Things Are Not As They Appear ~

Things Are Not As They Appear ~

The world looks as though many things are ending. "London bridge is falling down", in every dimension. New age speak tells us that what is happening is that things are falling together in a new way. Nice way to put the metaphysical fact that endings and beginnings share vibrational space and are rarely what they seem to be.

Pretty much ever. It depends, does it not, on one's perspective? On the available perceptual array? On what we allow ourselves to perceive? And where do we look to see the truth?

In the film 'Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers,' Gandalf expresses his concern about Frodo and Sam's errand, to Aragorn. He admits he cannot see past the darkness of Mordor and therefore cannot wield sway in any moment but the present one. Aragorn calmly asks the great mage "What does your heart tell you?" 

There are clear steps through any dilemma of choice or decision. First, center in stillness, silence, and solitude. Rest in the infinite field. Then, as you are moved to, write out your 'ask' list. State clearly to the Infinite All, our Great Mother, what it is that you want for yourself. Yes, for yourself.

Your first responses will tell you where your level of stress lies.  "I just want some peace!" is typical. Or something like "I just can't or just don't want to...". Pressure in our lives makes us frame our asks in the negative. So let the valve blow. Let the steam vent. Then start again. Let yourself freely admit to your Essence Self what it is you truly desire. "I just want to be free of all this" is a classic Starseed wish. But, shining one, in the moment of your stillness, solitude and resting in the Infinite, you are free. What if you could walk that awareness in each moment? 

So as you continue, let your true intentions emerge from your asking. Let yourself feel, see, and know what you truly intend. The center of your being is always a 'new moon', a place where intentions are honored, beginnings are ever fresh and possible, and miracles happen in any moment. Now, when your contemplations feel as though they are completing, for now, go further into the depths of awareness. Find the depths of your love, of your heartfelt gratitude to Source and every way S/he/It has gifted and graced your life and even your current circumstances.

Be still. Meditate on your own innate divine wisdom. Let it flow through you. Let yourself remember that life is not a series of objectified fixed positions. It is a great rushing river of possibilities, whose currents flow through infinite seas. Take a deep breath (or as many as you wish) and let the light flow through your still, present moment.

You can be, do, and have this even if you are running late for your commute train or are stuck in traffic or feel stuck in any situation or circumstance whatsoever. You are never trapped. There is always a miraculous resolution available. It is never about the money. And you are well able to be this Presence in the next moment and the next.


The upcoming week, from approximately the 4th - 5th March through the 12th, is a good week for choices and decisions. Our celestial brothers and sisters, the planets of our solar system, are so aligned in forward-moving energies that we are provided with a present moment of increased clarity. Does this mean any and all decisions ought to be made during this time? Of course not! It is an opportunity, however, that can be used to advantage. 

Apply the above-written practice at every possible moment. "What does your heart tell you?"

It might be breaking. There might be a tear in the eye of the Buddha within. And rest within your miracle even now and forevermore. "Thank you for my miracle." A prayer you might now learn to embrace.

Be the wisdom that you are, little bears. You have grown into physical maturity and it is time for a maturity of Spirit as well.

Blessings to you!