The Impact Zone ~

The Impact Zone ~

The recent new moon produced a wave of transformation, whose immediate after-effects are an impact zone. More important than any alignment is the way in which we surf the impacts of what is changing in our lives.

An impact zone is not about being tubed or carving out the perfect curve. It is the place of an overwhelming deluge and the grinding that happens when the wave impacts the shore with us in the middle.

We feel we may come out ground up and pitted like the pebbles and shell remnants on our favorite beaches. They look soft and lovely, but what did they go through for that to happen? Was it painful? Did it have to be? What determines the outcome of an impact zone event?

Surfing advice ‘101’. Don't panic. Don't let any part of you go into victim mode. As your habitual patterns begin to wail, "why is this happening and NOW?" take a deep breath and STOP them.

Put your mind into a new framework. Start with a very important question for any transition. "What good can come of this?" As Cynthia Sue Larson writes, "How good can this get?" This re-framing creates the magic that might seem to be sucked out of the situations we find ourselves in. It lets in the light.

I heard from a friend yesterday who expressed the exhaustion of dealing with an on-going family struggle. Two friends, actually. It must be 'up' for many of us, the difference between what we need and what they want. The struggle aspects are obviously what needs to change. How, then? By being rude or causing offense to a family member? Uh-oh. As if we haven't all done that on occasion. So wherein lies the fear?

If we do not support and go along with the struggles or agendas or whatevers of others, will we then not be supported? Or is it that we fear 'they' won't go along with us? Will we be left bereft and alone? This pattern in the species has to be transcended in order for us to grow.

Our true tribes are not of our blood families. Sorry, folks. The last cycle was set up that way for us to learn this. It is rare that true tribe members grow up under the same roof. That includes your parents, siblings, children, and cousin Gertrude... just to head off that ramble. Now before your mind goes off into figuring out which family members you can hang onto and which ones it would be better to avoid or let go of altogether, let yourself off that huge iron hook and realize that it doesn't matter. It...does...not...matter.

What does that mean? Avoid them all? Open your heart to 'everyone' and let 'everything' in? That last one is a fast and easy way to get dead right now. So, hey, if an exit is your agenda you know what to do.

What this means is that we are all being forced, yes, forced, to align with what matters to us. The real deal. Welcome to the impact zone. Resistance is futile.

"Well, in an impact zone what matters is survival, right? Not getting ground up!"

Okay. But what is the truth of that? Do we sacrifice the physical for our essence? Do we sacrifice our emotional integrity for ... what? What is worth sacrificing any part of our beingness? The last cycle will tell you whatever you most want to hear about that in order to get you to sacrifice what is most precious to you. Martyrdom cycle, remember? Game over.

DON'T DO IT NOW!!!!!!!

New cycle. New operating system. And yes, new rules.

I walked into a situation yesterday that was/is fraught with difficulties. On the surface, it might not seem so, but my body and my field are in debilitating amounts of pain. Is it deliberate on the part of the channel for those energies? No, mostly, and yes, subconsciously.

In other situations, the one throwing around these energies might be doing it absolutely consciously in the form of egoic investment. That means that the person's ego is heavily invested in itself. Know anyone like that? Almost everyone? Not everyone throws around heavy painful energies though. You want to hang out with those that do not.

In most situations in our lives, the being(s) throwing around heavy hurtful energies are mostly or completely unconscious of what they are doing. "Forgive them for they know not what they do," right? Alleged quote from Jeshua as he hung from two large chunks of wood, with the agenda of others being that his body died... except of course that that never happened. Look at what that concept has bred in our bodies and lives! The nobility of sacrifice. Eeesh.

So back to the impact zone. The crush is grinding the sacrificial programming out of our bodies and lives. It is forcing us to say 'no more'. This can come in the form of taking a new or more obvious stand, of abdicating from a painful position where we have 'stood' for so very long, and in the face of terrible energies, in order to do some good. It can take the 'adrenal response' forms of run, hide, fight or freeze. {Hiding is a form of running, btw.}

Whether what we have done before that has helped others or not doesn't matter now. Read that again. Game over. What matters now is the light we hold and how well we are taking care of it. It knows what to do. It knows what is needed, in every situation. What could be more practical or have more possibilities for success?

Does your essential light matter to you, and if not, you're in for a bumpy ride!!!

If so, are you honoring and cherishing it in the way that the Source that moves through you would have you do so? Most of us do not know the answers to these questions if we're honest. We know some of the layers of truth, yes. We have to go deeper now. The impact zone demands this.


The impact zone is not going away until we do. That 'we' consists of the aspects of ourselves still hooked into martyrdom, worry, fear and habits pertaining to the deadly embrace of 'service to self vs. service to others'.

SERVICE is service to Source. How good can this get? What do the various parts of you believe about this?

Do your essence a huge service and listen deep within! Do you hear echoes of your mother's or father's voices? Friends? Teachers? Mentors? Where have you projected authority without realizing you had done so? Where were you taught to do so? It never works out. Never. These were situations to learn from, not to be directed by.

True inner authority does not live in the land of the ego. It lives with Source. Don't project your Source light onto anything or anyone else. Project it inwardly, if you haven't yet turned off that projector. {I recommend smashing it, but hey, I like those breaking noises.} Then we can all hang out in the light together. How good could THAT get?

The impact zone is an invitation to a wider experience of light. To attend the party, one has to exit the building. What have you built, internally and/or externally that needs you to find the exit sign and proceed accordingly?

A tip? Direct the following to Source: "I surrender unconditionally. Make it so. Take this as my commitment to the Infinite. No hesitations, no caveats, no caving." Use your own words, of course.

The impact zone will then proceed to grind your old stuph into particles of love at lightspeed.

Like all of us, I am in this process. It doesn't have to be overwhelming or hurtful. I know that. I have committed to allowing Source to educate every aspect and 'prove' to those particles that the truth is other than what they currently perceive. A tall order? Sure. Maybe. Who knows? What good can come of this? INFINITE BLESSINGS. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. I choose to let go of any and all untruths and 'see'.

Have you ever considered that the truth might be EXACTLY what is being perceived and that there is a weird sacrificial martyrdom program trying to tell you it knows the truth better than your essence does? Just something to consider. ;)

When the ego is out of the way (as much as it can be) Source can create Truth in every situation. What if we are letting go of the need to be hurt to recognize the truth? Hey, that can go and in every dimension! I've had enough! How about you?

~wishing you flowing, miraculous truth,