Voices in the Wind

Voices in the Wind

One of my favorite lines from the film Thunderheart comes toward the very end. "If you ever need someplace to come to... to listen to the wind...we'll be here." In many indigenous traditions, the voice of the wind is the voice of Spirit.  Are you listening?

This voice within each of us is our intuition. The vehicle most used by Source to keep us healthy, happy, safe and prosperous. It is the voice that knows. And what happens when the clamor of the 'noise and haste' or your own unconscious fears drown out the voice in the wind?

Chaos ensues, does it not? We might experience chaotic feelings, physical symptoms, seemingly random and chaotic external situations... all of which end us up in a state of overwhelm. When this happens, we tend to use anything and everything to distract ourselves from what is really happening. Overwhelm is like that. We have survival code built into our systems that recognizes overwhelm as something to duck and cover from. When overwhelmed we backpedal at lightspeed into our habituated adrenal responses. In other words, we run/hide, fight (exhibit inner defensive anger)or freeze. Sometimes it is subtle. We numb out. Sometimes it is overt. We literally hide in or under something warm and cozy. We all have our favourite items.

But what of the wind? I used to love going out into the desert and standing in the hot winds off the Mojave. Tough hiking with facefulls of sand with every step. But pausing on a rise with a full moon pale against the twilight... worth every moment of involuntary exfoliation. A chance to let the winds blow between all aspects of me. A chance to listen.

The wind blows through our energy bodies. It literally airs us out. It puts space / ether between the molecules of our thoughts, feelings and physical responses. As does Source when we let HER.

As I observe my physical body dredging up and releasing wave upon wave upon layer upon dust bunny of old and odd family identity patterns, I find I crave the wind. I seek both its soothing whispers and its gusty bluster.

Out walking today, I noticed that the quaint New England neighborhood is lined and populated with hyacinths (always a favorite), daffodils, jonquils, and hedges and banks and borders of forsythia.  A feast for the eyes and olfactory organs.

I found myself chuckling over a childhood memory. "What are the yellow bush flowers called, Mum?" I asked, not wanting to insult them for lack of proper introduction. "Forsythia," she responded, walking on a bit ahead of me.

"Who?" I asked again. "For-sy-thi-a" Mum enunciated carefully, thinking perhaps I hadn't heard her correctly.

"Well who is Sythia and why are they for her?" I demanded, stopping and standing my ground.

Walking ahead of me as she was, Mum doubled over for a minute, then, regaining her composure, turned and gasped through her laughter. "Oh, sweetie, that is just the name of the plant...Forsythia".


A gift for us all.

Silly name, I thought. Why say it's for someone when flowers are for everyone?

People make up names for everything.

I heard that on the wind. I felt it in my heart, all that long time ago. And still, I remember. People make up names for everything. Labels, boxes, archetypes, we 'name' everything then try to make our experiences fit those names. I learned a lot about that designing databases. Just try to enforce new naming conventions on a legacy system! The engineers who maintain the system won't be having any. It is what it is to them and thus it shall always be.

Are we what we are because of how we are named? Are we what we are because of how we were conditioned? Are we limited by how others choose to see us? Or are we freer than our names and labels and ideas allow?

In my morning meditation, I felt, more strongly than ever before, the tides of blood family patterns ebbing and the rise of the family of light coding flowing. It was a good feeling. Stabilising for my body in what has been a bit of a bumpy ride.

What I heard most strongly in mediation and in the wind today were two words. A tiny concept hinting at an ever-expanding sea of possibilities. "So this is what's happening to my body!?"

For now.

Ride the waves and the winds! Let their whispers, wails, and gales inform your journey. May it be blessed.