Wayfarers All ~

Wayfarers All ~

The dictionary and Wikipedia tell us that a Wayfarer is: "A person who travels by foot. A person who travels from place to place, often on foot." 

One of my favourite phrases in German is "gehe zu Fuß" or "zu Fuß gehen".  It literally means 'walking'. In English, we would translate the words as "go by foot" or "by foot going."

The kind of wayfaring I'm writing about today is a function of "Gehe zu Licht."  Going by light. The phrase immediately conjures up teleportation and time portals, yes? If I said that those concepts were distractions just now, would that make sense to some part of you? {Oh yes, we want them, but there is a bit of systems maintenance and course correction to do first.}

The Wayfarer is the archetype of The Fool in the Ryder-Waite Tarot. It is the energy of new beginnings, of taking sacred steps with an artisanal blend of irreverent reverence. The archetype evokes the feelings of pilgrimage. Perhaps the Hero's Journey, which has been 'THE' model for the last cycle has finally begun to lose its juice. It does seem we are being invited to not only walk new paths but to navigate from entirely new premises wherein the 'paths' form under our feet.

In such an instance, 'going by light' would seem the only viable option. Consider the biophoton and how it glows. Consider that our cells already emit light. What if that increased exponentially? What if that is happening now?

"...the biphotons emitted from our cells are highly coherent energy that may be responsible for the operation of our biological systems. "~Dr. Joe Dispenza, Blog.

If our biological systems are hard-wired for light, from light, then perhaps the New Fool archetype {and don't we all feel a bit like that just now?} has to do with embodied radiance? What if the New Fool already knows s/he has everything s/he needs and can create more of same along the way by relaxing into Essence and radiating more light?

What if WayFaring is literally the way of all things? Essence travelling from world to world, morphing out of the cosmic transit system to have experiences and ladle different flavours of light into the ever-morphing mix?

Our new journeys no longer need to tick the boxes of the Tower, the Hanged Man, or any other perception-altering circumstances that teach by immersion in catastrophe. The cycle of catastrophic learning curves can dissolve if we are now willing to let it go.

Meanwhile, as we learn to fold space, "travelling without moving," ~ Frank Herbert, Dune, we joyfully and reverently "gehe zu Fuß". Do you feel your steps becoming lighter? The more light we ground through our bodies, the lighter our awareness becomes.

Remember, "Not all who wander are lost."~The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien. 

Fare well in your wanderings, as new ways beckon. Look to the light that IS your way.


What if the call to follow the light was a breadcrumb leading us to fully embody it? 

"What shall we play next?" ~The Mahabharata