We Don't Know What We Don't Know ~

We Don't Know What We Don't Know ~

This concept is well known in all circles of 'inner work' but what about its impact in our lives when we or those around us do not practice uncovering our blind spots?

I just read a wonderful article by Medium writer Giovanni Razzetti, titled The Elephant in Your Life: How to Conquer Your Blind Spots. It is a brilliant outline of the types of inner blindness we all carry and steps we can take to correct them.

I am writing about this because I have heard myself say, over and over of late, "Are you deaf, dumb and blind, Tommy?!" ~ psychically, of course, because rude unless the person is a direct student of mine and mostly because the individuals in question would not hear it anyway.

For example, we all need to take responsibility for our own garbage. By this, I mean that our habitual programs and patterns may be genetic or have been conditioned into us by others, but the fact that they are still running in our lives is our responsibility.

An acquaintance of mine habitually takes dirty laundry to a friend's house because "they have a machine". Sounds reasonable, right? I'm not sure my friends would appreciate it if I showed up with dirty laundry every time I visited, but then... don't we all? {our unconscious programs, right?}

This same person bags up garbage in different forms, carefully separating compost from recyclables and minimizing 'trash' so that there is less of a refuse footprint. Good practices, all! Then this person takes the various sorted items to be discarded to those same friends' houses because "they have the collection service".

As an external observer, I witness the exchange of "Hi! Thank you so much for letting me stay with you... here is a gift for you... (always courteous) and here are all my dirty laundry items and garbage."  The assumption seems to be that 'this is what friends do for one another'.

I can tell you firsthand that this is how we project onto any awareness greater than our own. Children do it to parents. Students to teachers. Mentees to mentors. Assertive energies project emotions they don't want to own onto the first passive energies they can find.  This is why, generically speaking, 'men' project their emotional states onto 'women'. {Gross generalization with no blame intended. Women's 'male' sides do the same to men's 'feminine' sides.}

None of us knows what we don't know.

Opening to the truth takes a commitment to making what is unconscious, conscious. It is a commitment to THE truth, the WHOLE truth, not what our internal biases would make of our experiences. The translations and interpretations of internal bias are... garbage. Illusory at best, most often delusional.

Our blinds spots function as limitations, yes, but they are also a form of 'garbage' in our fields. We can use these energies as mulch or compost, thereby making them useful. Energy returns to a neutral state when it leaves our fields. This can be accomplished by releasing our filters, core misperceptions, limiting interpretations and other mental constructs.

When we let go of what we are sure we know, we open to the limitless unknown.

I like to ask, "What is the truth here? What is REAL in this situation? How are my filters altering my perception?"

Then, "Thank you, Infinite Source of us all {insert your preferred version of the Divine here}, that any delusion around this is dissolving.  I choose to see, feel and know the truth as it IS, not as my limited perceptions would make it."

It works. Every time. Almost never in the way I might have imagined it would. What we think is so seldom accurate that I find thinking a generally over-rated activity, sometimes necessary though it may be.

The awaker you become, the less your mind 'thinks'. It's true. The mental commentator finally...shuts...up. Mostly, and of course, there is always more to dissolve because...

We don't know what we don't know.

This is especially true as we begin to truly embody light, to radiate divinity. This hint helps me on a regular basis. The ego's response to most input or information (light) is the adrenal response. It runs/hides, fights or freezes. Truth is fluid. It knows not these limitations.

There seem to be infinite traps on the dissolution trail. The best ones feel like 'service'. Some of them certainly are that, so we remain trapped in the illusion of having escaped the illusion. Priceless! The cosmic bleachers get really full when we tip into one of these. Best 'illusory reality' game show ever, from expanded points of view!

So, I ask you, shining, loving ones. What don't you know? About yourself? About your abilities? About how life on this lovely planet really functions? About any or every thing? If you just began to make a list, hold off for a second!

When we list what we think we don't know, we are listing what is the known unknown... It's a traaaa-ap.

Try this experiment: "Thank you, Source, that the information I need for this and every moment flows easily to me, as truth. Thank you that any filters or other biases preventing the truth from flowing through me, as me, are dissolving away. I commit to releasing them all."

Now comes the gentle, persistent, patient part of the exercise. We literally need to wait and see.

The more we clear our own fields of illusory debris, the less garbage we project onto life, others, the Divine, and ourselves. It's a game worth playing.

Or you could stay deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth of our shifting realities. Many will make the 'duck and cover' choice. Some parts of all of us do that all the time. It is those bits that need to dissolve. THAT will create the change.


Truth or Illusion?

And we won't know it has 'happened' until we have become it. The best things cannot be known. They must be embodied and experienced for their wisdom to find us.

Love to you all ~
~ and here's to the wisdom that comes from letting go of 'the need to know'.