Once Upon A Solstice ~

Once Upon A Solstice ~

Once upon a spacetime pixel, there was a blue-green dot that the bipedal inhabitants of its surface, called 'Earth', 'Terra', and so on and so on. This planet's galactic neighbors often refer to the inhabitants of 'Earth', which is mostly blue, really, as 'Terrans'.

Manners are a multiversal sign of advanced consciousness, you see, and why would the beings of one world call the beings of another world something other than what the indigenous call themselves? {Well, perhaps in private they might use another verbiage...}

On this world, this spacetime pixel, there were many adventures to be had. Most of the tickets have been in the upper echelons of price range for eons, but there have always been cheap seats to be had. Those tickets came with MORE injected and imprinted baggage, but I am getting ahead of the story. {think porter or sherpa lifetimes... endless trips up mountains carrying loads of whatever, or moving around heavy stones and such, positioning them just so, because...???}

The cool thing about this Solstice, in particular, and all of them together, is that an opening into a transmission of light of this magnitude is an itinerary busting event. What does the Monopoly game call it? A Get Out of Jail FREE card! A prize of wish-fulfilling jewel quality!

The question at hand, or at our feet causing face plants, or in our faces... is what we want or have chosen to FOLLOW versus what we want or have chosen to BECOME.

This is not a drill!!!!  Time's up on this illusion!

What have your answers to these questions been? For the spiritually inclined, and on this world, I bow deeply to you all, these answers have typically been fraught with false humility. False, you say? Egads! Well...consider this. "I want to be the best servant of {insert guide or divinity here} that I can. I live to serve." Well-intended? Absolutely. Problematic? Mmhm.

Within that clear and well-stated intention lies the illusion of a separation, a dissonance that does not exist. Giving up this particular illusion of separation means giving up the following:

~ playing small in order to appear humble and spiritual {cosmic laughter ensues}
~ pretending to be helpless and/or powerless in your circumstances
~ kneeling before ANYTHING... except maybe the Infinite Herself, because, really... how could one keep one's feet without extreme dizziness, face-planting, and loss of dignity? ;)
~ taking on, through advanced empathy, (which IS a virtue) the thoughts, feelings, mind-states, and energies of others
~ attraction to the 'dark side' because it is seductive and promises you whatever you think you want the most


What Draws Your Focus?

What you focus on, you have already become.


Wait, what was that last point? ATTRACTION to the dark side? I know. I wrestled this one to the mat many times... creating the mat, the opponents, and the circumstances to keep myself in play. Here is a hint: In the above image, what pulled your focus? The clouds? The planet? The light? 

You've heard this one, right? "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  We are supposed to hear that and try to be less attached to material things, or focus on love... all worthy endeavors. Love is what the Infinite field is made of, after all. What does it really mean, and what does this have to do with the Solstice?

What if the true nature of 'free will' is the choice to align with the Divine... or experiment with the dissonance of not doing so? What if this is the only choice we have ever had?

What if that experiment was furthered by those who wanted to play the game of controlling others? These controllers arranged for all those queueing for the so-called Terran adventure to be imprinted with dissonance as part of their embarking procedure. The belief system included in this package runs something like "No harmony in this world except what you create for yourself!". The best illusions are always based on a facet of truth.

Beings embarking on a Gaian journey {she likes that name better} were to incarnate with an implanted belief system that they were inherently dissonant. Their bodies held the coding for dissonance, according to their ticketed itineraries, yet their hearts yearned for the harmony of Oneness they had seemingly left behind. Drama ensued.

The adventure became one of increasing and/or decreasing dissonance. Whether to attempt the feat of resolving harmony out of disharmony or to further the discord. That became the underlying question.  Dissonance BECAME THE ADVENTURE. 

"Aren't we  here to create harmony on a dissonant world?" 

Maybe. It's one adventure to have if you hold to that imprinting. It does create a whirlwind tour kind of experience and you know how the beings that incarnate as bipeds like their intensity!

There is an intensity of another kind. There is an intense harmony of oneness with All That Is, (Was, and Ever Shall Be...) that is available for embodiment. EVERY ticket in this incarnation, and in particular for this Solstice, includes this fine print. Embodiment of the Oneness in physical form... an option. Infrastructure, operating system and coding for same (including plugins) come standard on this very vehicle {your body}.

One has to look up from the day to day to perceive this. Exit the mental trap of endless doing (Oh, there will be plenty of action. That is a guarantee on this world.) and find the still center that no one's little mind can ever hope to comprehend.

Once upon a Solstice, there was a world in agony. Or so its bipedal inhabitants believed. The angst lay thick and vast upon the fields. Insanity permeated every stratum of life. The more power some seemed to have, the more insane they seemed to become.

"NOT SO!" say the truthsayers, the whistleblowers, those with heart. There is more here than has yet been perceived! There is truth! There is light! There is another ever-present reality and THERE I will focus. THAT I will become. {Drama has its place, don't you find?}

All things pass, luvs. All things pass. This is a world gone wonky with an overpopulation of dissonance. This collective is preparing to meet its demise. It has already met its 'makers'. They still think they run this show.

Let the Solstice illuminate all that you can and will be ABLE to BE. Where is your heart? There will your true treasure ever be.

Lift your nose to the skies, wayshowers, howl up the light! Do so as noisily or quietly as feels right. Let the rest go into a soft, good, night.

Once Upon A  Solstice, the light was born...anew...again...at a higher, deeper level of truth perhaps than before...or maybe we can now perceive just that much more.




The actual alignment happens on the 21st of June in 2018. I will be offline so am wishing you wonder as the window begins.