How Will You Set Your Course?

How Will You Set Your Course?

The winds are shifting so they say. When the seas or energies or fog banks part, how will we choose to navigate? Will we choose known moorings, safe harbors, or venture... onward?

I've been musing a bit lately on the various passages of this life and others, wondering if any of it actually mattered. Contemplating the grand scheme of things, you know, from the perspective of the infinite observer. The bottom line truth is, it all mattered to me. Our lives matter to us because we create our manifestations in matter from what matters.

It mattered to be a spiritual warrior so I manifested the circumstances that supported that adventure. It mattered to embody light and more light and so and so and so... you get the drift.

What matters now, as everything is changing? That is how we will set our courses. 

What matters to me is the Prime Directive. Nothing to do with Starfleet, mind. "Whose?" one might well ask.  Long ago and always, there was and is what might be called a lineage of light. Circles of collaboration whose member beings incarnate for one purpose, that of holding, activating and releasing codes of light into the worlds within which they incarnate.

Oh yeah, ok, what does that have to do with how to figure out what to do next? I know. I understand. I do, really. It's just that I don't do that particular dance anymore. The 'figuring out' thing. Here's why. {Don't get me wrong, my life has logistics too.}

The thing is, everything is spiritual. No one has to learn how to be spiritual because everything is made from Divine Essence. Everything. Every experience. It can take a lot of experiences to come to that knowledge, and into the full acceptance of what that might mean. And, it will mean something different to everyone I suppose. We all have our filtered and 'what-matters-created' contexts from which to birth our points of view and our meanings.

A tried and true technique for navigating change is in the 'letting of go'. Tongue in cheek, perhaps, but true. 

Stand for a while in the safe harbor of your known life. Take a look out at the sea. If you're feeling adventurous, step into that craft you've kept ship-shape for just this occasion and feel the wobble and settle of what might be.

Slip the bowline and drift out a bit. Just a bit. See where the currents take you. Not too far from that safe harbor at first. Maybe only as far as that lighthouse that always guides your way. Check the weather. It wouldn't do to be caught out in heavy air on blue water with no sense of direction nor compass at hand... or would it?

What if, just for once, you heaved that compass overboard and chose to steer another way?


What will you steer by?

I lost count of recently purchased plane tickets a couple of weeks ago. Seemingly random hotel reservations, potential car hires, travel arrangements for a reinvention adventure of Source's design. None of which arrangements were made in any kind of order. A few logistics, or maybe all of them, are still up in the air... in Divine hands... right where they should be.

I asked to be shown, not what comes next, but what would best support the light, HER light. The One, the All, the Everything, and its expression through me. Oh, and right, money needs to be made because this world still runs on exchanges of that kind. SHE always laughs at that one.  As if any amount of a thing called 'money' could compensate for what living in HER flow provides to us!

The travel arrangements began to call to me. Planes, trains, and automobiles, as the saying goes. Then, I booked a session with my astro-cartographer friend, Wolfram. We chat every year or two about locations in the world that might best support my life and its expression. To my absolute joy and non-amazement, the locations he pinpointed as supportive over the next while were all ones I had just made arrangements to visit... plus a few more.

Then an invitation surfaced, for one of those 'more' locations. So I booked more tickets. Just to see. To taste realities that might suit HER purpose through me. What fun!  One of the best choices I have made in this or any other life is to let the Divine drive.

While you're drifting a bit, easing into that flow of directionless navigation, or so says the mind, remember that there is and always has been a PILOT in the command seat. It is not you or I, loves. It is Infinite. THE Infinite, to be precise.

Light is intelligence. It knows what it is doing, what will be optimal, and what is possible in any circumstance at any time and in any timing. So what better way to navigate than to let light lead?

Do it your own way! That's how it always begins. And one day you might find that the Infinite way is, truly, the only and all ways. And with those you love you will cross paths for a moment or awhile or multiple lifetimes...because like vibration is like vibration after all, and resonance rules, no matter what they taught you in whatever school in some galaxy far, far away..

Enjoy your journey! Safe sailing! And may the waters rise just as you need them, and perhaps when they are least expected. That's half the fun, after all!

Love to you all!