Coming Full Circle ~

Coming Full Circle ~

As the oceans evaporate, the skies deliver precipitation, and the rivers return that flow to the sea, all things come full circle. This applies to our patterns as well as to nature {of which we are a part}. We cycle through our incarnations, learning as we go, in order to come full circle.

Lately, it feels like coming full circle every hour or two, the end-over-end rotation culminating in either a face plant or some kind of reactive face-saving activity. Neither of these coping mechanisms will serve us. We are aware of that, as we find our moments of stillness and joy. Then we are flung into the spin cycle once again.

If this is your experience of late, you are not alone. I have heard from almost everyone I am in contact with, some expression of "...and now THIS????" Everyone on the planet is moving through his/her remaining core misperceptions about the nature of this incarnation. In other words, we are being shown the depth of the illusion and how deluded we have been. That is if we let the information in.

When we deny or shy away from this deluge of truth, we risk repeating our deluded adventures over and over again. Such is the nature of this lifetime.

It helps to know that what is purging is not every lifetime, but only this one... from a certain point of view. That perspective being...


We are in the midst of a cycle of massive pattern-breaking!

Our inner children love the breaking noises! Our inner warriors are being roused from sleep, whether they have been cat-napping or pursuing something along the lines of Rip Van Winkle. Time to suit up! Not to wage anything for or against anyone. Time to stand as we are, in and for truth.

So what is that truth? The answer to that is as unique and precious as every spirit incarnate in this world. Truth morphs constantly according to our ability to perceive.


We can see like this...


Or experience this...


Or begin to move like this...


Into Wisdom

It is an option in every incarnation and our inimitable right as Essence, to come fully into Presence. This particular incarnation holds unprecedented keys.

What if you already exist in a dimension where thought creates reality? What if? How would you use your mind differently?

What if instant manifestation does not happen how you think it should but, literally, according to how you think? What if?

It is a Buddhist axiom that we all live within the contents of our own minds. That is so and, again, not in the way we might think.

What if we chose morphable lenses of perception that might show us precisely the view of reality most optimal and functional in any given moment? What then?

What if we can always perceive exactly what is most optimal for us to perceive (what we need to see) no more, and no less? What might change?

How is this coming full circle? It is not possible to be fully merged as a part of the Infinite and still have an individuated form... except within the incarnational experiment.

Wisdom is this embodiment. It is the unconditional release of seeing "...through a glass, darkly" into formless form rather than "face to face".

When we come full circle, we come first into and through all that we have been or imagined ourselves to be. This is not a rewind but a recapitulation. If we allow ourselves to be moved through this at lovespeed, we are able to collect the GIFTS of the lessons and leave the lingering 'workings out' behind. This is what is meant by the 'end' of karma. We have learned our lessons, gathered their gifts, and have chosen to move on.

The door through the circle is nothing to do with 'circumference divided by diameter equaling Pi'.  The world is based on that code to remind us of its cyclical nature and of ours. We exist within the spherical technology of Divine origin.

The Way is through the heart. Coming full circle is coming into the truth of our hearts. It starts with each of us, alone and silent, offering our illusions of life to the Infinite. As the veils lift, whether at our request or as part of the current purging, our hearts lighten. They acquire new buoyancy and we literally rise into what we have always been.

Wear the warrior well. It has served you in this world and others. Time to suit up. This time we won't be party to the illusions, but attending the party offered by the Divine.

May the great parting of the ways bring you Infinite joy!