Ascension and Re-invention ~

Ascension and Re-invention ~

Ascension used to have its 'beam me up' qualities as I pondered it over the decades of this incarnation.  Those thoughts and ideas got me through some of my more difficult egoic death passages. Then, everything changed. Meaning, I changed. 

My experiential truth of the ascension process is one of awakening after awakening after awakening in the gathering of more and more light. So perhaps a better word for what has been my incarnational quest is illumination.

I have read that if even one cell of the physical body is unable to hold higher frequencies of light, the body cannot ascend as a whole. In context, this concept was often applied to not only our bodies but our world. Is it true that Gaia can only ascend herself if every molecule of her being is vibrating at a turning point of frequency? There is truth there and also projection.

If there are infinite realities available at any given moment, would there not be infinite versions of Gaia and her ascension process? Are there not infinite versions of each of ours?

Yes. Of course. And we become illuminated we become more of the oneness, more of the ONE reality. We come home to THE self, rather than to a personal self.  Simultaneously, the individuated SELF becomes fully empowered by virtue of its truth vibration. It is by embracing this seeming paradox that we find the harmony, peace, and stability within flow that we are.

Why am I writing about this right now? I recently packed up and 'left' what was intended to be a rest-of-the-incarnation kind of support system, series of landing pads, or 'home'. It might well turn out that way, but things had to change. If I have learned one precious thing over the course of my incarnations, it is that when something has to change, that thing is me. Moi. Myself. All imaginary bucks stop here.

What had I literally and figuratively bought into that was 'off' in some way? No projection or blame. Not onto others, not onto myself. I was shown the 'what' and, of course, as this world is a learning curve of cosmic proportions, not the 'how' of transition. I asked what steps to take and was told 'many'. SHE laughed, as the Infinite most often does. In that loving, teasing way that I have come to trust implicitly.

As the beating of feet is not unknown to me, I asked and was shown to make all various travel arrangements. I apparently left my inner-journey guidebook behind. Just as well. It is obsolete if anything.

I chose, consciously, to embark on a re-invention adventure. I will end up I know not where. How exciting! "For a twenty-something," says my more-chronologically-advanced-than-that body. "Really? Are we going to go there? Are we going to play at human games?" says my awareness. Funny thing about life on this world. We all have to make a living. {insert all humour here}

What if re-invention included a more cosmic sense of self? Wouldn't it have to? I know so. I start each day with "Thank you that everything I need to know is present in every moment. Thank you that I am always being helped and guided. Thank you for the unfolding of this and every day. How may I serve the light today?" Oh, that last one? That is THE ongoing unfolding process. What does it mean?

We are all conditioned and brainwashed and genetically imprinted to be stuck in the deadly embrace of lack of consciousness. The spiritual sticking point, specifically tailored to those of accelerating awareness, is engineered to be between 'service to self' (ego ego ego) and 'service to others' (ego ego ego). We have been genetically manipulated to 'get it wrong' no matter how the pie is sliced. And you know how much we love our pies!

What if true service is service to light, love-light, consciousness, itself, however we might choose to call it? And what if that definition evolves as we do? What then?

Yesterday I met a part of myself I have long known, that has traveled with me largely unseen. I have been given glimpses and, depending on my state of being at each of those times, I have reacted accordingly. One time pushing the vision away as 'too egotistical', one time ducking and covering because 'that can't be true'. Another time wishing that what I was seeing was 'higher' somehow. As if. Sheesh. Self-judgement much?

Yesterday, as I opened to receive, the misalignment found me. As I waited to welcome this aspect home, 'it' did the same for 'me'. Which was which and what was what and...wait a minute. " I surrender to truth, whatever that might be. Source's definition, not what I might imagine or fabricate or wish or..." With that, the unification happened. More illumination. More light. And yet, I observed as part of 'me' kept holding this aspect at arm's length to check it out, see what its agenda might be, to do some kind of sussing of what had taken place.

"Enough!" I commanded the curious within me. Time to integrate. Choose and take the steps I am shown to take. But, hey, that's my commitment. You will have your own.

If this keeps up, the reinvented one will bear little resemblance to the one starting out on this journey. Isn't that always THE WAY?

New clothes would be fun. May I'll finally get over my thing for boots and jackets? Maybe not. Robes never did it for me. Not enough mobility. Or maybe that's what's next?

Love to you from wherever this is,