Full Moon ~ Saturday Night

Full Moon ~ Saturday Night

Well, it is, of course, but the title of this blog is taken from an episode of the TV series, ER. Why? I don't remember anything but the opening scene. A very tall 'patient' stood up in the examining room in the ER and went bashing about the place with the gurney he was brought in on still strapped to his body. The actor was a friend of mine and I remember thinking how much fun it must have been to act out all that angst and frustration and to smash things about with no karma attached.

Full moons bring up these feelings. This one is bringing up that stuff the lotus leaves behind as it climbs into the light. They can also bring up what is sometimes called "negative feminine" feelings of resentment, inertia, martyrdom, and depression. Or so-called "negative masculine" feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness, overwork, aggression, anger, frustration and impatience. These are generalities, of course, and can come up in any of us at any time. This full moon is ripe with the energies of purging.

I tend to laugh at purging cycles, only because I can truthfully call them a form of purgatory. Literal and visceral. Not the usual 'inner psychic torture' so prevalent in this world. Or maybe just like that. What are these so-called negative feelings, when they run through our bodies, if not a form of self-torture?

We are moving from these foggy murky states, stirring up the sludge from the 'bottom' of our fields so that we can function from a place of clarity. Clear on who we are, clear on how we roll. I usually embody this clarity and I can report that I'm feeling it... this purgatory the planetary energies are moving through.

I consulted the inner Oracle the other day and was visited by a favorite 'friend', the archetypal energies of Divine Mystery. What came up, in this order, were the aspects of patience, intuition, dreams, and faith.

Patience (I know, I know) with my various aspects and those of others as we all go through this time of integration.

Intuition as the guide that sends me ever-inward to the core of love I rest within. (So do you) The ever-true touchstone that presents images and symbols which, if followed, hold powerful teachings for my journey (and yours).

Dreams as the Oracle I sometimes despise consulting, because they do not lie and show me exactly what is flying through my field whether I want to know those truths or not. How many times do we wake in the maybe not-so-early morning hours feeling 'Darn! why THAT again?' If I sit in stillness with the information presented, especially when it feels this way, the answer to that why is always given.

Faith. Her wish to be present with me and through me always opens my heart in gratitude. When courage is needed to flee from or transcend (more usual for me) all that is familiar so that new adventures are able to form under my feet, she lights my way. At this time, in this light, Faith asks us what needs to be released from our lives. She always reminds me that when  I hang on, even to a single thought or feeling that needs a release, it will worsen.

All of this was followed by Divine Ecstasy. My Teacher used to say that as we awaken (meaning anyone in that process) we go through purgatory, yes, and the ego's agony at its own demise. But the ecstasy we experience is beyond what most imagine and almost any get to experience.

I used to wonder, all those years ago, whether unity would blot out the ecstasy as part of the duality of agony-ecstasy, pain-pleasure, leaving me. I never wondered if enlightenment would be boring, but some part of me reveled in the 'high' of the beginning stages and did not fancy releasing it.

I can report that, while the initial 'highs' do leave us, what follows is sublime. As with the Oracle, be patient with your crossing, let your intuition be your guide, let your dreams show you as much truth as you can handle, and let faith lend you courage and carry you home.


And what will you dream when truth unfolds her magic through you?

We are integrating faster than our minds can perceive the process. Our bodies need to rest to let our minds catch up. {Bet you never thought THAT would happen!}

Happy full moon everyone!

~unending love,