When Truth Sets Us Free ~

When Truth Sets Us Free ~

Are we certain we want to be? How does it feel when constraints we never knew we were held by, fall away? Will we experience freefall? Terror? Flight? Ecstasy? A little of everything? We are all feeling degrees of the release of separation from our true natures.

Jacques Cousteau is quoted as saying "When we return wild animals to nature, we merely return to them what was already theirs. For men cannot give wild animals freedom. They can merely take it away."

What is the cost of truth? The price is as high as our resistance to opening wide our perception. Clairvoyance means to perceive clearly. In this world, we see 'through a glass darkly," Some of us more darkly than others, some in shades of grey. Then again, there are those who choose to see. Those for whom truth is the only option. Are you one of these?

I was taught, long ago, to ask "Show me the truth of this, no matter what." Lately, I have been asking through tears. Tears of release. Tears of frustration, though those are rarer now.  Tears of compassion. Tears of grief for what could be and may never manifest.

From the time I was two or three years old, I never cried. I was taught that tears were inappropriate. Then, when I was eleven or twelve, I read the lines "...sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes are washed with tears." The quote was listed as 'anonymous' and I have seen many permutations of it since I read it as that tween, years ago. It didn't change me on the outside. I still didn't cry, especially in front of those for whom it was not permissible. I did wonder, though.

And in my wondering, I came across another quote. "Tears are liquid love." With every loss, with every grateful moment, I knew the truth of that expression. In the Dune series, Frank Herbert wrote of "giving water to the dead".  I love that. On the planet Arrakis, where water was literally valued at the price of life, this gift was precious.

I find myself giving water to the dead these days. Dead hopes. Dead dreams. Dead agendas. Dead cycle. Dead illusions of what truth and resurrection may actually be all about.

These tears are not tears of grief, but of love. Love for the hopes, dreams, agendas, and the past cycle that supported them. Love for what truth and resurrection are teaching me. Love for those who have sabotaged and those who have supported. Love for the misperceptions on both sides of that and every polarity. Love.

The Infinite Heart is our true nature. I'm talking about myself here, but I know there are others. I have met some of you along the way! {cheery waving here} What does the Infinite Heart mean? I'm after finding out. It won't all be clear by Tuesday, as the saying goes. Or maybe not even within this incarnation... well no. I was corrected as I wrote that line. We are that embodiment. It is occurring, no matter what. Like that truth I have asked for, over and over again. No matter what.

Do we have to lose everything to gain the truth? It depends. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." We can never lose our hearts. We may need to detach from quite a few other people, places, situations, circumstances, things, and agendas, however.


There is freedom in releasing what was. Freedom in releasing what is. Freedom in not quite projecting all of ourselves out into what might be... at least not in any detailed way.  Remember to let Source take care of those details. SHE will always do a better, more thorough, and comprehensive job than we can.

When we have the freedom to really look, to really perceive, truth finds and teaches us. Or so my path has taught me. What is the truth of today? Is it possible to perceive more clearly?

Show me a world run by those principles, and I'll sign up!  Oh, wait... Source's "gotcha" giggle again. I did, didn't I?  So did we all. It just doesn't seem that way.

When truth sets us free, we choose from the heart. Face to face. Free in our true natures.

When truth sets you free... in those moments, in that hour, in whatever way... what will your heart choose to be?

The Infinite Heart is always free.


Love to you as you sail your way across these seas!