. It occurred yesterday or last night for most of us. And, we are still in the window. The effects of this full moon/eclipse will continue to be felt for another seven (7) days or so. What does this mean?

A breakthrough transit is one in which things are left behind.

Visiting a sacred site in Africa last week, {my goodness, it was only a week ago} I found myself wanting to curl up with a certain rock formation. Rocks and I have been known to cuddle. The standing people of Gaia are her most ancient, and have much to share. Essence to essence, we communicate our experiences of light and creation on this and other worlds.

As I scooched myself into a wedging-in place, I happened to scrape my left hand. I did notice, though barely so. And yet... when I saw the tiny drops of blood, something else grabbed my attention. A part of me wanted to leave an offering here. Was it an impulse to share? Certainly, though that is best done essence to essence, through resonance. Why blood? I suppose it was convenient and certainly done semi-consciously. Why was I wondering why?

Enjoying the star fields within the stone, I traveled with my mineral-based companions for a while. Moments, only, in earth-space-time, that sharing encompassed eons.  I felt the altering of my cellular structures. I recalled asking for this, prior to arriving on this continent. Moments, only, and my world was changed. I left a few versions of reality behind me.

Truth be told, I have these experiences all the time. So do you. The difference is that when our awareness is focused in the NOW, we notice what is really happening. My life is the experience of this focus. Yours is the experience of where you put your focus. What we focus on, we become.

So why notice the little scrape? Part of me wanted to leave something behind. Hmmm. I tend to be the 'zero footprints' type. Touch the world lightly. This felt odd. There must be something to see.


What was so special about two drops of blood?

Asking what there was for me to see, I felt the truth ringing through the stones. We are not the stories we leave behind. We create and live our stories, but we are not that.

The record keepers, the stones, the whales, the elephants, specific crystalline formations in every kingdom {including blood}, sound this truth with every fibre of their being. Their config files record resonance.

Was I leaving a bit of a shared essence or shared story? And why did it matter? What matters manifests. Why did this matter? What was about to manifest?

A breakthrough transition is one of emerging. It is a shedding of many things. A snake snags itself onto something or weaves itself through tight places in order for its old skin to pull away. A glacier calves off huge chunks of itself, giving them back to the sea. 

As a child, I would grab my bike from its place next to the woodpile and sometimes find a snakeskin woven through the spokes of one of my bicycle baskets. Testaments to moving on, looped into a structure meant to carry things with me. Would I take the snake's last incarnation with me to school? Or would I pull it free, leaving it behind as it was clearly meant to be?

I left my blood behind, as it was clearly meant to be.

Blood codings, bloodlines, blood gifts, talents, and abilities. All that made 'my' blood, 'mine'. I left the whole bloody thing behind. Smiling. Acknowledging the gift of initiation into a new reality I chose to inhabit long ago. At a confluence of worlds, much like the one visited at this place and time, I chose to make the jump. And now I have remembered. The record keepers held that choice for me, for just this moment and just this time.

What are you remembering? What reality have you chosen to inhabit? What initiation has this full moon brought to you?  Have you made the jump and perhaps not noticed? Has the ground moved beneath your feet?

Presence is unlimited, always and everywhere/when.  So are you.

What have you left behind?


A few threads to brighten your initiatory transition:
"Nothing you need is upstream" ~ Abraham-Hicks
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."~ Richard Bach
"You only lose what you cling to."~The Buddha
"When empty our cup, we have room to receive." ~Buddhist Axiom

Reality is not what we leave behind. Nothing we love can ever be lost. The greatest gift we can give is to leave behind the stories we tell ourselves. The TRUTH is both better and more fulfilling than any of these.

Happy Full Moon! Happy Manifesting! May you set your INTENT, as well as your intentions, and then... let new initiations find you. They await your esteemed presence.

More love than words can express,