Let's Talk Manipulation & Manifesting ~

Let's Talk Manipulation & Manifesting ~

My Teacher once said...well, actually, he said it on a fairly regular basis for awhile... "When you can come to me and tell me 'I no longer manipulate to live', we will be able to have a real conversation about light." He continued with "...humans manipulate to live..." then he told a story to illustrate. He was a master storyteller.

Here is one such story.

We all know how it feels to be manipulated, whether the manipulation is overt or covert. We all tend to deny that we do the same thing. We project our expectations and agendas onto a situation in order to get what we want and don't call that manipulation. When others do that to us, we feel the energetic push-pull that drags us from our lines of light onto someone else's and we don't like how that feels one little bit, whether we are conscious of what is being perpetrated or not.

I am talking about the manipulation of energies that are behind every power game and every ploy for control. The usurpation of light for agendas of whatever kind. And so, the story...

"But isn't everything made of light? Isn't light in everything?" Yes. Of course. At the core of all things is the creative force. And that is NOT what is being acted out when manipulation occurs.  Do we really think the Star Wars observation that "...there is good in him, I can feel it..." is an accurate assessment of what is happening?

"But If I don't do that (the projecting and maneuvering) then how will I ever have what I want? That is what works!" thought the student, wanting his/her own way and claiming to want the light as well.

"You can't have it both ways," I replied to what the person was thinking. "That one was hard for me as well. The throat chakra lock of 'my will/Thy Will' tripped me up for years. I found all kinds of ways to creatively re-word that phrase to clear what my ego would let me clear and stay afloat." Grinning, I told the student "I get it...and it won't work the way you're going about it."

At which point the student stopped his/her ears and went on about his/her manipulating way...unknowingly blocking the light from flowing through his/her life the way it might have done.


What is This?

So you think this is clear?

The known and loved voice of Spirit chimed in my ringing ear. "No, I just expressed as much. I know there must be something still in me or this situation would not be happening..."

A person in my living situation has been throwing around the most obvious, horrific and unbelievable-under-the-circumstances manipulative energies. Sorcery at its most sloppy and obvious. A being in terror, using terrorist tactics.

"I honestly don't think I need the cosmic two-by-four at this point, so... GET THIS OFF ME!" I commanded to Source.

Get it off yourself.

"I know how it works! What is going on here?! To hell with the words, get me out of this hell!"

My mind and ears told me that Source was giving me unintelligible answers, so I called in the big guns. I called the Twelve. Some call them Archangels. Some call them the Angels of Atlantis. Some know these beings as Gods or Goddesses or Guides...I know them as allies, as my family of light, as emanations of Source that perform and fulfill specific vibratory functions. I went to the clear, still place, and asked my body to stop screaming, to let go of its reactivity.

Muscles still screaming, mind showing me childhood scenes of my little girl body in a fetal huddle,  watching the energies being thrown around the kitchen, I persevered.

"I don't know what to do," I whispered into the silence. "I know this other being is completely disassociated from what is occurring. I also know that somewhere inside there is full consciousness. I have compassion for this being but this behaviour cannot be tolerated. I will not live in these energies nor allow the light to be treated in this way. These manipulations are destroying everything the light is creating and the dichotomy is too hard on my body. This situation is inappropriate and it did not have to be this way!"

Silence answered me.

"I am not just being manipulated, this is torture. I did NOT sign on for this1"


Sighing heavily, I acknowledged knowing that there had to be some opening, some vulnerability or susceptibility for these energies to be having this effect on my body and physical life. Thus, the visceral childhood memories and terror in the physical body that was annoying to my consciousness. And then I remembered my Teacher's story.

I remembered myself sitting in the front pew of the chapel where he held our weekly meetings. The hard wood under my bum and at my back, the cold stone floor under my feet. Chilly in winter, that place. I heard him say again "...when you can come to me and say..."

"But I truly no longer manipulate to live!" As I protested to Source, I heard the echo of my Teacher's voice in HER answer.

What circumstances are still held in your body that resonate with these energies?

"Faaaaa! Is this karma then? Is something unacknowledged or undealt with? I chose the light long ago. GET THIS OFF ME!"

Will you deny, or will you see?

"I choose to see, of course," I whispered. Then, out loud and in full voice, "I no longer manipulate to live. I do not and will not enforce any remaining personal agendas on another. I allow Source to act through me in every way and every circumstance."

And as much as I knew I had made this declaration over and over, time and again, and knew within myself that no personal agendas had been projected into this situation... something moved. The words sounded pompous and over-amplified as they echoed in my little room. And something moved.

I felt the Twelve rush in. I felt their pillars (sometimes experienced as orbs) of light surround, enfold, and move into me, first spinning me tightly inward, then upward. Then an expansion of pure, undifferentiated light. Home.

"Oh yes, thank you! I have missed this so!" Relief washed over me as I rested in pure clarity.

Then silence again.

And, in collaboration with another being, two days later, an exorcism was performed. I am not an exorcist. Don't ask me. This happened spontaneously, as the collaborator I was working with stated with a laugh, "Let's just take care of this!" I laughed as well. "I haven't been able to do it myself. Not for lack of wanting, I might add."

My collaborator laughed again. "You always tell me that certain things have to be 'taken out' or 'powered down', that Source always knows what is appropriate and will do it through us."

"Yes, " I laughed as angelic emissaries surrounded the perpetrator with a thousand glowsticks.

"But for some reason, you have held back. This person deserves this! It is the needed lesson! Besides, this is kind of fun." I had to admit, laughing out loud, that it was. I tend to deny Kali/Durga/Sekhmet/Hanael their full expression in this respect, though many of those around me might argue otherwise. I have always felt I had no right to judge the behaviour of another.

You do not. But there is appropriate and inappropriate. In refusing to 'judge', in hiding behind that label, you have manipulated. You have denied truth its entry.

I was ready. Ready to face the annihilation of anything that would use Source's energy in this way. I asked that if the problem lay within myself, that that part of me be obliterated, even if it took me out of this life. I was finished and I meant it.

The fog cleared. The pain stopped. I knew this would have to process through my body and... I could not stop laughing. In order for light and truth to eradicate this, I had to eradicate manipulation from even my cellular levels? Apparently so. What a lifetime!

What happens when we move toward being galactic beings? I've heard some say that we are moving from homo sapiens to homo galacticus. I'm not so sure. The latter might be a contradiction in terms. Why do I feel that way? It IS just semantics, after all. Evolution happens.

Maybe if we persist in the illusion of allowing our bodies to be 'human' and our awareness to hold light, we perpetuate separation from Source. We know our physical bodies were designed to hold light. Many of us aspire to that. It is time to fully embody our aspirations.

What will it take? This is one such story. Manipulations-be-gone. Glowsticks aplenty.  {Don't try this at home} she says, laughing. Where else would it happen, but at home in the heart?

What matters, manifests. What matters to you? Being right? Being in control? A parting thought... there is no such thing as 'your own way'. There is Source's way... and all that other stuff we sign up to learn from. And once we learn... it no longer matters. And something else will manifest. If ithe situation has not changed? We still have more to learn.

May you resign from the school of 'the hard way' and learn with ease and grace... or hey, knock yourself out! {laughing hilariously with you}

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