New Moon, Re-Set, Go!

New Moon, Re-Set, Go!

Have things felt oddly odd and unsettled and... {insert weird disturbances here} since the Solstice?  That has been the shake-up-and-out and those were the paws before the turbo booster. Some paws had claws, some sported fins and flippers, some had mermaid tails or other strange appendages.  The question you want answering is... WTF????  And, with all of this change, why do some things still feel stuck?

They don't, actually. What you are seeing and/or experiencing are the vestiges of bits of the illusion as they crash and burn. Some scabs stick longer than others. As one of my Scotties used to say, "Bonfire!!!" Of course, he did say that about his own cremation. What did anyone need with a body he'd already vacated? {You really want to read his book, you know you do! }

Here are some comments about this new moon/eclipse, exact at 07:47 PM Pacific TIme on the 12th July {tonight for some of you} and whatever time GMT++ for most of the rest of the world on the 13th. These are from astrologers I admire.  My take on all of this follows.


"The prevailing fear of survival which the media loves to espouse is one of the key ways we continue to live half a life. We are afraid to die, but we are equally afraid to live. When our soul is securely pegged into our body we are a fountain of creativity, love and natural abundance. At the same time, we are happy to live a simple life with a lot less stuff and an open heart.

Saturn and Pluto will be moving closer and closer together and in early 2019 will come into conjunction. This is going to trigger a breakdown of more and more systems and expose abuses of power. This eclipse is an opportunity to move away from worrying too much about the collapse of these systems and living a more sustainable lifestyle. "~Mahalas Astrology

"July 12th:  Partial Solar Eclipse at 20° Cancer.  When the veil drops, touch what matters in your heart. Awaken with the returning light, and let emerging commitments strengthen kinships with love. . . ." ~ We'Moon

"This New Moon launches a month long period of intensity, change, breakthrough and opportunity to step up your game on many levels. During this time it is ultra important to focus on all the things that are working and that you appreciate in your life instead of letting yourself get bogged down in negativity. Face challenges with compassion and kindness and remember that not everyone has the tools that you do to see the bigger picture.

It is easy to get swept up into the negative and to react to the injustices and imbalances and reactions of others. Don’t take the bait. Bring love and gratitude into your interactions and actions whenever you can and give others the benefit of the doubt even if you don’t believe they deserve it. On a positive note, this is an incredible time to launch something new, pushing the edge of what you think you can accomplish. Take a risk, make a bid for power, step up and show up with more confidence and maturity. The new moon is a time to set intentions and make commitments to how you will stay your ground and be an example for others. And it is OK to ask for help. Support is everywhere. You just have to accept and receive it."~Lena Stevens

Light is intelligence. It activates all it touches. It always knows what to do.

Light is intelligence. It activates all it touches. It always knows what to do.

This is, as you just read, a Cancer New Moon with a Partial Solar Eclipse. Just like the one on the day I was born into this life, only at the end of the Cancer spectrum, instead of at the beginning {this one takes place at 20 degrees of Cancer and mine was at 3 degrees}. Weird, shivery thingies in the body happening, and lots of laughter. Re-Set, anyone? 

The Re-Set is for everyone. As the moon goes dark tonight, set your intentions. If you have 'usual' intentions, set some unusual ones. If you typically set big, lofty intentions, this time add some 'mouse medicine' attention-to-detail 'little stuff' intentions. Or vice versa. If you typically do small stuff, DREAM HUGE!

I tend to prefer a mix, myself, but Venus WAS conjunct the Sun, hiding out in the last degrees of Gemini under an eclipse, at my birth. So, THIS Goddess likes to have her pie (let others eat cake) and smack you in the face with it too. Chocolate creme being a favorite for the heaving endeavor, others for the having thereof.

The coolest thing about this new moon / eclipse is that the partial eclipse forms a vesica pisces. This has interesting implications when we consider the disk of the Sun and the Disk of Moon intersect to create a symbol also linked with the Flower of life.


"The Vesica Pisces is a symbol older that written history. It is thought to be how God and Goddess join together to create new life." ~Cayelin Castell, Celestial TImings

So how does all of this affect us? BIG shakeups. New ways of committing and relating. This new moon could mean breakthroughs in relating, relationships and how we perceive ourselves in relation to All That Is. I'm voting for this one!  It is a literal re-set. Why not push that big, red, button, take the red pill. and exit their dominating, controlling matrix once and for all?

Cheers, celebrations, exultations!  Oh come on, you know you want to join in! Live a little! Or hey, get busy dyin'... 'cause that's what their world is about to do. The collective is awash in a sucking vortex of fear and trepidation. Opt Effing Out!

This alignment is a Grace-point. An influx of cosmic consciousness to grace us as we freefall into our new destinies.

Remember what FEAR stands for? Forgetting-Everything-is-All-Right. It does NOT stand for "Eff Everything And Run".  Then again... if you have the kit and the means... (I jest, truly I do).

Breathe in the clear light of reality. Breathe in the white light, the blue-white light of the stars, the golden light of liberation. Breathe it in as though your life depended on it... because it just might do, beloveds. It just might do just that.

This is a re-set into a new creation, into new vistas of truth. If TRUTH matters to you, this alignment will help it to manifest. May it do so with alacrity and only the really fun upheavals if you like that kind of thing. Or maybe you take your Space Mountains in the upright position and only under supervision. That's ok too. This re-set is also for you. 

May it change how you relate to the Source that you are. May you grow in self-compassion and self-care... and I'm not just talking spa days here. May you discern between the paranoid obsessions of your neuroses on steroids (enjoying as much of the meal as you are able to, or going all anorexic and control-freaky over what is being served) and what you require to truly live and enjoy. And may you surf the toxic bullshit on currents of Grace and Gusto. Re-Sets all around please. And a round for the house!

An Infinite Re-Set to you all. With more than enough love to go around and around and around,