Bealtaine Blessings~

Bealtaine Blessings ~

Have you noticed that the deluge of the full moon window plunged us straight into the Bealtaine opening? Source's river rafting at its finest! While Bealtaine is currently celebrated on May Day {1st May} the astrological cross-quarter falls on 5th May this year.

We are swept into the midst of our deepest currents while Source moves wind, water, and earth, purifying collective consciousness in preparation for what comes next. So many ask me that question lately! "What comes next?"

As we hone our intuition and use our discernment, we also are pushed, shoved if necessary, to let go of judgment of every kind. We cannot know the lesson plan of another. We can only discern what resonates for us and live accordingly, allowing others to do the same.

We are here to hold light, to receive and allow the activation of light codes within us. I am often asked why this increased light often seems to exist alongside brutal displays of ego. What if 'why' is not the important question in that equation? Increased light is increased bandwidth. It amplifies everything it touches. That is a 'given.' The 'why' question implies that increased light ought to have a price tag or some level of earned goodness attached. True and not true, from my perspective, and we are not privileged to determine those qualifications for anyone but ourselves. Even then, we often make mistakes. We can only discern where the light moves and how, and choose to honor it or not.  That is the primary school of learning on this world for those not immersed in 'war games.'

We don't have to know what's next. It is enough to navigate the NOW.

It helps to find the silence. Find the inner stillness and cultivate it. The more we cultivate conscious ascension in ourselves, the more it finds us in the world in the shape of partners, collaborators, and friends. We are moving into our true bandwidths of light. These are rarely held by our blood families. That is just the way of light in these times. We incarnated into a family configuration that would support the first part of our incarnation, the segment prior to the shift. Post-shift, we are all different. We require upgraded alliances. That need not mean what our egos might think it means.

In other cycles, we chose our partners consciously, as we choose ascension consciously, and according to those parameters. Some of us still do this. Some believe this is impossible given the state of this world.

We recognize and find one another through vibration. All vibrations are upgrading now. Every one. What does that mean? From any given perspective, it can seem that others are dropping their frequencies or that we are the only one, the 'last unicorn' of our species with no one to relate to. I have felt that so many times and for so long in this life! So funny now, though I still feel it on occasion. Those feelings have been conditioned into our bodies as a survival mechanism. When you feel this way, begin to know it is because your bodes are changing.

No one is alone. We are all Source. In that state, the unprogrammed, unfiltered configuration, we are all one. It is this oneness that assists us all, regardless of whether our current upgrades seem to 'raise' or 'lower' the vibrations around us.

What if an upgrade for someone else feels like a lowering of frequency to us? How do we handle that? 

Kindness, grace, and love are always appropriate. Fierce grace, tough love, and measured or tempered kindness, sometimes. Source always knows what is appropriate, as does the Source within each of us. When we let go into the flow of Grace, allowing what needs to be, to be and to be expressed, we move as the Oneness.

Remember when you felt that a particular face plant was the best thing that could have happened to you? Did you feel that way at the time? Was there a learning cycle involved?

Would you deny others their bouts with Gaian intelligence? Of course not! It is only our programmed, conditioned, and imprinted selves that want to make those choices for others... and our love. Love wants to heal, to protect and to champion the light in all things.

And only Infinite Love knows how to do that. Our egos do not.


What codes of light are opening for you?

As Gaia moves into her stellar nature, so do we all. This Bealtaine opening honors and accelerates our commitments to consciously ascend into light as light. What could be more beautiful? What could be more beneficial? Isn't this what we wanted? "It will only burn for a minute". Then we acclimate and integrate and come home.

Source tells me that the duration of that 'minute' is up to us. There exists the truth that we do not need to 'feel the burn' to upgrade or transform or ascend. No matter how we treasure our bouts of fierce grace, Infinite Love awaits us. Cultivate the stillness in the face of every circumstance. Find the silence and let Grace show you where home lives within you.

For some of us, that is a physical process just now. Letting the light lead us home. But then, it is always so. We are all on a reinvention adventure. 'There and back again,' {quote borrowed from JRR Tolkien}. Perhaps to the place of no place, the knowing that 'home' is finally, truly, and has always been, within.

Gaia knows her way home. She asks us to allow her to assist us by riding along, consciously choosing our ascension currents, adding to hers, embodying light as the Oneness held through us all. It is a gift and a privilege, this time. And yes, not a little bit crunchy. "It will only burn for a minute." Only until we literally change our tune. 

May your tunings be filled with whatever you need them to be. May Grace take the form most needed by your ascension commitments. May your consciousness rise up to meet the Source within you.  Bealtaine blessings.